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Unknwn Dec 2021
Your eyes told me of how happy that made you.

Happy birthday, babe. I love you.
Unknwn Dec 2021
Consistency was unexpected.
Unknwn Oct 2021
A love so serene that seemed accidental but was never one.

Happy 2nd babe. I love you.
Unknwn Oct 2021
Love for me was always a choice
Not a random "destiny" thing people say
Not some magical moment movies portray

Then that random coincidence changed it.
It was something more than I thought it'd be.
It was more on how destiny did its magic to me.
Unknwn Sep 2021
You were something...
A coincidence that I never knew I would cross path with

I was used to a 2 week interaction.
A limited interaction to someone I dont personally know.

It was the consistency that I was afraid I might not be able to give.
The kind of attention that I'm not able to share other than my work

hmm I haven't written anything like this for the past years
Maybe cos I haven't met you? Although I write but not something of this matter.

I've had my share of doubts and assumptions to people.
I always expected every worst possible outcome.
I play mind games and I also tried to manipulate how people should see or think of me.

But it seems like destiny was trying to catch our attention
Tracing our taken path and enchanting us to connect

Heck, I was a firm believer that love was all about sudden connections. Sparks they say..
That never ending butterflies in your stomach that tends to do backflips and even perform a circus inside.

It was more on a calm storm heading my way. It was the comfort, attention, patience and consistency

Mine doesn't do the backflips but it sure make you feel high on adrenaline
It doesnt do circus and chaotic performance; it provides comfort and peace of mind

You were not how I pictured my love would be... but you provided me a best version of how it should be.

Happy first love. 💕
Unknwn Sep 2021
I haven't written much of how I feel.

Given the depth of how things were
and how crazy life could be in a blink
Those bittersweet farewell we bid was our bitter reality that someone's story may end just like that.

I never knew the feeling I'll be getting was the remorse of losing someone and their stories.

You, who have ended a story...
Now I long not for that feeling of wanting to write but the longing of your presence...
your mere existence is all I could wish for right now.

I was once a strong believer that things will be better that things will be sorted out eventually but this time it's unlikely to happen.

You were never perfect but you have been someone who had inspired me to pursue and achieve greatness and comfort in life

I wish I was able to see you one last time.
I wish this was all a dream and I'll wake up you being near and just there.

I miss you.
I love you.
Unknwn Aug 2021
It's like we're together but not at the same time.
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