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Aug 2020 · 134
Caeser At Lucifer's Mission
Gemini pen Aug 2020
Title: Caeser at Lucifer's Mission
Theme: The Aesthetic of Poets
A duet by : Prince Jayeola ( Golden Son)
                   :  Fuad Opeyemi (Gemini)

Solid heart like the mountain Everest
Circumflex to the Raven, Bring up the agon
in our midst, Like a dove,  we still remain
Challenge come about us
Still,  we overcome the hurdles like hills
               🙇Golden son 🙇

Kvell Cadres of scrivener,  
Harness styluses to tattoo on thin sheets
Poets,  goblet of endowment,
Pivoting throe to gladdened symphony
Soothing the ear of grief dwellers

Clear out barrel of hate,  
Come apart,  enmity show less on our ballad
We do not bow down to race
Rather,  we propel with grace,
With the sound of humour our poem emit
                🙇Golden son 🙇

The pen,  like a magicians's wand
Exploited by calibers of Versified bards
With a tip so sharp,  running in ink
Cynosure of Prying eyes,  like a drop -
Of dew on spinach, poet are Aesthetic

We are "they are who? ",  certainly!
Armed to the teeth with our pens
Thinking of ill- hearted hearts to heal
As we dance to the dead beat of our bleeding pen
No,  tell the man in the street to flow off our den
                🙇Golden son 🙇

Rhymester's way is Slim and Narrow,
Like a thoroughfare to Gehenna
For we dine with words, A minstrel
muser are hero,  resident of valhalla,
For we are the fighter,  that fight with pen

We stand in the racket of ranks
And fight to mind our p's and q's,
Hardly do we hit below the belt
To avoid disruption of poets that que
We stand tall and play the game
                  🙇Golden son 🙇

Poets are Aesthetic,  alluring
That travaux over the lava-like ways of poesy
We are all a product of our genre
Yet,  living in the facade of exultation
Delusional,  caeser at Lucifer's Mission

©Pen Of A True Gemini™
The bleeding Hearted Pen
©Prince Jayeola™
The Golden son

All rights reserved
This is a must read for all poets
Jul 2020 · 51
Eerie Tavern
Gemini pen Jul 2020
The Eerie Tavern

A cracked Porcelain,
Prone to be treated with delicacy
Though bound to rive facilely, but,
Can it hang on to its bite like a wild dog
Or give up,  like a broken legged Mantis

Green eyed partridge ,
Dances to the pitched Vocable of its nest
Cradled against its own Soft feather
Does it wait for an ill fated worm to crawl up
Or hunt the unyielding insect

The Eerie Tavern,
That makes hair stand at the back of neck
With its cold breeze smooching the iced glass
Will danger lurk in the darkest shadow of the inn
Or warmth,  Tranquil spread across its hinges

The limp and the blind,
Set out on a rickety and scarred thoroughfare
Had the blind has an eye on his glabella
And the limp has a leg that doesn't falter
Impairment might not cause a truce

Tortoise and the Porcupine,
One with shell as hard as Brick
The other with pine as detriment as poison
Had it been they both lack their cover shield
They'd have been stuffed in a coffin

©Pen Of A True Gemini™
The Bleeding Hearted Pen
Jun 2020 · 248
And Confident Ease
Gemini pen Jun 2020
And Confident Ease

A free verse poem

pen sways on back and forth
Soul wish to write in royal court

Ink glow in golden hue
The paper don't care if it is  blue

Poetry is not a game of slicing apple
It can be sonnet,  Limerick,  or Haiku

It is more than just rhyming
Not an amusement like miming

Pen it on,  for poetry is the world
Expressing what is more than word

©Pen of A True Gemini™
A poet by birth
Jun 2020 · 60
With Rested Gaze
Gemini pen Jun 2020
With Rested Gaze...

