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Tonight I am alone
Why can't I be with you?
You destroyed us and I do not know why.
So why would you do that?
I do not understand how you could do this.
I feel so lonely tonight
The only thing I have is the memories.
Why did you do this?
Plants are precious,
Animals are precious,
Environment is precious,
Human beings are precious.

So why is it human beings take such precious things for granted.
Such as feelings,  emotions,  love,  lost.

We care for plants,
We care for our animals,
We care for our Environment,
But we don't care for each other.

Where has the old fashion ways of knowing or neighbours.
Saying hello with a smile,
Caring about your loved ones,

Is all about what an individual is entitled to.  
Taking away the real meaning of intimacy.

Precious is taking the time,
Precious is learning about each other,
Everyone treat everyone that is precious to you with respect.
The sun is out.
Big and beautiful.
Through my eyes the sun has gone.
There is only darkness and sorrow.

The sun is bright.
Blue and warm.
Through my eyes I feel cold and lifeless.
There is only darkness and sorrow.

Will I feel the sun once more.
Will I feel the heat and warmth from the sun once more.
Will the sun shine through to me once more.

Has the sun gone forever 😪
Yesterday was full of promise.
Today is full of sadness.
Tomorrow is full of potential that I can not see through from our past.
Where did it go wrong?

Yesterday was full of potential.
Today is full of loss.
Tomorrow can be the start of a new beginning if not for the hurt you caused.
Where did it go wrong?
Life is short.
Life is precious.
What can be done, when Life goes wrong.
Over caring is not the way, but letting go must be the way.
Life is unpredictable.
Life is cruel.
One must realise their own actions have consequences.
Actions verse reactions. What is life meant to to teach us.  
Life is what I make it.
Life is mine not others.
Life is a learning curve.
Life revolves around change and this is the time for change......
You are my world.
The world to your innocence.
How could things have gone so wrong.
No means no.
Why didn't you see the signs.
How could you have betrayed our trust.
Life has changed now.
You say she lied, well I say you took advantage knowing she was vulnerable.
Life has changed and finally you showed your true colours.  Respect of a woman/ girl is to degrade them.
Life has changed for us all.

It's time to move in a forward direction. No looking back.   What is done is done.
I cared,
I loved,
I tried,
I wanted.

You cared,
You crowded me,
You  drained me
You took from me.

Friendship, what does this really mean.   To me it meant caring, respecting, listening, giving and most of all dropping my layers to let you in.

What did friendship mean to you?  From my position of you it meant power,  control, isolating and most of all making me feel useless.

I feel sorrow,
I feel lost,
I feel used
I feel lonely.

What do you feel?????????

— The End —