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Victoria Mogolis Feb 2013
Son to father, knife to blade,
An aching heart screaming for aid.
Amber coals writhing with ire,
The whites of his eyes, blazing afire.  
He dropped to his knees,
Voice begging, “Please!”
“It’s for your own good.”
Up tall he stood,
Hand raised, dignified.  
A small child, victimized.

Years later,
That boy, a crumpled paper.
Age makes no difference to a broken soul,
With no self-worth, an empty hole.
Pain still lingers;
Sharp razor in trembling fingers.
A vein opened, flowing magma let loose,
Rope tied like a hangman’s noose.

A troubled mind’s only solution,
An unendurable pain, ended by execution.
Victoria Mogolis Feb 2013
The wall,
Closing in on your soul,
A desperate scream,
Begging for the door to open.
The wall,
Your mind,
All is
The same.
Victoria Mogolis Feb 2013
Blazing heat,
Green leaves,
A bright red apple,
At my feet.
A Cicada
At Summer’s eve.
A change,
Mild breezes drifting,
Leaves at my feet.
A Squirrel,
Gathering from trees.
From Summer,
To Autumn,
Victoria Mogolis Feb 2013
Darkened, lonely skies; wind playing with night,
The creatures lurking like demons alive.
Their dark red shining eyes giving them sight,
Every corner turned; the path to survive.

Screams emanating from shadows behind,
Terror and fear quickening victims breath.
Feet sprint as brown-gold leaves scatter and wind.
The chase is on, fighting for life, or death.

Sharp claws sink into soft, pure, supple skin,
Crimson liquid seeping from hidden veins.
Then silence, not a whisper, only sin.
The demon has struck; filled himself with vain.

All left behind, scattered bones and sinew,
Death and sorrow made the dark night anew.
Victoria Mogolis Feb 2013
Venus, the
Of beauty and love,
Surrounded by shrouded clouds,
An inner light unreachable
For all but one.
A competition erupts,
All fight for the
Of a one true love.
Mars, the
Of war,
A dark mystery of dust,
Battled for victory,
The prize, her heart.
Finally, the struggle ends, now,
The sun, as one,
And Mars.
In time, they began to drift through
Distance separating their love.
Strength was measured in tons,
The mind, in pain.
Time, they would reunite.
Until then,
They would be
Trapped in a vacuum of
And trust,
Till unexplainable destruction
Do they part.
Victoria Mogolis Feb 2013
Step after step you take,
You’d think that your heart
Would lock up
In chains,
Yet actions speak
Louder than words,
And at once,
The actions reveal,
Exposing your heart
And setting loose your soul,
Words hence unspoken
Now in flight.
Victoria Mogolis Feb 2013
Anger and misery,
Raging through my veins.
Emotions held back,
Long enough for today.
Walking away,
I gather my pain.

I sit alone, silently,
Few tears escaping my eyes
As I reach for my pencil.
Thoughts swirling, I begin.
Words flow onto the page
Like a whispering wind.

Dreams of escaping,
Yet, I’m stone.
I have to finish
The verses in my head.
Faster, I write,
Lines appearing as if magic.

The end,
It stares before me;
The last word spoken.
I drop the pencil,
Eraser and lead dull;
My mind at rest.
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