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Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
The Rose That Grew From A Crack In A Concrete
Black Rose That Grew From The Fertile Roots Beneath
Out The Crack Of The Earth
Blossoming Into A Fashionable Valuable Flower Of Worth
It's Not Impossible To See It's Possible To See The Rose Passion Of Thirst
Roots Planted To Be Phenomenal An For Search
Before Me Laughed At The Illogical Joke
But Knew The Astronomical Growth Would Be Abominable An Uncommon With His Philosophical Approach
See I Breed Off Diabolical Emote
The Detestable Weeds I Choked
It's Inevitable To See What Heretically Was Wrote
I Blossom And Bloom
Even In The Darkness Or Gloom
Wanna Rob Me With Doom
Ima Tsuanmi Typhoon
Purest To Water
You Can Tell By My Posture
These Thoughts I Can Not Harbor
Smile On My Face But Inside My Eyes Is Trauma
  Don't See The Darkness In My Ocular
I'm Simba Trying To Be Like My Father
King Mufusa
Rose From The Concrete But I'm Just A Little Darker
Aug 2015 · 562
Psychological Lyricism
Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
Mentally dissect
My lyrical dialect
Cause my psychological
Philosophical context
Is an channel you have to check
Digest the concept
I profess
See how the geometrical lines connect
We not parallel
They same great minds think alike like we share the same cells
My brain waves is a storm of tornadoes
Whirling together to create the embryo
Biblical credentials say the body is a temple
An the mind is sound
The fundamentals or essential
Purpose of my well being is to be presentful
An image rememorable   because my existence is once to be found
GOD holds my crown
But the devil is permissible to be around
My lyrical material I write down
Comes from the instrumental grounds of the sounds my mind listens to
I'm a instrument
Aug 2015 · 496
Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
Higher galactic conscious
Light years pondering the demonic theologians
666 is colonists dehumanizing  it's doctrine
Its not ironic or an coincidental that coincides it's darkness
Its night an day an light an darkness it's coincidental not to contradict
A pit that's BOTTOMLESS
But Its easy to trick the mind with illusions
Mirages it's illusionist
In reality virtuality
Spiritually spirituality
Something more baffling
The plot is gradually
For blasphemy
Mockery fatality
Strategized strategies
Its master's
Sadly the truth surpasses to see
In the hazardous. Blasphemous world that's passionately beautiful in its disastrous scene
Born from kings queens passed past ancestry seeds
What's to.believe in the invisible unseen
Far as galaxies as they be
In an universe that's vast an we dream
Is there a God higher power supreme being?
Aliens fallen angels or DEMONS
Mathematical sequence
Of the world an our existence to perceiving
Aug 2015 · 705
Rap Cemetary
Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
i just signed ya death certificate
cause the angel of death descended
a death sentence was inscripted in the scroll i was given
i came to bury anybody in the rap cemetary
while im the one who wrote the obituary
no wakes cause the body cant be presented
come to ya funeral in attendance
im the one who was spitting
i bring the bodybags before the killing
to zip em up in em
after the battle finished
cause yall battling a menace
im the seed of dennis
but im not kidding
evrybdy a victim
this is only genesis
the beginning
its vicious more in the ending
final decision
is death
cause thesee bars is an hex
these spells at my request
Aug 2015 · 1.5k
Worship this Goddess
Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
she a god
with so much beauty its odd
how many break her heart
but thee god in me an the god she see
puts it back to part
from where the puzzle starts
i see what turns them into sharks
but i worship her feet an i praise her
an im the one thats highly favored
i pray to God for prayers for us
cause the devil he preys with lust
but she walk on rose petals
body soft like a marshmellow
red stillettos
body move like jello
desire in my eyes has to keep me mellow
ima make sure this night aint forgetful
Aug 2015 · 796
Saiyan God
Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
look im "Vegeta"
flow colder than a freiza
big bang punchlines thats the ether
no exceptions when i step in the arena
im a hot  head my head got a fever
king kai my teacher
oozaru bout to step on you creatures
yall power level is low
the  god letting you know
your power level will show
when the battle arrives
ive been waiting to shine
no more waiting in line
cause im facing time
ill face time
to take mine
only the Great Divine God can change the signs
so the future has selected i
Aug 2015 · 562
Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
Please excuse my dear aunt sally
cause mathematically
how geometrically in reality the measurements accurately
shadow me
my aunt manufactured me
my design
then divide by zero
it would be undefined
my existence is geometry
any form an shape symmetry
symmetrically an entity
whos positively unbalanced to negativity
cause negatively im positively magnetically
my well being makes me an mathematician
using mathemically the principles to define my existence
