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Look into my eyes.
Can you see it?
My loneliness
even when I cannot
Veronica Nov 28
It's just a hopeless fantasy
You were never the one for me
Can't you see?
There exists no one
that can unveil the sun
and turn my world back
from black to blue
But all I want is you
And I want you now
And I need you soon

I'm still unsure if you're worth the wait
And then I remind myself
That maybe this is fate
working in mysterious ways
preparing me for brighter days
Veronica Nov 19
You're stupid to think
I would put all my eggs in a basket
with a hole in it.
Veronica Nov 19
The days continue to pass by
And time loses reason to fly
It grows weary as it comes to realize
There is nothing to fly to,
No happy ending to pursue
For what would happen after?
For time, it will always be fly
                                                     and never 'flew'.
Veronica Nov 18
the yearning
is burning
my poor heart.
doomed to be
a hopeless
from the start.
Veronica Nov 17
Would you rather experience true love and die young,
or would you rather live a good life and die old, never having loved?
I think, I would prefer the first
Because I cannot wait to be in love, and I cannot wait to die.
Yes! I cannot wait!
I cannot wait anymore!
With the threat of death close,
Life would mean so much more
If I had someone
to live for
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