A Limerick poem (aabba,  9-9-7-7-9)

Peter stones ***** up his poking ear
To the pitter-patter he could hear
From the faded local beat
To the sandwich he can eat
Boss peter has got nothing to fear

Cat-son and mouse-well were once a friend
In the clubhouse,  they'd drink to no end
Till the cat grew cruel and cold
And mouse stay in his household
Thenceforth,  the crazy hunt never end

©Pen Of A True Gemini™
Jun 2020 · 57
She Came Late Last Night
Gemini pen Jun 2020
She came late Last night

A Romance poem

The strong wind blew
With its airy Hand,  
carries my hair to the cloud
Like a lone wolf,  sitting alone
I await her arrival

Even when the rain started
Drenching my sticky skin
Taped to the window with faraway look
Longing to see her sunlight smile
One that fights sadness and sorrow

Sat upon the window side
The wooden bench start to complain
Of my sitting all day,  
I've got all day to wait
For the key to my happiness

Watching the rain beget cat and dog
And the thunder clap
Eyes closing on its own accord
With my bed longing for friction
While the bench won the fight

She came late last night
That I am sure of
Deep in my subconscious
Am getting rid of the thought
With her not beside me in bed

©Pen Of A True Gemini™
A free verse poetry
Jun 2020 · 82
Sweet scent on the breeze
Gemini pen Jun 2020
Sweet Scent On The Breeze

An Haiku poem (Wind)

Propel the birds up
Flowers dance at a mere touch
Also tree's soulmate

Unseen,  yet so real
Comfort giver,  in the heat
All corners of world

It flows,  even roars
Lethal,  if it is a storm
Still, serve as relief

Friend of a sailor
The voyager's ship power
Gift of the nature

Sweet scent on the breeze
The wind carries aromas
Pleasing the schnozzle

©Pen Of A True Gemini™
A stoic writer
Jun 2020 · 94
Stretch across the face
Gemini pen Jun 2020
Stretch Across The Face

A free verse poem

A dirt on the porcelain platter
Stretch across the face
With the eye keen on it
While the mind won't stray

A lion piggy backing a deer
And The prey so happy
Had he know beforehand
The predator don't play

The eye lid flutter
Straining to kiss the nose
Ignoring the brain's warning
He can see but only hazily

Raven took a likening for the peacock
Admiring its flashy feather
Oh the raven seems to forget
That his black is also shiny

For man don't care
But the heart and soul do
If the heart loves not
The sky won't be blue

©Pen Of A True Gemini™
Jun 2020 · 43
Delicate Lace
Gemini pen Jun 2020
Delicate Lace

A  Blank verse

Fastening the strings of my broken pure heart
Like a book without its cover,  naked
Where I once found solace,  now home for pain
Damaged , like a bird stripped of it feather

Enjoy Torturing my flailing poor soul
Like a Sybarite,  a pleasure seeker
The wind clap, fire blaze, and the sun boil
Yet,  she seek not to heal the wounded soul

Tale as old as time,  pain as old as age
When your axe cut branches off my tall tree
Helplessly I sank,  in the sea of woe
With my boat capsized, delicate Lace torn

The shoes might worn out,  the cover may tear
But the strength of the shoe,  delicate lace

©Pen Of A True Gemini™
Art,  A stoic writer
Jun 2020 · 61
Playing Harmony
Gemini pen Jun 2020
Playing Harmony

A Sonnet (10 syllables,  abab, cdcd, efef, gg)

Lies that i speak every day hurt me much
My conscience take much of the deep blow
the arrows of faith pierce me in the church
Sacred light in my vein,  lies stop its flow

playing harmony is my days  facade
Never sleeping tight with fear in the eye
Like a burnt fish,  or a rotten salad
tug in chest, pang of pain, hit my bull's eye

Series of sorrow,  process down to thoughts
The intent to deceive,  grows into air
Thoughts are then scribbled on paper as words
Air which I breath, for now turn to my flair

For the world may seems so so crude and cruel
But lies we told,  serves as fire with fuel

©Pen Of A True Gemini™
Art and lit,  A stoic writer
Jun 2020 · 35
Open Strings
Gemini pen Jun 2020
Open strings

A Dirge Poem

The sky trembled,  opening its door
A fallen angel's ascension
While the soul flew through the void
Afterlife,  tottering and hurtling
deity of a man is gone

Fire is succeeded by ash
A man's life is continue by his pride
Dwelling and wallowing in despair
With his heart giving doxology to Death,  
That sat on his half closed eye lid

Though his mind felt obnoxious
What can it do against the mighty hand of death,
That snake its arm over the man's spine
How will man live for eternity
When the soul is promised death

The man is gone,  the flame is off
Death,  the savior from pain
Using its pestle to poke the ear
Dominating the weakened spirit
With promising tale of ecstasy  

©Pen Of A True Gemini™
Art and Lit.
Jun 2020 · 35
Refracting light
Gemini pen Jun 2020
Refracting Light

A dark poem

The light shimmers
Against the ruins I called house
Where creatures of the dark dines with me
Haunted by wailing voice And hope,
death could kiss me on the forehead

