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Polaris Sep 2020

Are those dosed

Above their medical need đŸ˜‚
Polaris Sep 2020
The master
Will insist on a muzzle
When he begins to fear
The power of the beast

Just a thought . . . .
Polaris Aug 2020
You are the only kind of beautiful

To love me without limits

Polaris Aug 2020
You stopped a world spinning

Loving you was easy

Finding you was the hard part

Polaris Aug 2020
I have this one thought
Of a time and place
Where I take you
In my arms
And hold you closer
Than a thought

No words to be exchanged
Or glances to be shared

To finally know the feeling
Of us
Being home

Polaris Aug 2020
You gave me the gift
Of remembering
That it’s ok
To not have to pretend anymore
That’s it’s ok
Just to be myself

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