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zozek Apr 30
It was all about love
There simply is nothing to wait for now
Oh the kids…I know
They will find their way
I am the one who got stuck in the labyrinth
Fridays used to be fun
Saturdays even more
Mondays with you were all awesome too
Right now nothing matters
It is just a meaningless chain of days
Mondays and Sundays
They are all the same
Equally worthless
There is nothing I look forward to
It was all about love
It is all over
And it is just my body
That has been
trying to survive in this pain
It was all about love
We always had thanks and okays
We thanked even for tiny, little things
But for love the most
And we had our okays for the things unfavorable
As long as we were together
It was all okay
It was all about love though
It was about love
We sometimes went to the farmer’s bazaar
The bazaar turned into a carnival
When you looked into my eyes
the oranges looked more fresh and fragrant
Pleasant and sweet was life with you
I look for you behind the shelves of the supermarket
I hope that you show up and hug me again like you did between the pasta, spaghetti, noodle and macaroni shelf and the sauces
But you are not there
When we were in the car your right hand was always mine holding my left hand
Our hands were warm and cold but always together
You just needed your hand to fix the music
Always the songs that I loved
A constant private party that you held
A regular Friday night fever throughout the week
You quickly tuned the music and came back
Or sometimes you needed your hand to hold the steering wheel in case
But you always rushed to come back to find my hand
It was all about love
Do you remember the pigeons which ruined our ledges and window sills?
We had spike strips to keep them away
And even a silhouette of a hawk
Nothing worked
And you made me laugh
so hard that I hardly stopped myself *** in my knickers when you talked to the pigeons to convince them to leave
It was okay
Everything was okay
we ended up building a warm nest for them and fed them everyday
It was all about love
It was love
You were always there
in all the thanks and okays
It was all about love
zozek Dec 2022
oh would someday the buds turn into leaves
and carry the way I feel into shoots
flowering worries in the dead ends of rotten roots
oh would somehow the soils soothe my soul
when no longer blood buds out
my vessels
zozek Sep 2022
There goes the breathless labyrinth of my heart
I got lost a million times to wake up from deadly nightmares
Detours and dead ends
Meaningless paths lightened by dark lights
A maze of little thoughts
coils of hope
All nodes of you
zozek Aug 2022
I borrow words to tell how I suffer
                               No one can offer
Far from sanity
Absolute solitude
All *******
Numb I should be
I am sure you’d agree
That nothing rhymes
Ohh even the soothing chimes
with loneliness
zozek Aug 2022
As you hit the keys on the piano
your hands dance with the rhythm
And retain a mystical aura
The alluring tunes of your music awaken the fire flies
As you play they glide
Creating a shimmering glow of aurora
zozek Jul 2022
freedom comes in many forms
for him it was the swishing sound of the bicycle wheels when riding along the beach through the morning breeze
he pedalled all along the bay freeing his soul when waves crashed on the shore
all he took with him was my name rhyming with the crunching sand
love comes in many different forms
zozek Jul 2022
All the faces
have been shattered
like worn out masks
Call an angel and nay
many un-awakened
would stand aloof
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