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victor tripp Nov 2015
Trash along the curb line and on the streets
People walking around with growling bellies
From not enough to eat
Better not speak or look at anyone or their mean look
Or razor tongue will cut you down
Philadelphia is called the city of brotherly love
Here markers and monuments stand silent from all of those shot and
Killed honoring the young and old who have died
A fact that it's very clear and evident that more peace and human
Understanding should have been tried
I know for myself that in this big place
You cant make it on your very own
Because people in many large numbers find themselves lost and crying
All alone. I'm telling on philadelphia
Which is now my home
victor tripp Nov 2015
Trough out recorded history
Women have made history and helped men make history
By being by their side and now I want to salute all women
Around the world, young or old and just say thank you
For your contributions small or great to the world in which we live
And enjoy. And to every man with even a little intelligence
Should know that behind every star their is a light
Behind and beside every man their is a good woman
And men this is what you should do: cook or take that lady in life dinner. Buy some flowers with no other purpose than that you love her
Pull out her dinner chair. Massage her tired feet and toes. Rub her back
And shoulders tenderly. Treat her to a day at the spa. And salute her
When she enters the room. Most of all, give your lady a standing
Ovation.Keep away from her doom and gloom. Keep that happy smile
On that lovely face.At every given moment try to please. And The
Return on your love and caring will be returned and knock you on
Your manly knees.
Give your lady a standing ovation
victor tripp Nov 2015
A heart is a house for love
And I'm ready for you to move into mine
It's been awhile since there're been a love in my life worth talking about
But this love is fresh and new
Want to put on  on your left hand a wedding band
And every night look forward to coming home to you
Thank god that I'm not wasting my time
Need you only to be always mine
A heart is a house for love
And I'm ready for you to move into mine
victor tripp Nov 2015
A brighter day is coming soon for me
And I 'll  no longer have to pretend to be somebody else
Get a chance to be finally be free
You see the future is really determined by every one filling out each
Dream. You know that a man or woman can't be scared in any way
So it seems, in limiting the strong drive to immortality
You know pretending becomes a drug that slowly steals
Peace of mind , having taking to your self in a daze
It happens all the time
victor tripp Nov 2015
A brighter day I know is coming for me
And I will finally be myself and won't have to pretend any more
Be able to stand tall and walk free
You see your future is determined by being strong and helping your self
If you don't know just where you're going
How can you lead or direct somebody else?
A man achieve to much of anything if he's scared or keeps limiting
Himself.Pretending becomes a drug blinding you
So just can't see, it might take a lot of time uncovering
The real man or woman that be totally
victor tripp Nov 2015
Times like this
I wish your love was still around
Missing the sound of your voice
That was known so well
And when love spoke my name
Times  like this, miss holding you close to my heart
Wish we could recapture that long ago dream
Even though I know that it died
And was buried. So it seems
Missing you quite frankly, in times like this
Wishing that you were missing me
But you're not even around to hear me sob and cry
victor tripp Nov 2015
Love can overtake your heart in the blink of an eye
And stop the tears plus sadness nobody to hold had you cry
With its perfume you will reek. No more lonely times to seek
I tell you that its passion is a promise that it will keep
Yes, love can steal away your heart in the blink of an eye
When it comes softly in your  life it will be a revelation
You'll want to stand right up and cheer giving your sweet one  a ovation
Love can overtake your heart in  the blink of an eye
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