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zozek Oct 21
Read your eyes
Love... in disguise
There is no fear
Or anger
Your eyes reveal the truth
and... sooth
my weary soul
and keep us a whole
Becoming you
There simply is no rue
in loving you this deeply
and giving myself to you completely
listen to your words
like seabirds
I dive into you through a plunge  
and soak whatever you say like a sponge
through each word you utter
or simply mutter
you reveal what is precious  
Diamonds and rubies
Becoming you
and turning into someone I truly love
in a sunshine sort of
and it takes more than words to describe
zozek Oct 20
Autumn is approaching I can tell
When all the leaves fell
The weather smells like rain but it's not cold
So don't you worry it will be like the old
days. And as always
Our usual ways
I will not be cold but hazy
This time dull and lazy
Bored I will be and my eyes will glaze over
As I will only be surrounded by three leaved clover
Only salt and pepper, frequently common
Rotten souls all around are the omen
And I will only wish for a reason
For all the treason
Dried out flowers of fall are fragile
But my dreams are full of you and all agile
Delicate and vulnerable
Not all words are utter-able
Stars appear to be drifting
I am the late summer sun resisting
Still warm like a bracing and fragrant breeze
But my brain is buzzing like bees
As I lose my grip
Feeling unusual and unsafe I slip
zozek Oct 19
brought the brown little squirel an acorn aloof
fall has many different browns
walnuts, chestnuts and nuts
pine cone brown and dry leaf brown
wreath of brown
mud spread on the sole of my shoes as I paddled through  the pumpkin filled fields
pumpkins shone on me like the sun of the dry brown soil
as I stepped on the dried leaves rustling with grief
autumn has many different browns
cinnamon brown and the tree trunk brown
wreath of brown
the dry purple lavenders are now wet with my tears that come from my dry brown heart
the brown sorrow
Wrath of my soul
life has many different sorrows
Wreath of sorrows
zozek Sep 8
silenced by the impossibility of reaching you
in my eyes, with the worst hue
my brain full of hays
stricken by the  nays
will we ever?
it seems we will never
get to hug
life will only shrug
newly touched hands
are now full of bans
in unknown realms
zozek Sep 7
Your name has been signed across the transparent wings of the dragon fly
Clearly crystal under the colorful patches
The two strong pairs of wings
Carry colorful rings
Of love
Dragon flies hover around me
zozek Sep 2
words belong to this world
words flip-flap
and fill the whole sky
like heavy clouds
white or dark
they shed light
and lead hearts at night
but they too migrate
leaving the skies all empty
silence remains
when words fly away
zozek Sep 2
we have been left behind
by the morning beams
the sun will never shine on us
ever again
the bird flying over us will not even see us and pass by flapping
this flipping life will not be ours anymore
the sunflower in the living room will be buried forever in ever depressing catatonia of not being able to move towards the sun
we will never catch it turn its head up towards the sky
we always knew that it was handcrafted anyway
but hope is the ladder that keeps everyone above
I bet you too knew that we would not last
when the two of us were drowning in a glittering and ever shinning shimmer of love
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