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Julia Shalom Jun 14
I like you for so many reasons,
but they can also be hard to place.
I love that you're a mystery,
one most have never solved.
I love that you write poetry,
that most will never see.
I love that you don't have a hobby,
Even though it drives me crazy.
Because while you don't have a favorite pastime,
You do have a favorite.
You have me.
I love that you chose me,
To lower down your walls.
I love that with me you're vulnerable,
when elsewhere you're closed off.
I love that your fingers are sweet and tender,
and your whispers are filled with care.
I love that no one else can see,
that you're a sensitive and loving teddy bear.

Beyond all these hidden things,
the open facts are clear.
I love that people love your smile,
Because it's more than dear.
It's the radiating of joy from your heart,
A window into your warmth.
It fills me with bubbly smiles,
whenever it comes forth.
I love that everyone can see,
how adorable it is.
I love that everyone can know,
that smile chose me as it's fit.

So the next time people ask me why it's you
I'll smile and ponder for a bit
Then say with absolute certainty
He's a mystery
And he's given me the key
Julia Shalom May 16
I want to see your smile
I don't think you can ever know
the feeling that you give
when those lips widen in happiness
and your eyes crinkle in glee

I want to see your smile
Bright and cute and sweet
It fills me with warmth and peace
to know that you aren't down

I want to see your smile
the smile that you've shared
I want to kiss that smile
and tell you that I care
I want to gaze into your soul
I want to show you love

I want to see your smile
and gaze into your eyes
and notice that you're gazing back
and suddenly realize
that you're smiling for someone special
You're smiling for someone loved
I want to see your smile
a smile meant for me
Julia Shalom May 15
I don't want to hear how your day's been going
I don't want to hear what cool things you did
Cause you left me here instead
You broke me open
and now I'm dead
I don't want to hear how your girlfriend's feeling
I don't want to know that you love her more. 
I was your best friend
But I guess nothing ever more 
And I hate that. 
Cause you left me all alone
you broke my heart and didn't even know
So I'm all alone
Crying on my own
And you'll be with your friends
she's probably there taking you to her bed
and I'm just here
where you left me in the dark
crying on a bench
So please don't tell me any more
How great you're life is now that you found her
Cause I can't help but wish
that you would notice me
Julia Shalom May 13
it's 3am
you're on my phone
so close
and yet so far
and so many times
when I heard your breathing
did I want to listen to your heart beating in your chest
and feel the rise and fall of your breath
I wanted to kiss those sleeping lips
and whisper pretty truths
and never have to leave you
till the morning dawned anew
Julia Shalom May 13
it's always so slow without you
and with you
time seems to speed up
I just want a day with you
without the fear
that one of us will have to imminently leave
those glimpses of heaven
we spend together
are stronger than gravity
are more precious than jewels and gold
and I'd not trade one of them
for anything else this world can offer
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