Aug 2015 · 626
Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
My poetry is seniority
Same rappers I'm noticing of the majority of these rappers potency
Its ironic that's these platonic solid rap comics
Got good wordplay cuz I was hooked on Phonix
I'm sonic with these knuckles built by Dr robotic
Grab Ya by Ya tail an get socked n bopped in
Cuz these punchlines goin make you feel like we boxing
Go super sonic Ya shadow would be trying to dodge em
Its going like a comic when.the sound of the hit is.comment
Trained by the league of shadows so fighting against the shadow is common
I'm Batman without Robin an got Magic minus the Johnson
You could never be this astonishing
So stop it cause my flow too toxic
It'll ostrich into.omelets
Aug 2015 · 856
Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
My flow conceited cause the ingenious genius
Thinking of the supreme being
I'm undefeated against intermediates
But I rap not at my highest pinnacle
When I'm mentally focused inside my spiritual temple
I'm like a monk an humble individual
Ferociously lyrical
Words are gizmos I use as an sentinel
Against rappers in this dimensional
Magical sword that's an General
Go thru Armies of troops
Flaming an spinning an music shoots
Out when it's swoops thru tissue
The mission is to the top but the training is critical
Rappers need miracles
To beat the god emcee
Aug 2015 · 941
Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
Got to get my Gogeta on
Time to go the cheetah runs
Beast mode I ain't cheeto
I'm cheetor
Turn the booth into Hogwarts I'm Dumbledore
My flow deep you rappers seas shore
I'm great in my own greatness what I need to compete for
Leroy kno I shonuff
I'm like Bruce Leroy with the Mic an dey Nunchucks
**** Ghostwriters ima Ghostbuster
My ghostwriter ain't even been discovered
Ha my spirit even more structured
So now you know who write these
See my spirit my Siamese
But I ain't Chinese
I wipe off blood on the Mic with a handkerchief
See I'm an endangered species
I'm rare only a few breeds of mine that ain't extinct
A TRIBE of mine an us them don't synch
It ain't a jinx
Never will I try to create a hybrid with these creatures
We could never have the same features
Being rare is much more easier
To be in this wildlife
I'm like how an lion would write
I hate the darkness cause I'm the son of the light
Aug 2015 · 982
Why do I constantly cry
Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
I [cry] because the "pain" needs to "rain"
So I have to let my [eyes] "drain"
But no umbrella to stop the rain from "falling"
An flood of dam of tears is "drawed" in
I cry because I need to let the "pain" free
Cause the pain "contames" me
Only I can wipe the tears "away"

So every time I cry it's an storm in my heart an my eyes let's you know it's a rainy "day"
Inside my soul,spirit, heart
My mind an it's thoughts
So we were meant to "cry"
I wonder why????
Because in this life we will feel "pain"
Aug 2015 · 680
Batman Robbing
Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
In Chicago AKA "Gotham" it's "dark" Gloomy "Gothic"
it's "light" "Godly" "Godliness"
a lot of problems in the cities "Conscious" "Subconscious"
it's an "KNIGHT" in the (darkness) fighting the darkest battle ever (started)
The knight in the "Shadows" "heart" is darkened by the darkness in the Earth
Robbing the darkness that has sparken the "Curse"
The Bat [sign]
Shines in the Night [skys]
An even the darkness darkest fear is the Knights [pride]
The power that empowers him is Divine
Aug 2015 · 407
Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
I got the courage of a thousand lions
An the heart of an Giant
With a plan to triumph
With a mind of a genius,magician,scientist an devise them
So my plan is not to fail but failing keeps me fighting
I keep trying with another plan just as violent
Remember violence is a force I'm using to inspire them
My force is courage an it's striking like lightning
I got a lot of devises
To take over the world before I die in it
So the devices inside my mind ticks are the highest tactics for me to persist
That's why I don't fail to plan an use my mind as a gift
Aug 2015 · 261
4/27/15 6:35pm
Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
What is Winning

To win you have to lose/To lose you have to win/But what am I trying to win/Why do I always have to Win/Is what I'm trying to win so hard for really an Win? What really is Winning? Because I'm still an Champion at heart\Am I really losing when I think I lost\Because I could be winning when I thought I was really losing\So how would I know when I'm winning
Aug 2015 · 236
Pieces of my dream
Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
Pieces of my dream a puzzle of Destiny
so I'm putting together pieces that were destined to be pieced
I got a few pieces MISSING
an other pieces mixed in
So I put a piece in that can't fit in
So I keep switching
Once all the pieces fixed in
The puzzle complete
I look at the puzzle an see
What it speaks
Aug 2015 · 411
A Poets Magic
Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
This story is about magic. A poets passion. But no compassion for any sorcerers an their sorcery in any fashion.
