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in the fall of deep
silent despair
there's nothin left
but prayer
Time builds a staircase,
out of nowhere

With it's every step
brings closer, the clarity
of sound mind
She finger paints her universe in song

She dances with precious dollies of all colors, shapes and sizes

She draws everybody closer with her
ever hopeful smile

She stumbles and gentle hands keep her safe and guide her

She grows into a caring woman

She desires that the same love and kindness touch her children as well

She can only hope and  pray 🙏
What did it mean
to Skip to My Lou?
Didn't matter,
I Loved to
  Aug 30 SCHEDAR
Universe Poems
"Two hearts that beat as one
will feel the sun"

© 2021 Carol Natasha Diviney
"Grab what's left of the light"
she mutters while intertwining
her fingers into his
sweet and gentle are his eyes
lost in a vulnerable gaze
watching him ponder
the madness of a memory
he can't make sense of
tunneling blackness, no words
deep thought
waving the moths away
  Aug 29 SCHEDAR
Caroline Shank
That was a different dream, not the one last night where you couldn't
get the door unlocked.  The other
dream was when we walked east
on Capitol Dr. toward the water.

We explored the caves,
the hidden grottos of Lake
Michigan.  We walked so far with
torn experience and
unforgiven memories.  The sky
dimmed in the late afternoon.
We tried to reach each other
in the fading red moments before

Last night you couldn't get to me.
The locks were made up of the
Crucifixion and a nun kneeled
before me.  You were frocked
out in gray and threw kisses.

We woke in the same bed where
you vanished quietly to your
whispers of regret.
I remain unseen and unloved.
A torrent of feeling sprang from my
soft and sorry, lonely gray bed.

Caroline Shank
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