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Victoria Mogolis Feb 2013
Love is as strong as diamond,
Traveling over distance and time.
Experiencing such emotion,
Through the tears and the pain,
Lives a strength inside each of us.

We started shy, yet we grew.
The summer heat shining down,
Reminding us time was few.
Cherishing the moments we had,
Love wrapped its arms around us.

The day came, when he had to leave.
Duty called his handsome soul.
I was left behind, but not gone,
I had a commitment to uphold.
To stand behind the man I love.

Love is as strong as a diamond,
Traveling over distance and time.
Even when the pain of being away struck,
The strength of our love kept us true.
Whatever souls are made of, ours are the same.
Victoria Mogolis Feb 2013
Human nature works in such a way,
Where our dreams seem unattainable.
Such as climbing a mountain;
Reaching the summit,
A feat few know.
When the peak touches the skies,
Whispers travel,
“I wish I could see,
The world from above.
To touch the clouds,
Oh, what a feat that would be!”
Time is few for many,
But few have time to spare.
How could I ever dream,
Of touching the clouds,
When the pressure of life surrounds?
I may never reach that summit,
Although I dream to touch the clouds.
“Yes, the thing that you can’t get
Is the thing that you want, mainly.”
Victoria Mogolis Feb 2013
I sit alone,
Yet instead of feeling so,
I feel Numb.
It’s as if my emotions were
****** up into a Box,
Then burned.
To do something as
Simple as make a
Tear slip from my eye;
Gone, nonexistent.
Deep inside,
Possibly, maybe,
I feel Sadness,
Depression, or Anger.
Yet, on the outside,
I feel nothing.
I am nothing.
Victoria Mogolis Feb 2013
Tears, falling like rain,
Sharp pain deep within my heart.
Humbling sorrow.
Victoria Mogolis Feb 2013
A babbling brook of blood
Veers violently and viciously.
Slipping silently through sunsets,
The trials and tears of the terrified
Add adversity to the adamant tide.
Hunters hound the hunted,
Sacrificing several subtle souls,
And manically murdering men.
Forever on the freshet flows,
With darkened death as deluge.
Victoria Mogolis Feb 2013
Everlasting Dreams,
Lurking in and out of the
Smokey cloud-like mist.
Entrancing Visions,
Slipping through the darkened trials,
Setting myself free.
Inspiring Words,
Claiming its relentless hold
On matured nature.
Insidious vows,
As pure and lasting as the
Promise it holds true.
Victoria Mogolis Feb 2013
They say man,
Was once a creature.
Four legs and arms;
A head with two faces.
The gods separated it in two,
Fearing its potential power.
From that time on,
Man lurked the Earth.
Searching far and wide
For their other half.
Together, they would
Rule the world.
The gods knew;
Nothing is stronger,
Than the power of love.
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