Skulls and bones lays
Pile upon piles,  forming my bed
The well of my tears long dried up
Howls causes me to tremble
Death,  why won't you come

Tied down with thorny ropes
With live fire coursing through my vein
Days upon days,  grief on grief
The moon hung loosely in the sky
Darkness envelope the terrain

My eyes felt sore looking,
Watching the drowning sun
Threatening to shoot out of its threshold
Azure sky turns to flake
And sprinkles the land with drought

©Pen Of A True Gemini™
Gemini Art,  a stoic writer
Jun 2020 · 34
Across the stage
Gemini pen Jun 2020
Across the Stage

A Free verse Romance poem

I look up to those prying eyes
The emerald orb glimmers
When I glance across the stage,
The fire in them  blaze blazingly

I could get lost in them
Sitting at the edges,  right over the table
With Sazerac in the hand,  
Lost in romance blooming around

The face cap pull across the face
With Folds of Note in the pocket
Under the shades of the oak tree,
Watching the ship at the harbor

At night,  sitting on the green grass
Glancing up at sitting moon
Bathing in the snowy snow,
Then running away from the freezing cold

Your lips,  I could kiss all day
With my arms drape over your neck
And our body mold together,
What a romantic romance

©Pen of A True Gemini™
A stoic writer
Gemini pen Jun 2020
Chandeliers Of Crystal Glass

A Limerick poem
(9-9-7-7-9,  AABBA)

Row fast,  to the faraway island
Full of riches,  there is the king's land
Never fully rest on oars
Or risk fight with the boars
If you want to reach the no man's land

The sky is full of glowing feathers
And the land, with bulgy form  panthers
Even my heart is thorny
Crumpled on countless journey
So cold,  and shiver from the weather

Wind flows into the open tunnel
Hitting the rooftop and says farewell
Chandeliers of crystal glass
Falls down, injuring the mass
Then break plates of uneaten  sorrel

©Pen of A True Gemini™
A stoic writer
Inspired from Jenna Tapia's work
Jun 2020 · 50
Gemini pen Jun 2020
Theme: Sunlight
Genre: Haiku poem(5-7-5)
Writer: Gemini Kvng

Messiah for green life
Portray the hand of Nature
For bios, a savior

Fed the crop to full
Nurse drought-ravaged land to life
With its ray of  balm

Husband to the moon
Ever shining ball of flame
Food to roaring eyes

Soothes the crying root
Nature's gift to sapiens as,
Aide to wetted home

Sun, dryer of fur
Vitamin to the deprived
Fighter of darkness

The stars do kowtow
An unparalleled beauty
A define deity

©Pen of A True Gemini™
STRIDA's June poetry contest
Gemini pen Jun 2020
Fathers Day
(Dedicated to and all other people whose father are no more, you are Loved! 💖)

To my deceased father,
Whose light is blown off
A melted candle, that glows  
Fighting darkness with its light
I miss you father!!

Series of heartfelt messages
Mine is but a condolences,
Friends gaze upon their father eyes
But I look at the faded ink,  
Inscribed on your headstone

Oh those days,  when you'd cradled me
On the sharp edges of your toned back
It is quite lurid, you are no more
Dried up tears burn,  running down my Nostrils
I'd lose treasures,  to have you  back father!!!

You are my life,  my breath
Now I wallow in grief,  for you are no more
I walked in darkness,  no light to light my ways
Whispers from the void, How I wish,
I could follow you, but I was told,  to move on

Who will sing me to sleep?
Who will gave me presents surprise?
Right me if am wrong,
No one to fill the hole,  
You open up in my heart,  I missed you Father!!

©Pen of a True Gemini™
This poem is dedicated to those who lost their father to the cold hand of death,  May their soul rest in perfect peace ❤
Jun 2020 · 46
Fathers Day
Gemini pen Jun 2020
Father's Day

In Spanish

Hola father,  thou are the driver
That driveth thy children to earth,  Gracias!
Lo siento,  if as a young child,
We ever cause you pains
Dònde?,  while sitting on your lap

Though,  No me acuerdo,  
When  thou Bésame mucho,   but
I could see, The emotion dancing,
Nakedly in your eyes
Te quiero!!

When you ask me "Còmo estàs"
"Estoy bien,  Gracias!" Is what I reply
When strangers ask me
"Còmo te illamas",  happiness filled me
Adding your name to mine

You taught me my first words
And then,  I will shout "Estoy perdido"
"Por favor,  habla màs despacio"
You swing my cradle to and fro
Mucho gusto,  father!

