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4.5k · Jan 2013
Victoria Mogolis Jan 2013
Some would call
A blade on a knife,
Or the bite of a snake.
Had been told to
Be a long-necked swan,
Or a vase of flowers.
Yet, Elegance
Is in the eye of the beholder.
Would you rather
A knife,
Or a swan?
1.6k · Aug 2013
High School Girls
Victoria Mogolis Aug 2013
As I sit,
In the room with these,
Savages of social activity,
I see how the system works.

It starts with the gossip,
Then the shaming,
Every snide comment at
Someone’s expense.

Then, back to
“Have you seen this video?”
“Oh, it’s hilarious.”

“Wait, who texted who?”
She’s doing Him?”
“What are we having for lunch today?”

They speak as if insults are normal!

I really don’t want to
Hear this anymore.

Can you stop?
Or is your tiny brain
To speak that way?

“Oh god,
Look at her.
She’s so,
Insert insult here.”

You’re all the same.
Different face,
Same brain.

Hipsters of the modern day
Can go jump,
Because your version of
Is matching underwear
And ******* your “friend’s”
boyfriend behind their back.  

Do I want to sit with you?
Why in the hell,
Did you even ask?
1.5k · Feb 2013
Victoria Mogolis Feb 2013
The green-eyed *******.
A single word,
Uttered in vain,
A sudden,
Liquid Fire
Travels from reddened eyes,
Until no tears remain.
There will be nothing,
But, emotion
1.5k · Feb 2013
Darkened Death as Deluge
Victoria Mogolis Feb 2013
A babbling brook of blood
Veers violently and viciously.
Slipping silently through sunsets,
The trials and tears of the terrified
Add adversity to the adamant tide.
Hunters hound the hunted,
Sacrificing several subtle souls,
And manically murdering men.
Forever on the freshet flows,
With darkened death as deluge.
1.1k · Jan 2013
Hidden Beneath Rot Skin
Victoria Mogolis Jan 2013
From head, to toe
A balance beam of life
Angry hands shake with
The regret of death,
Large feet take baby steps,
Retracing his feats.
For a moment,
Dropping to his knees,
The man cries,
A lonely heart
For humanity to recognize
His kind-hearted
An intelligent mind
Looking through soulless
Knowing not why
A poem I wrote depicting Frankenstein's monster.
663 · Apr 2013
Victoria Mogolis Apr 2013
I rush outside;
Curses and shouts
Reach my ear.
I don’t know
Anything anymore.
These demons follow,
They tear at me,
And in the end,
I die.
580 · Feb 2013
Victoria Mogolis Feb 2013
Son to father, knife to blade,
An aching heart screaming for aid.
Amber coals writhing with ire,
The whites of his eyes, blazing afire.  
He dropped to his knees,
Voice begging, “Please!”
“It’s for your own good.”
Up tall he stood,
Hand raised, dignified.  
A small child, victimized.

Years later,
That boy, a crumpled paper.
Age makes no difference to a broken soul,
With no self-worth, an empty hole.
Pain still lingers;
Sharp razor in trembling fingers.
A vein opened, flowing magma let loose,
Rope tied like a hangman’s noose.

A troubled mind’s only solution,
An unendurable pain, ended by execution.
548 · Apr 2013
Victoria Mogolis Apr 2013

Today I cried.
I tried,
But I couldn’t die.
Pills, pain,
Over, and over
And over again.
Now I’m stuck
In this white-walled hell.
Needles in my skin,
IVs in my veins,
Pumping liquids
And medicines;
Evil preservation of
The human cadaver.
544 · Feb 2013
Sorrow; A Haiku
Victoria Mogolis Feb 2013
Tears, falling like rain,
Sharp pain deep within my heart.
Humbling sorrow.
Victoria Mogolis Feb 2013
Love is as strong as diamond,
Traveling over distance and time.
Experiencing such emotion,
Through the tears and the pain,
Lives a strength inside each of us.

We started shy, yet we grew.
The summer heat shining down,
Reminding us time was few.
Cherishing the moments we had,
Love wrapped its arms around us.

The day came, when he had to leave.
Duty called his handsome soul.
I was left behind, but not gone,
I had a commitment to uphold.
To stand behind the man I love.

Love is as strong as a diamond,
Traveling over distance and time.
Even when the pain of being away struck,
The strength of our love kept us true.
Whatever souls are made of, ours are the same.
521 · Feb 2013
Cooling Warmth
Victoria Mogolis Feb 2013
Blazing heat,
Green leaves,
A bright red apple,
At my feet.
A Cicada
At Summer’s eve.
A change,
Mild breezes drifting,
Leaves at my feet.
A Squirrel,
Gathering from trees.
From Summer,
To Autumn,
Victoria Mogolis Feb 2013
Darkened, lonely skies; wind playing with night,
The creatures lurking like demons alive.
Their dark red shining eyes giving them sight,
Every corner turned; the path to survive.

