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Sep 1 · 147
Even remember
Aug 16 · 86
Tennis racket
He was my tennis racket
I bounce off him
And I play him like a guitar
When he was acting bad
Now I swing him hard
And around to behave
Aug 9 · 42
This heat
Burned our love
As it was better cold back in
Jul 28 · 220
Knocked down
I've lost count
How many times my heart's been knocked down..
Different counted times than in my head..
One over powers the other
But never in sync...
He helps sync it when he's not around me
Orbiting with love
Jul 26 · 80
My brain
My fluids inside that
Feel Everything much more..
May 18 · 171
Well each time
Problem erupts
My wall gets a small dent
But feels
Bigger deeper
More painful
May 16 · 93
He was the smoke
After I started the fire
And his smoke took forever
To go away his sense
Of touch lingered on for
Over a month
Wishing this smoke evaporated
May 5 · 347
He was like Pepsi
With red bleeding love
Blue for peace
The fizz is when we argue
I wish that
As the logo we blend we
Stick together
Apr 22 · 158
Earth day
This day is meant to show beauty
Of mother nature
But the gods have spoken
And they want this Earth to be
All dead apparently..
Why earth once you were nothing
You bloomed and now
Are drying out with death at our
Apr 22 · 407
Earth day
Where the dead lives on
Now more than ever
Apr 14 · 76
360 degrees
Your ghost did
A 360 on my heart and mind
I couldn't feel .you
Completely turn around
My life for the
Apr 2 · 71
Color him
I colored him
Red for love
When he was sad
I used my juicy lips to trace out where I love
Is all around perimeter of his
Thin body
That is colored now
Mar 31 · 145
Drawing out
I'm trying to draw out the pain
From the pencil lead
When lead broke off thatss .
When my pain stopped
I won't want to draw out again this pain
Mar 29 · 89
I wasin the  darkness of my fears
But one day I turned into a bright goddess
Who opened up ur hole of heart
Took out the evilness
Stowed away
To highest heavens
As I travels up there I stayed there as my spirit died from the evil I carried from
Jan 15 · 103
White heart
My heart is black
His was white
Kind loving
Together we make black white
Ying yang
Our souls are far apart to be truly connected
Jan 15 · 166
No matter I cut strings
Or strengthen current ones
My chest beats  same way same
Weight heavy
Suffocating my happiness from my
Drafting down to hell
Jan 10 · 120
Blood became Rocky
As  love turned the  
Blood cold and hard
Rocky emotions
Jan 4 · 191
Sound of a heart crunch
More powerful then a snap
It carries this weight far into years
Tears didn't carry it out my eyes
Dec 2019 · 71
Haunts me.
Vanessa Gatley Dec 2019
Ur hug haunts my
The spirit is there holding me right
But as you left physically
The haunting kills me
On outside
Inside looking out
Dec 2019 · 196
Vanessa Gatley Dec 2019
Love between
Texts gives enough love
Lights my whole face up
Smile big as earth
Dec 2019 · 149
Vanessa Gatley Dec 2019
Area scream
Dec 2019 · 206
Vanessa Gatley Dec 2019
From my body
Dec 2019 · 81
Didn't save
Vanessa Gatley Dec 2019
I didn't save my body for
Him new guy sweetheart who would deserve someone better than me
Same version but better not so nieve
That I fell apart gave in
Worst temptation broke me 10 pieces
Dec 2019 · 78
Vanessa Gatley Dec 2019
This grasp I held in stomach so long
Only took 5 mins to lose it all
To the devil who doesn't treat me
Like angel I was for him
Compliments sweet talking
He finally has his share while
I need repair my mind once again
Dec 2019 · 151
Vanessa Gatley Dec 2019
My heart hanged up above the open
Reached ever more to adore
Heart hangs on edge caught by ur sharp hand
Your voice closed  the door tight
Dec 2019 · 164
Empty heart
Vanessa Gatley Dec 2019
My empty heart didn't even have a
Big enough hole for ur hand to try to
Touch it and make it feel like
Liquid Feather
Dec 2019 · 108
Vanessa Gatley Dec 2019
Words from his vocal cord
Are succulent like juice from an orange
Sweet short crisp
Each chance  the smile even became
Dec 2019 · 291
Vanessa Gatley Dec 2019
My sunshine morning Star
You're everything that I'm not
Nov 2019 · 88
Vanessa Gatley Nov 2019
His thoughts curves my mouth up not down
The way u brought me to my knees cried from my mouth as I weep even  to life again
Nov 2019 · 83
Vanessa Gatley Nov 2019
He was easy to like from start
Years went on ND new girl
Took my spot
I was the fence she was the door
One that would be opened to put all his love in Not to be bore
The fence is just on sideline that cracks.