See I'm not a wizard or magician.
I'm something much more magnificent.
Brought into existence. See it's an big difference when you were created in the creators image. I write cause I like to see my magic sparking. Cause I write on my magic carpet and I write pass the margins because the whole sheet of paper has to be charted. It's no use for all this magic to harvest. So I try to spark the magic of those that has been darkened.
Aug 2015 · 657
Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
Everybody likes to bring up my past
Like I'm the Villain
But also I was the hero in the Village
That's why the Hero's turn mad
But I'm the one to be ridiculed
Batman is always attentive to the riddles
Sent from the riddlers riddles he issued
But I can see the pain in you
But I learned to forgive an not hold resentments against you
I sometimes want to turn off the Bat Symbol
But my trademark will always be the Bat signal
Hurt can't be forgetful
Cause it's sensual
Maybe we look for love in the wrong temples
Of worship but love can make you miserable
If you loving someone who is not loving you unconditional
Still searching wonder where I'm going to find a kindle
An signal
So I can fly again
The dark knight did rise again
I see pain in these beautiful beings
That I shouldn't be probably seeing
What's the reason
Its a curse gift
Cuz in a smile I can see the darkness deep in the abyss
Maybe I'm rushing for love
Cuz I have to love myself
It's a rush to be loved
There's no one to love But yourself
When there's no one to love you
You can only love yourself
Aug 2015 · 365
Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
Wow bet I can make mills off Gospel music
I'm just an instrument God is using
I don't need mainstream to do it
See the devils got everybody influenced
I ain't for the money stupid
I don't need no features
Get an million views just from spitting ether
Tongue of fires
Holy spirit my ghost writer
See I'm a amplifier
An advertiser
This just an appetizer
To satisfy Ya
My lab on fire
Cuz the scientist a chemist
Mixing chemicals an bringing new elements into existence
Aug 2015 · 523
Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
I ain't racist but I dislike racism
Even though I'm in a racist system
Now in a show you how a slave would rebel
Walking wit God just to face the devils
I'm Nat Turner in this matrix
But I'm Martin Luther king. Chasing a dream
But it's more than one neo I'm wondering who the Agents
But I can see the changing faces
I see some of Zion ain't awakened
But the truth you have to face it
But I see a matrix revolution
Cause they don't see the matrix illusions
While religions feuding
While hiding the truth in it
I'm just the one morpheus recruited
An HE still human
Aug 2015 · 1.2k
Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
A dreamchaser
Is an chaser chasing his dreams while the nightmares chasing us
Have to be brave an blunt
Being a dreamcatcher
Cuz the dreams ahead of us
Then its a nightmare for those trying to catch up
A nightmare for the haters
Dreaming my dreams before i wake up
So I'm writing nightmares on paper
Scary stories
Its goin be scary when im in my glory
But i don't write fairytales
Ask my fairy Godmother
My story is the story all the fairies waiting to tell
SO just wait till you read the first page
Aug 2015 · 301
Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
I started from the bottom on my way to the top
Im a Author with a plot
Thats hot
Just watch
I'm setting my clock
Im goin be the next pac
The resurrect pac
Im X pac
The time ticking
Alot of time ive been missing
From being locked in the system
This a new beginning to winning
Over sinning
Im a realist
No science fiction
I'm a scientific lyricist
It makes no sense if you illiterate
Or ignorant
Im suspicious
Of these Images
Im God witness
My crucifixion
Crossed death through the crucifix
Cauae these Judas
Is snakes
I keep my faith
Hope an wait
I pray
For better dayz
Tomorrow is a new Yesterday
Lookin for a get away
Aug 2015 · 622
Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
Ima Warrior Angel
With an Golden Halo
Just call me Halo
I am Independent won't sign to any Label
I rap cause I say so
All these Lamos
