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C Conner Apr 18
Now I enter my pain.
A place for the echoing sound
Of life and laughter,
Like a distant muster of crows
Photographed and framed in flight
Frozen specks of ash across the light
Closed up and leather bound.
I must move or be found
Alone covered in dust.
C Conner Apr 10
I fade into my world
Where I am strong
Before the ebb tide -
Like a clipper ship
Embarked on her maiden voyage.
Passing the guarded line
Into deep water
Under the cover of lime
Darkness she hums leaving
Protected harbor - square rigged
For counted moments cradled
For pitch and heave in
Amniotic sway.

My cell phone buzzes and
I return worn. Cold with
Years of white breakers,
Tidal pull, and
Trips around the Horn.
C Conner Mar 28
Looking down the valley
From four-thousand feet
Watching clouds roll
Covering the life below.

Perhaps, when the Earth's fountains burst forth
Man also gazed across this same sea.
C Conner Jan 28
Too many times we talk
And the words fall.
And my mind is silent
Waiting for another day.

And the sun is up.
And the sun is down.
Still no word from the heart -
The silent pain of dying.
C Conner Sep 2021
Simple and easy I
Dream of you.

I followed you through dry sunlight
        Walking in the yard, our garden,
The way your shoulders bare
Sway musically with nature
As you get to the root of a ****.
The bed is accomplished
Not over-floral.

I clip three blooms off
Our iron gate hung roses
For the white vase placed in the light
by the kitchen window.
C Conner Aug 2021
I want my words
To rain down from the sky
And bring warmth to cold meadows
C Conner Aug 2021
My Grandfather explained the simple pleasure of tying
String to a drone bee - they don't have a stinger
He'd say with a glance.

I thought of him
While drinking coffee outside
And sitting silent.

The hum of the bees in the white hydrangea blooms
Become a symphony warming their instruments.

I thought of him

Under the ballast buzz of an old florescent tube
Chilling a dusty work bench with a soft flickering glow.
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