Could remember vividly,  a morning
After my " Buenos dì­as" greeting
When you show me my La bicicleta
I just want to say
Father,  Te quiero!!

©Pen of a true Gemini™
Jun 2020 · 45
Gemini pen Jun 2020
Retrieve it,  write on,  "For pen is mightier than the sword "........

A Limerick poem

Man sitting full,  on a thorny throne
Waves of pains,  hitting harder than stone
Hatred like blast of meteors
Eats,  then put you in contour
Like an hungry dog,  feasting on bone

Quitting hurts like a ****** princess
With confusion,  present in excess
As your hand stop gripping pen
Shivering, like  rain bitten hen
The tip of your pen,  far from success

Riding gracefully in foggy ford
Crossing carefully,  trailing the chord
Decent bards,  moving you on
Poesy for you,  pen it on
"For pen is so mightier than the sword"

©Pen of a True Gemini™
Syllabic pattern: 9-9-7-7-9
Jun 2020 · 46
Corona virus
Gemini pen Jun 2020
Theme: Commentaries
Sub theme: Corona Virus

Oh,  virus
Terror that terrorizes the land
Ye who plagued us
******* our bone dry out of its marrow

sliding into our greasy walls
like an ant working
to build its Anthill
We thrive so hard
Yet,  you disrupt our defense
Leaving us lifeless

Cities turn graveyard
Dead ones left-
Without fitting confinement
Lumps in the throat
Now cause for afear

What more could be done
Than to strengthen our hold
On medics, also faces,
To be be covered with masks
And hands,  frequently gloved

Running from crowds
Engaging social distance
Ye virus!
Doom is decreed on you
We surely will flourish over thou

Penned by Gemini Art
A stoic writer
Jun 2020 · 38
Mothers Day
Gemini pen Jun 2020
Mothers day

Ciao,  mother
Thou gave me a hope to live on
A woman like no other
How could I forgot those days
When you'd nag at me
For my mischievousness
Without missing the glint of emotion
In your emerald like eyes

Like a mother hen,
Covering her chicks with warmth
I laid under the shield of your embrace
Against the hovering stance of the eagle
Escaping its claw,  
Oh,  am safe from all danger
So growing old,
Under the peering watch of yours

Irises of your caring light
Having trust in your might
Never go to bed hungry at night
I pray,  not a problem to your sight
Mother,  you deter me from entering into a fight
So wait,  enjoy the sheer reward of my birth
Nurturing me,  though time is tight

In  folded sleeve,  or your breast pocket
You store me,  locked in a locket
Besides your heart, or your eye socket
Oh,  lucky me,  having you as a parent
Mother, live on happy
So happy
Happy mothers day

Penned by Gemini Kvng
Jun 2020 · 52
Haunted Sonnet
Gemini pen Jun 2020
Haunted Sonnet
A Blank verse (10 syllables in 14 line)

Seen A tortoise that run on its shell pad
Or a tomato with a black,  green stripe,
A snake that walk with legs,  impossible?
That is how me,  loving you again is

You failed to see that which I see,  always
Looking for fault not mine,  faulted by me
Mischief dance in hollow pit of your eye
Full of cheat, with me to suffer the grief

Like a clock hand,  you roll anti clockwise
Thanks to me looking,  my head felt dizzy
My dim eyes roll to the back of my skull
Left with punctured heart, and a pen in hand

Take your love back,  your ring are so rusty
Drop in lava,  then burn to broken bone

©Pen Of A True Gemini™
Jun 2020 · 37
Gemini pen Jun 2020
Sauntering, though feet aches
Mindful of the covered paces
Striding with grace, loathing savages

Men of yore, so deep they foster  
Their retina, like a whirlpool of Emotion
Hero of the past,  in the subconscious of all

His covert,  deep in secured phase
Impatient to get overt
The world  thought he is not palpable

Crouching like a hunting tiger
With sight, so open for furtherance
Ready to jump, prone to goals

Hovering like an Eagle
With mind open to ideas
That is me,  a true Gemini ♊♊
Jun 2020 · 59
Gemini pen Jun 2020

I was a never a wordsmith  
What am I?
A lover,  sought to be loved
As each moon slide over the sun
Heart seems darkened
Am I incapable of love?

Series of unreciprocated Affections
with overwhelming mental anguish
Pain over pains
Hidden beneath the surface
Disappointed,  oh no!