Screams emanating from shadows behind,
Terror and fear quickening victims breath.
Feet sprint as brown-gold leaves scatter and wind.
The chase is on, fighting for life, or death.

Sharp claws sink into soft, pure, supple skin,
Crimson liquid seeping from hidden veins.
Then silence, not a whisper, only sin.
The demon has struck; filled himself with vain.

All left behind, scattered bones and sinew,
Death and sorrow made the dark night anew.
476 · Feb 2013
Expressions in Pain
Victoria Mogolis Feb 2013
Anger and misery,
Raging through my veins.
Emotions held back,
Long enough for today.
Walking away,
I gather my pain.

I sit alone, silently,
Few tears escaping my eyes
As I reach for my pencil.
Thoughts swirling, I begin.
Words flow onto the page
Like a whispering wind.

Dreams of escaping,
Yet, I’m stone.
I have to finish
The verses in my head.
Faster, I write,
Lines appearing as if magic.

The end,
It stares before me;
The last word spoken.
I drop the pencil,
Eraser and lead dull;
My mind at rest.
474 · Aug 2013
Victoria Mogolis Aug 2013
The first stage of loss.
“No, they’re not gone.
Why would they be?
They’ll be home when
I get there,
Won’t they?”

Two on our list.
“Don’t you dare tell me
That they aren’t here!
You know they are!
Shut up!

“What if I had done
Something different?
What if I turned left
Instead of right?
What if...”

Number four.
“Leave me alone.
I really don’t
Want to
About it.”

The last.
“It took so long,
But now I know
That they are
In a better place.
I have loved,
And lost.”
469 · Feb 2013
Language of Love
Victoria Mogolis Feb 2013
I want to taste the words
From your lips,
Trace lyrics of
Love songs
Dancing on your hips.
Caress the curves of every
Quotation mark,
And parenthesis
On your skin.
In slumber,
Our dreams will
Emerge with language.
Angels will sing
Us into our sleep;
As our bodies
Touch gently,
Limbs intertwined;
And weave our
Ink-stained souls
Into one.
Images of fire
Round and round,
From my mind,
You standing in the
midst of it all.
We awake,
Streams of sunbursts
Streaking our faces.
I glance at
Face caressed
By light,
By fire.
My only love.
449 · Feb 2013
Death; as Beauty
Victoria Mogolis Feb 2013
Death is portrayed as sorrowful,
Oh, but have you seen its majesty?
The incense of rotting flesh, and
Maggots weaving a trail of gore?
Imagine a body lying, contorted,
Ligaments torn, muscles cleaved in two.
Red splattered across a canvas of white,
A sadistic art of the modern times.
Many would turn away,
Disgusted and scared of the sight.
But I ask of you to admire,
To look closer at death.
For nothing is more beautiful than
Mortality exposed in its cruelest form.
Victoria Mogolis Feb 2013
Human nature works in such a way,
Where our dreams seem unattainable.
Such as climbing a mountain;
Reaching the summit,
A feat few know.
When the peak touches the skies,
Whispers travel,
“I wish I could see,
The world from above.
To touch the clouds,
Oh, what a feat that would be!”
Time is few for many,
But few have time to spare.
How could I ever dream,
Of touching the clouds,
When the pressure of life surrounds?
I may never reach that summit,
Although I dream to touch the clouds.
“Yes, the thing that you can’t get
Is the thing that you want, mainly.”
447 · Feb 2013
A Collaboration of Haikus
Victoria Mogolis Feb 2013
Everlasting Dreams,
Lurking in and out of the
Smokey cloud-like mist.
Entrancing Visions,
Slipping through the darkened trials,
Setting myself free.
Inspiring Words,
Claiming its relentless hold
On matured nature.
Insidious vows,
As pure and lasting as the
Promise it holds true.
Victoria Mogolis Mar 2013
A soul is calibrated to one’s self;
Nothing else can be as honed.
Although phantasmal in sense,
A spirit feels foreign
In a container unknown.
I was trapped,
Succumb to rigmarole,
Living a life that was not my own.
Fortune was not in my eyes;
A posthumous glare
Certainly shone.
I was deceived,
By he who I thought
Was known.
Although it seemed,
This body has grown,
On me,
A victim of con I was,
And I had become
Longing, and alone.
431 · Feb 2013
Venus and Mars
Victoria Mogolis Feb 2013
Venus, the
Of beauty and love,
Surrounded by shrouded clouds,
An inner light unreachable
For all but one.
A competition erupts,
All fight for the
Of a one true love.
Mars, the
Of war,
A dark mystery of dust,
Battled for victory,
The prize, her heart.
Finally, the struggle ends, now,
The sun, as one,
And Mars.
In time, they began to drift through
Distance separating their love.
Strength was measured in tons,
The mind, in pain.
Time, they would reunite.
Until then,
They would be
Trapped in a vacuum of
And trust,
Till unexplainable destruction
Do they part.
415 · Feb 2013
The Wall
Victoria Mogolis Feb 2013
The wall,
Closing in on your soul,
A desperate scream,
Begging for the door to open.
The wall,
Your mind,
All is
The same.
392 · Feb 2013
The Salesmen
Victoria Mogolis Feb 2013
You see,
Society has changed us.
Salesmen are now the worshipped,
And the pastors the wronged.
Who knows what will happen next,
Maybe we’ll be speaking dog.
373 · Feb 2013
Hold Back; Give In
Victoria Mogolis Feb 2013
Step after step you take,
You’d think that your heart
Would lock up
In chains,
Yet actions speak
Louder than words,
And at once,
The actions reveal,
Exposing your heart
And setting loose your soul,
Words hence unspoken
Now in flight.
367 · Oct 2013
Victoria Mogolis Oct 2013
And I don’t know why
I feel so alone.
Here I’d thought I’d
Be right at home.
But instead I’m crying,
Lost in my mind.
My thoughts turning
To your devilish kind.
Friends who don’t care,
Of my greatest feats.
Why would it matter,
That I’m one of the elites?
I run, I perform, I work,
And I Dream.
But that doesn’t matter,
To any, it seems.
Instead I seclude,
Retreating to my room.
A forlorn look to
My friends with gloom.
I’m alone.
Unneeded. Unwanted.
And Unacknowledged.
Instead of being praised,
I’m being discouraged.
Why should I try to do so well,
When all I receive is a change in subject?
I thought maybe this year,
I’d earn some respect.
Yet, I cry, I sob,
I fall, I hurt.
Lost in the cowardly
Refusal to assert.
I accept that I’m alone,
Though it brings me to tears.
That’s all I’m good for,
Just another set of ears.
So leave me behind,
A pair of eyes in the dust;
It’s not like there’s anyone else
To trust.
362 · Mar 2013
Word Choice
Victoria Mogolis Mar 2013
Said off hand,
You just weren’t
In the first place.”
Likes you.”
Tearing away,
“No, don’t be sorry.”
But obviously,
The small scuffle,
“I love you.”
357 · Apr 2013
Dear me,
Victoria Mogolis Apr 2013
Dear me,