Really Lambos
Thats why we dont Tango
I shine at every Angle
These devils in game mode
They using cheat codes
But this a free throw
Cause im a Neo
Fusion into Vegito
Chicago turned me into Gogeta
Now i start rappin like Freiza
Im Cooler an i spit Ether
Put ya raps in the freezer
Cause you not Hot Or Cold you are not Either
Told you i was a Dreamer
You Sleepwalkers
I put in a Sleeper
Im the Son of Sabrina
Thats the one son of Katrina
My mind on fire i got a Fever
An student that turned into a Teacher
Now i am a Preacher
Take you students to FEMA
Up in my class to be a believer
Seeked God first as a Seeker
Aug 2015 · 1.5k
Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
All  Blatant Critics Depicting Egotistic Fishing Gimmicks Hissing Ignorant Jipping Kissing Lying Missing ****** Obviously Picturing Realist Sickest Technician Utilizing Visions Witness Xenogenic Zeal
Adjectives Build Courage Determined Earning Faith Giving Hidden Illiterate Jilted Kindred Living Mission Nitwit Oblivion Picking Resentments Sickening Tension Ultimately Vigilance Xray in Zillion
Jul 2015 · 470
to all poets
Vashawn Jackson Jul 2015
Feel my desire
My fire
As an writer
To release the flames burning
Inside my hearts Ozone
Need an heart colder than an snow cone
To melt love in me
To cool the intensity
To breeze in intimacy
So i can breath in
Life into her soul
Twin flames
Underneath the hearts coal is gold
Somewhere my other twin knows
We can feel each other physically
Spiritually emotionally an mentally
I guess we look at the stars flashing by
Thinking of our past lives
Waiting until our connection has arrived
To be in love again
I kno im not the only one who desires not to be alone
No need to hide it cause in someone else it hits home
Inside this heart is an big home
Noone lives in so its empty
6 degrees away
Jul 2015 · 564
Bars of the Year
Vashawn Jackson Jul 2015
Bars of the year
Im lightyears ahead of my peers
They need lightyear speed to be at least near
Im already in the future my flow galatic
Futuristic bars thats traveling
At the speed of light
You can Only catch a image with satellites
Flow like black holes
My mind celestial
To be technical ima extraterrestrial
Flyer than an astro
Im passed pluto
An Almighty being gave me this cerebral
My presence can be felt in the devils cathedral
Yall space shuttles need more artificial intelligence
I beat rappers wit my past flow thats past tense
Even in the present
im better
my mind need some excedrins
Im jus continuing from the sequel
My past flow was even unbeatable
Its not legal
To be thinking
Jul 2015 · 429
1,000 degrees
Vashawn Jackson Jul 2015
I go 0 to an 1,000 degrees
Flow like getting stung by an Thousand bees
Got an 1,000 bars
For any Thousand to spar
I write on top of Earth lookin at 1,000 of stars
I got to go an Thousand times harder
The goaline a 100 yards
But it feels like it's an Thousand times farther
Thousand times thousands of cells charged up
Flames enraged on a rampage harbored
Heart and Soul on fire
the burning desire
is ready to Conquer
I dont even believe this fire can be put out by water
Im the Summers Sun
An when i spit that mean Winter begun
Venomous Tongue
You lookin at Venom
Bringing carnage with Lyricism
I can go head to head with Thor
With my Holy Sword
Thunder god vs A Son Of God
Being hot i call that a Summer job
You rappers need a Hot Rod
I turn the booth into a Hot Box
You rappers better play Hop Scotch
To get to the Top spot
Jul 2015 · 363
Story of Poetry
Vashawn Jackson Jul 2015
Once upon a time a writer with a mind that he utilized as a instrument.The designs inside his mind were magnificent.His significance were like none in existence.His arrogance was his ignorance.But the difference of this authors image was that this author was distant.Trapped inside his mind an by the devil he was tempted.His vision was the ignition he needed to upliftt him.The mission of his was to finish the beginning of his origin.The exhibit he invented was to bring him to his fate. The demons he faced were demons filled with hate. In any form an shape.But he keeps faith an hope and grace on his waist. Sheild of faith and a Holy Sword because it's a spiritual war.
