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Ogunsanya victor Jul 2020
Riding through the  dessert roads
Cactus feeding and feasting on cracked lands
I see the road leading to abyss flaunting ahead with it's clusterd disastrous end
All hopes out with no where to go
Vast Sahara land with awful gaze all around me
Ogunsanya victor Jun 2020
I rise on a summer morn
Viewing feeling the addae drizzling through my face
Making me to emerge from my mundane

As I take a walk through the terrace
Enjoying the warmth of the sunshine on my skin
I felt the joy within the birds chirping
Playing like a baby with no misgiving

I felt the cool breeze on the trees making them to dance profusely like a bacchanal
Enjoying themselves although the day

At this point I felt anguished because I can't be like them
The feeling of uneasiness of mind
All thought running through my head like a vechile   on the highway.
I've got a lot of things to worry about.
Ogunsanya victor Jun 2020
Darkness in good you find
The uttermost faith u plead
Where u need the strength to serve and lead
Where go into everything you got when in need
I plead to sail and find innerpeace off the grid
Ogunsanya victor Jun 2020
Very ruthless to speak
Unknown to everyone
Thinking you've got the bad to say
Not knowing there's something  good to say
Giving peace to some and danger to others

— The End —