Touch of emotions
Brings out the better version of me
A pen roller,  inking down my heart
Extolling the closest

I never wanted to be a poet
But the art erases grief
In the end,  am drawn to the world of poetry

Am proud,  never quitting
Are you???

Penned by Gemini Kvng
Jun 2020 · 43
Gemini pen Jun 2020
A duet
Theme: Poverty

Hunger visited our home
Refusing to depart,
Bold death rushed in
Making no man compromise..

Indigence, harbinger of shame
You thrown us into famish,  making our stomach coil in pain
With torn mat, rolled over the slickly Room we call ours
And make our roof not hammered with nail,  but tied over our head with dried rope
Children,  cried with no hope of satiation


Pauperism we are!
Hopeless and discouraged by the heat of PROVERTY!
We yelled that our throat can't take the ease!


voice sounded bleary, lips quiver
dried from unnecessary fasting
arrows of poverty fired deep into the skin
plagued the household,
and keeps us on our heels


Struggle with hurdle of pains!
Will all not vain?
Will the proudly future won't be OUTDATED?
The future of new generation is at edge!


three square meals?
abomination in our home
craving to get our thirst quenched
and the bowel full to the core
We'd suffer the rest of the days,  subjected to hunger


Let the tears rushed down to the ground!
Forming the sign of ENDURANCE!
Escorted with PERSEVERANCE!
Arson the home of FEAR!


Poor Man,  devoid of ego
A beggar,  not a chooser
Eating only grasses and insects
With clothes,  faded and shoes worn out
Springs of the bed Rusted, poverty


Stand Against POVERTY!
Chase the AGONY !
Moving ahead with COURAGE!
The END will be candy

Penned by: Mujheedah and Fuhad (Gemini)
Jun 2020 · 41
Gemini pen Jun 2020
It goes all the way up
Like a pine tree,  touching the sky
Trembling at the weight of the confusion
Hard like rock, I can't say
Over burdened,  unable to live

"Hell hath no fury,
Than a woman's scorn"
Entrapped in the labyrinth of dysphoria
Hurt,  broken,  then healed
Almost instant,  broken again

I Looked up to the azured-sky
My blacksmith continues,
To hammer,  same spot
But mine sees no sign
Depression strangled me

My carrot throat burns
Like a lava,  burn from pains
Eyes felt pitiful, my voice crack
Leaving a void so big
And failed to get stitched

I seek  the light,  forever in my grasp
But my finger so thin,  it slipped
Thanks to "jhee Dah",
For she encased my soul
Never letting go,  till I found myself

Pen of a true Gemini
Dedicated to "SBF"
Jun 2020 · 46
Gemini pen Jun 2020
When I was a child 👶 👶 👶

When I was, but a child
I'd play outdoor in the wild
Watching the stars run,  while,
Matching on the grassy soil slide
And got beaten up,  for messing the tile

When I'd pull grandpa's cheeks
Playing hide and seeks,
Hanging over the door hinges
Or went out bullying kids
Then,  I would be grounded for weeks

When mom would beg me to stay,
And eat my breakfast,  just for the day
But my young self is bound to play
Broke a bone,  what a way,
To keep a child like me at bay

When father forces me to eat calory
Igniting the fire of sweetened memory
Leaving my pen with non ending story
Overflowing tranquility,
And peace reign in our colony

Aged from old age
No longer stuck in that same page,
Or tied to the family's cage
slayers that uses mace
Experience turns him to sage

Pen of a true Gemini
Jun 2020 · 34
Gemini pen Jun 2020
Don't try to!!!

Flickering flame stood stout
Dancing wildly  in the darkness
Like a star that glows up in the sky
My heart sings out its sorrow
Judging whether this is real

Real as a flying dragon?
Or built up on lies like a walking stone
Wild jaguar I am,  Refusing to be tamed with words
Only when am shown the shell,  will I believe the yolk is no more

Different stroke,  for different folk
With a bounty on my hairy head
I am not to be won,  like a trophy
Like a raging fire,  fighting for its prey
I fought, for my liberty

How do I blush, Like an overripe tomato?
When the eyes are as cold as ice
And the mouth as hot as lava
How do I sit or squat?,  when I -
Swallowed the mortar and the pestle

Embracing the reality
Am a soulless, three headed crayfish
Is it a reality,  that I doubt
But already instil in me,  never erasing
Like words engraved on tombstone

