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I am so missing you,
You were my world,
The reason I am here,
Why did you leave.

I am missing you,
I feel alone
No energy or reason to go on
Life has no meaning
Why did you leave.

I am missing you,
Your smile
Your laugh
Your touch
The love we once had
Why did you leave.

I'm missing you
My heart is shattered
My soul is broken
My love is lost
Why did you have to close your eyes for the last time.
Missing you!
Life promises so much.
Growing up you just want to get to 18.  Once your 18 your life changes.  You're expected to make decisions that can make or break you.
Life then doesn't deliver what you thought it would.

I'm in a dark place which life  has lead me to recently.   Doubt, self loathing is ripe due to life's pressures.

How did one cope with life.  
Why is life so hard.
Why does experiences alter your life.
Why is it hard to believe in a happy life.
Why do I go negative than believe im worthy.
Life just suxs.
Life since 25th January 2020 has changed.
Life these days just includes vaccines, death and lockdown.
What are we suppose to do?
Life as we know it is gone.

What does our future look like?
Have we lost ourselves.
Ourselves are evolving into a human race of uncertainty.
Life as we know is developing.

Where to from here?
More uncertainty,  lack of clarity.
What should we do?
Life as we know it has changed.

Changed for good or bad.
It is to early to decide.
But Life as I knew it can not be attained again.   Life for our future is what Life we do not know is what life rebuilding is what we must do.
Tonight I say hello,
Hello to a light that shine,
A shine that has been gone far too long.
Long enough to make me sad.
Sad enough to think I do not matter in this world.
World big enough to hide within.
Within this life all that matters is tonight!
Hope at the end of a dark tunnel.  They say feeling hurt is a growing experience.   But when does the hurt stop.

What does hurt actually mean?  Is it being let down,  is it not being seen,  is it not being good enough,  is it a feeling that only surfaced when life is not what you want it to be. Hope is a glimmer shining in the distance.

Hurt comes from letting people in.  Is that wrong or am I supposed to go through life solo.  Hope is that glimmer that letting someone in may change that feeling of I'm not good enough.

Hurt comes from inside me.  Not from someone leaving me because they could not deal with my demons inside. Hope is that hurt decreased and those demons don't surface to others in my life.

It's time I stopped hurting inside.  Blaming that person who took a chance on me is wrong.   There was a side they liked and the Hope is that side over time becomes the full me.  Inside and out.

There is Hope, that shimmering light will come again and I will find someone that sees inside me. That I've changed. That I've taken my demons and turned them into a nice person inside and out. Then that Hope will find me that special someone.  

So I thank you for the hurt I felt when you left. Because now I see why the hurt and the need for Hope.
Friendships can make or break you.
Friendships are like the wind and as unpredicted.
Why is it so hard to be honest.
Can honesty be so rare.
All I have wanted to to be respected.
Friendships have drained me.
Friendships are a mechanism to hide one's despicable motives.
Why is Friendships so hard?
Today is for relaxing.
Tomorrow is for stressing.
Life is hard enough without the added pressures from the outside world.

What is relaxing? It's over rated as the mind continues the movie. Therefore today is not for relaxing.  Today is the constant.

Constant memories, constant why did it happen to me,  second guessing everything and everyone in my life.   Today is not relaxing at all.

Need to stop these negative thoughts going round and round on a loop.  It was not my fault,  it was never my fault and the movie inside my mind has to change the channel but how?

Today needs to be a new chapter,  so relaxing is the challenge.   I will change the channel today.   Today is the new tomorrow.
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