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i will not forget the time
you told me i was worth it
because now it may seem like a lie
back then, i really believed it
pain is a delicate and complicated feeling
I found myself
After many years
Trials and tribulations
Too many tears

Years went wasted
Feeling empty
Lost in despair
Nothing good could be

I lost it all
Nothing to do
In that barren moment
A light shined through
My life nearly gone
Yet I still stood
Was tragedy over
Leaving room for good

I’d been the victim
For far too long
Accepting the sentence
Of everything wrong
Yet in my darkness
The sun did rise
Realizing I’d lived
A series of lies

Carrying the mark
Of sins not mine
Knowing it was time
For the true me to shine
Destiny now in my hands
To shape and create
Shedding all judgment
Even if a bit late

I found myself
After many years
Now living fully
Nurturing my cares
I have never been in love,
but that didn't stop me believing
how magical it is!
#love #magical #poetry #neverbeeninlove
every day
in the mirror i see
what looks a little more
like me
one, you are the discipline of my mind
two, the reason i adore
three, you push me, sometimes too much
four, you show me my own reality
five, my dear introvert
six, not all of them leave
seven, take me with you up the mountain
eight, be braver than you want
nine, peace will come in the morning
or maybe in yourself
perfection is the key
to every door you
but what is the key
to the door inside
your mind?
is it perfection as well?
or something different
no one else can see
can understand
your key is your own
cherish it
one star
not sure where the others like you are
but you are one star worth gazing
you discover a galaxy
before the others
because you are closest
to what is real
and you pack for your journey
because you are going to visit
the universe
is that what your mind consists?
you are ready to discover
what it holds
and you'd prefer to do so in
isn't scary
isn't bad
just different
sometimes even good
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