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Lilys May 1
Drowning in a bath
full of blood
Happy to sink
To the bottom
Where it’s dark
The shadows call
They’re my friends after all.
  May 1 Lilys
Mary Anne Norton
So quiet out
Can hear my
With each step
I take
Loneliness all around
Only the howling
Of the wind
Reminding me of
Winter's Song
Time to go
Back in
To warm my hands
And frozen heart
Waiting for the
Sun to melt
My frozen blues
  May 1 Lilys
Mary Anne Norton
Can't  deal
With Silence
Can't deal
With noise
Can't deal
No more
Lilys May 1
The ominous clouds roll in
Thoughts of outrunning them 
Cross my mind again 
I want to hide, but nowhere to go.
The rain starts to hit the window 
I look at the drops 
where gravity draws them
Slowly flowing
like the ones dampening my cheeks 
The sun peaks out
Maybe a little hello 
I turn my back
Instead, I go back to the shadows
Where the rain is comfort 
I guess I like it here
  Jan 9 Lilys
Mary Anne Norton
My treasures are few
Books to read stories to share
And also there's you
Lilys Jan 8
How do you explain us?
Maybe you don’t?
Maybe you can’t?
Even after all the love,
all the madness,
the happiness,
and the heartache
I still could not let go.
Our love was
a different kind of love
an invisible kind.
The type that lived
beyond the physical realm.
Where only the soul
could see.
Lilys Jan 8
We were star-crossed lovers
revolving around one another
like floating galaxies.
But I became a shooting star
One that keept aiming
only to miss.
I long to be a galaxy again.
Maybe you and I could
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