Jul 2015 · 676
Once Upon A Time
Vashawn Jackson Jul 2015
See my flow spectrum is only light
Cause i illuminate
This only a preface
see when you are an light worker you have no choice but to be bright
Im enlightened
Im reaching higher consciousnesses of enlightenments
Thats the only celestial you see
The light embodys me
Im like meteorites
But satellites cant catch a slight
Glimpse system that shifts
Now.I'm on.planet earth
Wasnt created on this planet first
Thats.because i was an cherub with wings flesh as a human.being
This.not.pride but im gracious
Vashawn is my alias
Call me an.arcalian
U an alien
But i.didn't arrive on a spaceship
But God has no favorites or favoritism
The.power of i have is an.defensive mechanism
Against the fallen children
Thats.the devil an my brothers an sisters
Im.just.painting you a.picture
Its more angels here
An the heavens cheer
Everytime a child repents
The devil smiles of.sins
My.future the devil scents
I mean sense
This just my gift
Jul 2015 · 594
Im different
Vashawn Jackson Jul 2015
Im burning in the inside
Not pride but desire i cant hide
Ambition my ammunition
Im ambiguous
Thats my definition
One or more descriptions to decrypt him
GOD called me to handle some business
Especially in depictions
Im a instrument
With significance
Set apart from the existence
Of my glory so no comparisons co existing
Its cool to be different
My flow you can swim in
Inside my hair is lake michigan
My waves spinning
Thats a bay is you kidding
You wont see no fishes
Only sharks that live in
So dont try to flow wit em
Its a new beginning
That you'll witness
Got an new engine
Horsepower in it
Its only been driven
But nobody seen it
One of the meanest
Monster trucks breathing
Jul 2015 · 706
Battle Verse 1
Vashawn Jackson Jul 2015
Inside my brain
Thoughts of flames
To go on a rampage
Max pain
Is for you when u.going against johnny blaze
Johnny cage
Get killed an i still got on shades
I'm blade
The daywalker
An nightcrawler
Ever since the day i was brought up
The night was bothered
I guard up
Better have on some armor
Cuz im like a monster truck
Flow like an armored truck
With magic like the
So.come to hogwarts
Ill teach you wizardry
How to lyrically
Write at an.wizards degree
Magic wand sparking
I write pass the margins
I.auctioned it
To.walt.Disneys orphanage to offer it
alot.of magic
I let you taste an fraction of it
U cant get half of it
This.just an examine of it
Cuz my captions are functioning
At an mass production
You.*** an.trash ya flow need a bath
But even my trash you cant touch none of it
I.spit bliZzards
At the.highest temperatures
An.have you rappers have.igloos to build up
You.eskimos better chill bruh
Cause im a polar.bear lookin.for a meal you slug
Im the i keep that motivating in me
CuZ IM A.SUPREME ENTITY WITH an higher frequency
An negativity
Only rises my Energy
Jul 2015 · 523
genius ingenius
Vashawn Jackson Jul 2015
On my team when we rap we finesse
Finessing wins an nothing less
Only wins i.expect
Losing i dont accept
You can detest
But youll BEST
Don't ever second guess
Me cause i address rappers in.this contest these.competitors context
Is out of text
Wwf suplex
A rapper on.his neck
My quest
Is destruction
No reconstruction
These subjects
My.suffixes killin em call that presuffix
My.phonix is puncturing
These objects in my conference
Geometrical flow spitting at the top of my pinnacle
Higher conscious in my temple
Lookin through my third eye visual
Balancing my.energies
Frequently these negative entities
Pervade my frequency
Made in God imagery
An i write spiritual symphonies
Praises for the epiphanies
He had on this being
U not seeing what im seeing
Traveled back to egypt cause of Phoenix
False idols an teachings
Worshipping idol gods an beings
See I'm a light an im beaming
To different dimensions
See i might look human but im far more different
Jul 2015 · 329
summers sun
Vashawn Jackson Jul 2015
Summer time the sun shining
Need a sun visor because the sun smiling
The sun brightness look like a diamond
An diamond thats shining
but the sun brightness
The darkness is frightened
He lets his light shine an his enlightenment
His enlightenment is heightened
They see him shining from the horiZon
Heart beautiful as an Island
Big as an Giant
An darkness wants clouds to rise in it
Storms desire to triumph
But the Son is designed to be a light
Jul 2015 · 222
The Child Of Destiny
Vashawn Jackson Jul 2015
Once upon a time in a land an magical poet who wrote "poetry".Who sat on the beach an listened to the ocean "speak".The stars in the sky "shined".He only wrote at night cause the ocean gave him "serenity".He looked to the stars as a "sign" a "guide" to think "infinitely". His "identity". His "destiny". What he was destined to "be". "Evidently". "Heavenly". His spirit, like he was an angelic "being".Living in an world of angels and "demons". "Treason". Seeing the stars makes him think its more to believe "in".The "Planets".Even the planets thats  "Unimagined".They say the universe is "Expanding".What if the universe was already "Expanded". He wonders why its earth he's "inhabited".Because if the Big Bang crafted "it".How did it lead to this "planet".Why not on another one what makes earth "different"? He sees more than science it might look "scientific". The waves "voice" sooth him inside an "rejoice". Singing to him calmness beauty.