©Pen of a true Gemini ™
Jun 2020 · 154
Gemini pen Jun 2020

So says the tree birds
Fly, fly,  and glide through the wind
Right errs,  kith and kin

Talk through the hat?,  No
I beat everyone hollow,  
With pearls of wisdom

Sour face filled sorrow
My nerve reeks with self disgust
Rolled over mats of pain

Rusty,  dipped in oil
Path lead to non savored quest
Unreal,  yet lethal

Duel not with me,  poet
My pen's tip never like yours
Mine do bled crimson

Hurt me,  love me more
Cease wallowing in pity
Break me till am dead

In bony fashion
"My version of tomorrow"
Live through thick and thin

©Pen of a true Gemini ™
Jun 2020 · 36
Gemini pen Jun 2020
When Life  gives you lemon, you make lemonade

A Duet By:
Thee Thermodrasly Khensil (south African)
Fuad Opeyemi (Nigerian)

When the worms cries out
And our stomach churn painfully
Life gave us more,  
All we do is move on,
wasted and rotten away,   are Africans
👈 Opeyemi 👉

We came from starvation
We have pride of working
That is why we were made slaves
Because when life its tough we handle it
👈 Thermodrasly 👉

we drip of sweats, Covered in mud
Surrounded by terrifying oceans
But we dig not further,  
We could have found more
Indeed,  life gave us lemon
👈 Opeyemi 👉

Our Ego wavers,  reeking of fear
Like stagnant water,  we sat
African,  we move not forward
Gold buried deep under
But lay down,  uncovered
👈 Opeyemi 👉

Someway some point life can be hard
Life its like a wheel that  rotates
Life needs wisdom
Life needs maturity
And that is what we lack,  Maturity
👈 Thermodrasly 👉

Sheltered under the shade of tranquil
Life throws fishes on our scrawny little hooks
Filling up the potbelly of ours,  Nature gives us more
Greed kicks in,  our mouse attempts to rob more of house owner's
Life then plunge us into hell, thrashed in the pit of dysphoria
👈 Opeyemi 👉

©Pen of a true Gemini ™
©Thee Thermodrasly ™
Jun 2020 · 35
Gemini pen Jun 2020
Theme : Darkest Pen
Genre: Dark poem

Hand itches to rip out my heart
Maybe,  I could tame my troubled soul
Couldn't bring my self to rest
My pen runs on my dark blood
And the cart rode on my bony wheels

Hurricane of depression -
Threatens to eat me whole
I fall onto its gnaws,
Biting off chunks on my dried bones
Leaving my hairy head hairless

I became a brother with sorrow
Eating on the same plate with grief
Covered with claws of pain
I cried out loud
"Take me to the land of the dead"

Anguish subdue my loving soul
Locking it in the freezer of agony
Dragged down to hell,
Washed away by flowing river of-
Regrets and throe

©Pen of a true Gemini ™
Jun 2020 · 42
My Version
Gemini pen Jun 2020
A Duet by:
Hassan B. Hassan(Mr Sophy)
Opeyemi Fuad (Gemini)

Theme: "My Version Of Tomorrow"

The lion may roam in the jungle
The bird may fly alone in the sky
While I will be great
Carrying up the flag of my country
To a massive a stage
Which they never imagine
My version!!
👈Mr sophy👉

Oblivious of any danger
Never scurrying in daylight
With our head up high
And the shoulders not deflating
My version!!!

Many may block my way to get there
While many may suffer me before I attain if
But no matter what you plant in the placenta
It will finally grow and liege the dark Pen
That's me!!
👈Mr sophy👉

Three square meal is secured
Having more to our fill
Our deer no longer afraid of hunter's headlight
Skin radiates of glory,  eyes shining bright
My version of tomorrow!

My version will be a prodigious one
Flying around the world
Am born to make my country great
That's my version
👈Mr sophy👉

Youth sat behind high desk
Controlling the destiny of nation
The country at its best
And the fate of the economy restored
My version!!!

My version is to be a ladder
And evident thy bad practice
practice  by bad people
Sooner or later I will get thy bus going
👈Mr sophy👉

Our cups filled up to the brim
Collar of our cloth,  non stained
Techs at its peak,  
Making up for our year of loss

My version is my country
And my country is my version
And I will definitely change thy races
To a better one
I promise!
👈Mr sophy👉

©Pen of a true Gemini ™
©Mr Sophy ™
Jun 2020 · 3.6k
A Duet
Gemini pen Jun 2020
A Duet by:
Hassan B. Hassan(Mr Sophy)
Opeyemi Fuad (Gemini)

An unsung warrior I am
One that serve his homeland
Now left to wallow in shame
Betrayed,  with no treacle -
To my broken esteem
What an injustice!!