Remember she was like Bottle of water he ran for her...
I vs against her for she is a rusty *** door least I stay grounded for my love for him I can't ever forget ever more
Nov 2019 · 122
Vanessa Gatley Nov 2019
Extraction relief
Oct 2019 · 105
Trick or treat
Vanessa Gatley Oct 2019
Was your sensation a trick
Or treat
I tricked u into thinking my body was ur treat
Well I'm done with your false tricks
Oct 2019 · 83
Vanessa Gatley Oct 2019
Today my ghoul was weak
Until night u came by and made me strong with fuel
Ghoul for now and forever
Oct 2019 · 57
Vanessa Gatley Oct 2019
I wanted ur love to
Be spooked out ur pleasure spot
Place it all on my witch hat
Oct 2019 · 189
Vanessa Gatley Oct 2019
On this day your rose transformeed
Into a spirit then our love was wisp like cold wind
Oct 2019 · 267
Vanessa Gatley Oct 2019
Can Halloween
Please me from.his lips
Sweet to my body like candy
Sour but I love it
Lurking through my skin
Witches evil .I'm the good witch
Sep 2019 · 220
Bored of me
Vanessa Gatley Sep 2019
Always first interest
That doesn't bore my soul
But when I wasn't what u expected anymore
U for bored of me
Like the summer warmth
It just went away slowly
I was blinded by the died out heat
Sep 2019 · 86
Vanessa Gatley Sep 2019
We met was like a purchase of
My heart
The pumpkin was round
Like my *****
And u liked it when you can carve my outline of pumpkin .
Sep 2019 · 303
Vanessa Gatley Sep 2019
Today marked 18 years ago terror
Was upon the east side country
Where safety is biggest issue now
Due to  evil people
Where's God to just wipe off bad people from this earth
Sep 2019 · 87
Vanessa Gatley Sep 2019
Fame ur love created my Fame
But fights took a turn for me the worse
Fame died shortly after
The week I tried get stardom
Sep 2019 · 89
Sleepy September
Vanessa Gatley Sep 2019
As September starts the summer
Fling disappeared like a ghost on Halloween
U became sleepy
Of the relationship
Now I had no choice to rest my sleepy heavy heart next to yours
Sep 2019 · 372
Vanessa Gatley Sep 2019
September crawled back to me
The vibes died out like summer flame
Now we rest covered in cold breeze
Where vibes r hidden the electric love
Aug 2019 · 130
Vanessa Gatley Aug 2019
Once I was on deck and
U showed up
Fast for no reason u came close for a kiss
This kiss didn't have the juice and
It just has dryness
Aug 2019 · 355
City light
Vanessa Gatley Aug 2019
You were once my city light
That shined bright in the dark colder nights
The humidity was when u became angry
Then city lights become foggy
The light would die out
How can ur be a bright city light again
Aug 2019 · 117
Vanessa Gatley Aug 2019
Don't dare spill words out of your mouth
The criticism is beyond stupid
As you are
Please I know once before
What true life was like
Aug 2019 · 171
Vanessa Gatley Aug 2019
There's a vortex between love and hate
Happy sad
But something can string up together
So the sad can close up the patch
Jul 2019 · 448
Black heart
Vanessa Gatley Jul 2019
I sent him a black heart
For a guy but like I had live not sure for who can turn it red and pump life
Instead of black rotten confused love
The demon keep it black
Some how red removes the evil
Jul 2019 · 187
Chip in brain
Vanessa Gatley Jul 2019
Wish future me had special
After I would die
This chip automatically
Turns my life on a new  again
As new woman
It only turned on
When ur love
Now longing for me come back to earth
Jul 2019 · 169
July pre fourth
Vanessa Gatley Jul 2019
Your my favorite month
July when our love
Spark up in the sky
Only for like twenty minutes
Is there another day we can both light up eachs others hearts
And keep love full
Jun 2019 · 260
Vanessa Gatley Jun 2019
The little evils
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