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Polaris Aug 2020
I did not tell you sooner
I did not hold you closer
I did not kiss you harder
I did not love you more

Polaris Aug 2020
How do you capture the words
To tally the sum of a girl

That loves you with all of her soul
A heart surrendered
Not stolen

In dreamscapes wrought with shattered light

Polaris Jul 2020
Break my heart

    Tear it to pieces

       Just so I can understand

          What it is to be touched by you

Polaris Jul 2020
I know exactly what’s on your mind

    It’s written all over your smile

        And I like it     x

Polaris Jul 2020
And there we were
Arms around the other
Dancing in the pouring rain
An entangled soaking wet ball of string
All messed up
And loving it

Polaris Jul 2020
To the bone

      To the end

As a queen

      As a friend

Never lost

      Never through

Ever yours

      Ever true

In the morning

      In the rain

Take my life

      Take my sane

Be my love

      Be the now

Feed my hunger

     Fill the void

Polaris Jul 2020
Then you smiled

And world was lost in a vista of pale light

That carried away a lifetime of solace

Setting fire to my soul

Knowing every penned sonnet

Was written about her

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