We doff our hat to them
Rubbing and cleaning it with their hands
We attain them the power
But they all create new edition
No to injustice!!!
👈Mr sophy👉

Preserve the nation's flag
Yet,  thrown into cell
Never to see the sun rise
merry-ing with Legless rats
An unproved innocence
Government's injustice

The baby cry out when put to bed
The dog cry out when given birth to
But we all cry out when the molecule changed
But no reaction took place
Let Justice reign!
👈Mr sophy👉

I thumbed down,  on the papers
Still,  my worth doesn't count
I served the government
With my heart and soul on the platter
Staked to uphold their stand
But wronged,  injustice!!

We put down our lives to save theirs
Yet they flow us with their power
Oh!what an injustice
fox government  with fox Power
Justice reign!!!
👈Mr sophy👉

Thou did nothing
Than bruise our humanity
And rub it on our fresh wound,
With pepper of your injustice
Oh,  an insolence!!
Despite our sacred deeds

Indigent we are today
richer we are tomorrow
They are to keep the flag flying
Yet they make the flag vapid
No to injustice!
No to fox government
Justice we want!!
👈Mr sophy👉

©Pen of a true Gemini ™
©Mr Sophy ™
Jun 2020 · 38
Gemini pen Jun 2020

When the wind still roar
And the sun eat the skin
With the fire licking their wounds
I will be left standing

My partridge climbs,  sitting on ridges
With the moon hung over its crest
The winds drag the whisper of my name,
Closed to the entrance of the ear
For I will be sovereign

The birds clap their wings
Singing,  melodious tune with beats
We are but left to enjoy
But the waves of wreckage,
Strike their ill luck ship,
"What they deserve"
Jun 2020 · 66
I Drop My Pen
Gemini pen Jun 2020
I wanna drop my Pen 😭😭😭

Since it cease to be -
The cynosure of prying eyes
I drop my pen 😢

It touch not the wailing heart
Nor put smile on gloomy face
I stop its flow 😢

My pen's tip sprout spite
None want to be in its  company
poets,  I smash my wills 😰

My ink were like acid
Tear open closed wounds
I rest my pen😥

I fought so hard,  to flow my words
Hoping it reaches the broken
It ends now,  I drop my pen 😰😥

My cloud of shame is pregnant
My being a poet,
Goes down the sloppy terrain 😢

I pour my ink away
Sealing my pen for eon
Never to soothe hurting soul 😭

Forgive me,  for stopping mid track
I am broken,  I drop my pen
Poetry deserve not Me!! 😢😭

©Pen of a true Gemini ™
Jun 2020 · 30
Love And Death
Gemini pen Jun 2020

if love was death,
I'd spread my arms wide
Waiting for her fire
To eat  me whole,
Forever lost to its pains

If love was death,  
I'd nestled In her pouch
Seeking warmth,
And wait for her fingers
To graze my skin

If love was death,
I will be adorned with her cloak
Escaping the shadow of light
Lost to her island,
Then wander to the beyond

If love was death,
I'd be a matches
Strike on the matchbox
To Burn briskly
Then  burn down like log of woods

If love was death,
I'd embrace her
Basking In her cold hands
Playing on the horizon
Before fate decide the afterlife

©Pen of a True Gemini™
Gemini Art 🎭 🎭 🎭
Jun 2020 · 32
Gemini pen Jun 2020
Theme: ****
Sub Theme: "Stop!!,  No!!,  drowned in my agony"

My voice crackled,  cutting across-
the thickness of the night,
Legs dangled,  spread wide
To contain the Evil
Plunged into Me!!

How wrong of them,
The masked men!
My tongue roll over the lung
With tears  blocking my sight
Left to wallow In shame

I wished death
To take me to its abode
Instead of witnessing,  
This monstrous activity
With the horror right before my eye

Their filmy excuse
Of my short dress,  scoff
"You ****** us"
"Give us our share",  their vain rod
Cutting through my *****

Death is better than shame
If I could put an end to my misery
If I could draw back the time
I'd commit suicide
Way before this violation

©Pen of a True Gemini™
Dedicated to all the  victim
Jun 2020 · 42
A Dirge
Gemini pen Jun 2020
Darkly dirge

The fizzing sound, laced with agony
Cutting through the eerie night
Deafening shout of "Òró",  
Cried out by the "Kòwe" bird
Filtered through the pinna
The great "Iròko" has fallen!!