Jul 2015 · 842
A wizard passion
Vashawn Jackson Jul 2015
A wizards passion is to write magic
An magic wand flashes
Whatever he imagines
It sparks an attraction
In his heart the passion
Burning inside is happiness
If he can dream it
Then he can see it
All it takes for him to be ingenius
So he thinks like a genius
An believe in
Even when nobody else
Sees his magic
So behind the curtains he practices
His main attractions
While its wicked magicians casting
Spells on him that's disastrous  
But I'm praying to my Genie to not let em have it
But the difference is i bless them while they cursing
I see the blesses through the curses
Jul 2015 · 282
Love Angel
Vashawn Jackson Jul 2015
My Wings with no one to spread over
Because I was sent down from Heaven
  To war for your  love i would war in Armageddon
Until i got closer
To your heart an then lay down my weapon
Only God knows the love i feel inside
My heart crys
Crys and then sighs
Cause i just want to fly together
To me thats flying forever
will i ever cry tears of joy
Cause the fear of being destroyed
I need you to fill in the Void
I need love too
I was sent to love you
Jul 2015 · 432
Vashawn Jackson Jul 2015
Before the Rapture
The ambassador
Of God becomes a Pastor
Reading chapters
Out the sword
Cuz in the.war
Its.millions aboard
To the.core
Till its over
Armageddon getting closer sober
His halo.hovers
His wings
Jul 2015 · 732
Megatron decepticon
Vashawn Jackson Jul 2015
Megatrons decepticon
On a upper echelon
THE allsparks electrons
Sparks the neurons
In the mind of the shark
The.volts in.his heart
On a mission
The autobots builds Robocops
With unlimited ammunition
The ambition
Envisions terminators
Cause these perpetrators
Try to invade us
Capers of these crusaders
Is devastating cause its thousands of devastators
Awaiting us
Is the.Originator
The creator
The savior already saved us
But brothers an sisters betrayed us
They face us
Ever seen
On a transformer
Jul 2015 · 527
Vashawn Jackson Jul 2015
I ****** thousands of rappers
Jus wit verses out of chapters
Of the wrath out the Masters
Its titled
Of God
Against all odd
I crucify
All.rappers an then get baptized
Cant.stone me
They need to clown me
Cuz the angel atoned
From the seeds of jesus
So.i.reaped the beatings
Of my.savior
So savor
The real.kings of Egypt
Cuz we the chosen people
The devil
To not believe in who
He deceives you
Underneath the roots
Is where.he resides
Until the darkness shall rise
So this angel against
The world im storing treasures in heaven
Im God secret weapon
Kept it
Now im released
In.the belly of the beast
But i feast
An eat
My way out till peace
Jul 2015 · 1.1k
Vashawn Jackson Jul 2015
Yea Peekaboo
Me you see how I electrocute
I mean shock you
I mean magnetically I accume
Energy That blooms
Positively im charged like electrons
Off negatively the neutrons
Enough power inside this timed bomb
You cant disarm
You lookin at a powerbomb
My light shall dawn
Even when they cloud Vashawn
Thats how darkness Responds
Dnt wanna see the light
Wait till Pikachu Strike
Evolve to Raichu
I'll enlighten you
Drinkin on some powerjuice
Goin see some lighting shoot
Thats the storm i'm bout to produce
For the storms ive been through
Jul 2015 · 1.3k
Wizards Wizardry
Vashawn Jackson Jul 2015
Harry potter fear my magic
Cuz my wand disastrous
Even with my wand absent
Im a prince of magic
My name is aladdin
I send spells to princess jasmine
In her dreams
Until she meets her King
Abra kadabra alakazam
Even Kazam
Knows who i am
I write with my wand
In my palm is magic that i dawn
Inside the spawn
Of the creator
Its alot of sparks in my charm
An innovator
That charms
Wicked witches
Son of Sabrina you might kno who Sabrina The Witch is
Even wiccans
Know im wicked
When my wrath is driven
I should create an religion
For magicians
Cause magic i envision
Is beautiful when i present it
Tricks is timid
Against the nemesis
of all wizards

— The End —