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Affaq Nabi Jun 2020
Zabarerwan tulip garden lies, upon the shore of Dal lake--
A miracle of bluish waters, sounds more bright over tops of mount Solomon--

With one glimpse, pulse beats in rhythm of ecstasy--
And departed, emotions again shake,
Crown of Kashmir is, the Dal lake--

In the moony nights lt sounds like as a newly wedded damsel--
You are flame and I'm a candle,
warming together, Ah, my angel--

In spring of youth, she was my selection,
So lovely was, the shine on her hairline--

I forget my loneliness, it was an
While mystic breeze, hails forth, murmuring in music--

At breath of morning, Ah, then I would tread  to the lonely lake restfuly--
To give my darling dreams a new shape,
In the mystic landscape--

Though, Affaq a long ago, from her touching scene escape--
When wood hawks grid a pitfall on her shore--
By league of amity forsure, her dignity will restore--

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  Jun 2020 Affaq Nabi
The moon was abnormally large that night and
Seemingly keen to hear their heart to heart as
They sat together in what now is a forgotten bar.
His grey shirt stained with her red tears fated, He was going and she must love him from afar.
Affaq Nabi Jun 2020
Let Marie, squeeze sweet Suman and pour vin into goblet;
I shall play the mandolin, in crimson evening,
My mate, and you'll sing in hoary-willow a sonnet,
Imagine this evening' ll not return so pretty pleasing,
The shirtless beauty of Karakoram have smitten,
Ahh, mine drowsy eyes, and poetic *****,
There is  lovely poetry that is yet to written,
These rocky hills and ridges reveal lore of sofism,

How sweet shining, upon the dimple of karakorin !
This alpine marvel, kindled a light of love in me,
In my verse, I paint, what I saw a pleasent decorum,
Walk beyond me, over cliffs and reefs,
Marie, my mate!
How sweet, I wander from dunes to plains,
I taste the rainy seasons I found the remains,
Of princes kata rani, her coins spikes, and kute kol.
I found lofty villa's that were once safe and warm,

Some lay in ruins, some held by the storm,
The white dove's hum and play in the ring,
Let's swing, awhile in the joyful spring,
Rosa and suman, will make our bedding,
Underside of meadow-bright  dom.
Nymph's of azure heaven will sing, a nupcial song,
O! winds in the willows: walikum-salaam...

Rights reserved
Affaq Nabi
Affaq Nabi May 2020
An evening in Gulmarg
The dale of flowers in heart of rising himalaya:
Where sun rise's beyond far green cidar trees,
To please the azure lux skies---

And birds of the bush, sings and laughs, nigh,
And eternally, mirth lulls into eyes the mirth,
Oh! be ever, for me--ahh, sweet earth---
Where, Gulah can be seen, in the echoing green,
Wooing with the flowers day and night,
The snow-whistle, and summer shallow, side by side with suman and sumbal keenly looks on,
To welcome into valley-the spring---

And fairest fountains leap up jolly jolly,
And that- Bard sitting under an oak, plays his harp, among the native folk,
"Oh! my dear melancholy"---

Overjoyed, wood winds play the music,
And maple leafs dance in their rhythm,
Heart sinks down for awhile in an ecstasy
It resounds like, as a festival of holy---
And lucy! swings-un fearing
on the green grass,
There is naught a dilemma of upper or lower class,
Still sound of joy, the nature sings round the clock---

O! liberty! come on hurly,heart is unquiet,
A rainbow dwell's beside it,
Yet, bonnie beauty is in it's reflection,
Garden of eden! gracias for your kind affection-

Rights reserved
@Affaq Nabi
Affaq Nabi May 2020
Breathing! within the pins and bites-
I'm the suman sweet-
Yeilding perfume!
From the thousand miles
My flavor invites-
Every gypsy and rome'o:
To give their love's a momentary room-
In sweet summer showers
My ground grows more lovely,
Timely rains are food to me
Likewise peace to you,
I hold these honey breaths only for you,
Now adore me: I'may be with you alone,
Oh! what an ****** ground I've found,
Every time as you come to take my kiss,
You'may not found this, merry on ground,
As seldom I am sick,
Suman! ever doesn't on thorns swing.
By: Affaq Nabi
Affaq Nabi May 2020
How much alone---
I feel  after he depart today,
How much alone---
How eye open from the caps,
As he come nearer to me,
Like as someone awake
From a sound asleep,
I 've seen in these eyes,
The smelling scents,
How much alone---
Here and now,
Afar from the world,
I am sitting, a coqutish lovely,
How much alone---
Without love this self,
Is like as a palace,
Hush hush, living alone,
It's windows feel a scream,
For ray of light,
How much alone I feel,
My soul it did smite.....
Affaq Nabi May 2020
Somewhere far! when day may past-
And these eyes: paar; in waters's melody may lost-

Someone! may walk into backyard of my sights-
And may!
encender the candle of delights-

Then out of those past sandhills-Some voices would raze-
Some of grief! Some of glee!

And some'll shuffle me to smile-
Some may make me to weep-

Then someone! a moon like fe fe-
May take me in her eyes-
And lull me to slumber-

Within the melody of aire-
Along moves and cheers of umber-

Somewhere far! When day may past-
And these soft-spoken gentle eyes...
---Affaq Nabi
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