One day, you’ll see,
That a small meal makes a victory.
But until then,
Again and again,
You’ll keep purging,
And pinching,
And dreaming;
That one day,
You’ll be just as skinny,
As you wish you could be.
349 · Feb 2013
The Power of Love
Victoria Mogolis Feb 2013
They say man,
Was once a creature.
Four legs and arms;
A head with two faces.
The gods separated it in two,
Fearing its potential power.
From that time on,
Man lurked the Earth.
Searching far and wide
For their other half.
Together, they would
Rule the world.
The gods knew;
Nothing is stronger,
Than the power of love.
332 · Feb 2013
Victoria Mogolis Feb 2013
She claims she feels no pain,
That society has no effect on her.
Yet, red lines scatter along her body,
And a thinning body screams for aid.
See past her lies,
She needs your help.
328 · Feb 2013
What comes with age..
Victoria Mogolis Feb 2013
I was growing a garden,
One filled with childish hopes and dreams.
Then, at the peak of my age,
I found that the garden that I had tended,
Was trampled with generations.
322 · Feb 2014
4 A.M.
Victoria Mogolis Feb 2014
I am a human being.
Sometimes I feel I have to
The fact
That I am human.
The other night I woke up
At three thirty four
To be exact.
From a nightmare
Of irrational fears,
And hallucinations.
I laid in bed
In fear
Of my own sanity.
As I laid there,
I realized.
I was alone.
It was almost four in the morning,
And I had no one to call.
My best friend?
She has problems of her own.
My boyfriend?
In a different time zone,
Three thousand, seven hundred, and sixty-eight miles
From home.
I was completely,
And utterly,
308 · Aug 2013
I Don't Think You Are
Victoria Mogolis Aug 2013
"I'm sorry."
I don't think you are.

I tell you my pain,
Let you into my life,
And all you have to say,
Is "Sorry"?
I don't think you are.

When I am sitting here,
Alone in my room,
Trying to cope,
Trying not to set the blame on me,
And all you can say,
Is "Sorry"?
I don't think you are.

When my parents fight,
When money is tight,
When I try my hardest to put on a smile,
And all you can say,
Is "Sorry"?
I don't think you are.
295 · Feb 2013
I Sit Alone..
Victoria Mogolis Feb 2013
I sit alone,
Yet instead of feeling so,
I feel Numb.
It’s as if my emotions were
****** up into a Box,
Then burned.
To do something as
Simple as make a
Tear slip from my eye;
Gone, nonexistent.
Deep inside,
Possibly, maybe,
I feel Sadness,
Depression, or Anger.
Yet, on the outside,
I feel nothing.
I am nothing.
266 · Feb 2013
I Think..
Victoria Mogolis Feb 2013
I think of a time,
Where every man is alive,
Where dreams flourish,
And nothing dies.
I think,
Because I am human

— The End —