Oh, men of charisma
Slayed,  and laid like burnt carcase
Left with soul wandering
Through the open void,  no rest
Men that fought gallantly,  like burnt log
They fell,  never to regain vitality

What is a dragon,  with no fire?
A snake without venom?
And a land,  with no king!!
Conspiracy turns foes to friend
To vanquish the origin of all
A man with no homeland!!!

Death chiseled our bent angles
Fall our heroes,
With their skull shaped,  
By the blunt end of the traitor's blade
And the heart of the young ones,
Struck upon with the pike of ignorance!

What a shame!
Foul mouth protruded from the belly
The hat covered the fleeting eye
After we had to our fill
The fire  of forgetfulness,  beaten the brain
Ancestry is lost!!!!

©Pen of a True Gemini™

"Òró" --- A shout of grief
"Kòwe" ---- A specie of bird,  said by "Yorubas" to announce death
"Iròko" --- A big tall tree, denoting greatness

★ Do forgive me if my words seem out of line,  I am but a child,  but your criticism and correction will be recognize.

A dark, and a dirge Poem
Jun 2020 · 308
Marry me, "i am a poet"
Gemini pen Jun 2020
Marry me,  I am a Poet!!

Brewed in the cauldron of stoicism
We pen,  with a glowing ink
Write to Extol, no mind of racism
A devoir,  even on death's brink

Marry me, for my pen runs with strength
For peace to reign,  my pen write
in danger, my pen's tip won't bent
And together,  the future is bright

Love me,  and you will be my ink
I'd run you down,  penning with accord
Marry me,  my heart won't blink
On the podium, over the globe,  we'd win award

Come bask in the warmth of my poem
And I will put you in my lines
My heart,  as soft and white as creme
Marry me,  and be mine

My pen,  not as shallow as a grave
The soul glow,  the pen bow to me
Though your heart fluctuate like wave
I am a poet,  so marry Me!!

©Pen of a true Gemini ™
Rhyming pattern: ABAB
Jun 2020 · 849
Laughter for breakfast
Gemini pen Jun 2020
Theme: "Laughter for  Breakfast"
A Duet by:
Bard Oluwateniola Adeniyi (Faderera)  
Fuad Opeyemi (Gemini)  

A free Verse Poetry

Quite a yore,  when the snail crawl in the open
The birds fly,  oblivious of the stone
The heart so calm,
Not threatening to break out of the rib cage
Yore,  when we have peace as the housewife
And laughter for breakfast

Days are gone, when we arise at the hissing of the vulture,
When we patiently wait for the owl to hunt silently at night,
Or joyfully await the folktales of the aged,
And enjoy the moment of moonlight chit chatting while playing 'ayo'

The thunder might clash
Storm may roar,  
But the breeze of tranquil,
Still find its way to soothe the raging heart
Indeed,  laughter for breakfast

When we assemble at the manor to celebrate our unity,
Wine and dine without fear of being poisoned,
When we dangle our waist to the rhythmic beats and get autem,
Or twerk our butts to the sound of the music and not get *****

Days,  when the crop rose,
To kiss  the morning light
Plants welcome the dew with joy
Felicity is brought to us on a platter
And the heaven smile its grace down

Gone is the time, when we fall to our knees or one's face to greet,
When we have eros love to opposite gender not same gender..
When we honour the church and respect it's doctrine,
When giving wasn't a problem and kindness wasn't scarce

Time so long,  when smiles glint through the eye
Danger not friends with darkness
The chain of slavery,
Not tied to our neck,  living fully
In a house not haunted

Long gone are the days, when the richest man is one with a shilling,
and a pence could earn quality education and utilities,
When feeding wasn't a life taking occupation
Or shelter a life threatening need

Now,  lost to the feeling of nostalgia
Giving knife to demon of today
On knees,  begging to be euthanized
Oh,  long gone are this days
When we had Laughter for breakfast

Now,a shilling amount to nothing; even a pence is worthless,
The leaders now dish out war and serve themselves peace,
Corruption is now added to the list on our menu,
Our food isn't complete without massacre,
Favour is now amounted to cruelty or being diabolical...
Alas! gone are the days when laughter was for breakfast

©Oluwateniola Adeniyi™
©Pen of A true Gemini™

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— The End —