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victor tripp Dec 2015
Our time just ended and now I see , It was just all one big laughing joke
To everyone but me, funny how love can run smoothly than stop
I feel the whole world is laughing now , but not with me
I should throw my hands up and say goodbye to a rotten affair
My brain says just walk away,  but hidden in side my heart I still do care
You played such a leading part, than up and walked away
Left me broken and talking to myself as you made a clean getaway
You know it's difficult to rejoice at any time with a ripped out heart
And these are the feelings that I have to say
When sorrow in bad blood has written down your name
Hope that one day love will smile on you again
But as for me, every day will be just the lonely same
victor tripp Dec 2015
Life is too brief to live all alone.
I need someone to come for my very own.
I will care tenderly for you and you will do the same for me.
Our love will be forever, shower me with your love, shower me.
Shower with all the love I've been waiting here for.
I've been hurting inside as this song I now sing
But know a true love when it comes can change everything.
Your love will comfort me and mine will indeed do the same for you
This joy that we share will last forever.
Shower me please somebody shower me with your love
Here and now with the love I've waited for.
I close my eyes on bended knees and pray that all of my dreams
do come true.
Until you come by here, please know that I belong to only you.
Waiting days and nights patiently for you, knowing if a man has a
dream someday it will come true, and I keep hoping to soon be with you.
Like the night stars shine high above in the sky
Our dreams will come together both yours and mine.
Shower me with your love, shower me with all the love I've been
longing for.
victor tripp Dec 2015
Cradle me in the softness of your arms
Let our love be the tender shelter from the world's harm
For its in you that I place my sacred trust
As the future awaits before us
Please allow me to say
Cradle me in the softness of your arms
victor tripp Dec 2015
What are we doing right now to save our teenage girls and boys
Out on city streets selling their bodies and being treated like
Throwaway toys. We need to raise protesting voices to our legislators
And really make some voting noise in an effort to save
The unprotected children every girl and boy. This is a daily problem in
Our country. We see with open eyes our children hurting and dying
And far to wise. We owe it to all of our children in Philadelphia
And around the world a clean and loving childhood every boy and girl
Human life people, should not be viewed as cheap
Far to many are dying away from home on the mean and ***** streets
And before you lay a tired head down  to sleep tonight
In your warm and clean bed, what about the children?
victor tripp Dec 2015
On the last day of November rain from the sky fell  down on me
Soft as your tender touch just as refreshing
I'm grateful for the little and big things that you do
Did you ever notice the delight in my eyes when you walk into the room
I want to love you into the next two centuries
So glad you want to spend that time with me
When other people's dreams are tired and done
I want you as the only one
To share the laughter and the pain
victor tripp Nov 2015
Seems we have  an on and off love affair
One minute you love me and the next you don't care
I'm kind of sick and tired of this
We both know only to well that it will destroy our wedded bliss
Girl don't let it cause your feelings inside nap
Come over here and sit on my lap
Put up a white flap and let me hold you my dear
And show in demonstration how much I care
And let us stop right now
This on and off love affair
victor tripp Nov 2015
Your love is my concern
That"s why it must be treated tenderly
We go together oh so well
And I need you to ever remain loving and strong
Here with me.
And the nights when I'm all alone
Your lingering memory is always so free
Your love  rests in my heart and mind
And I want that pure sweetness to always be
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