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In the depths of fear
Courage is

Strength is found
In the eye
Of the
The Wonderess Jul 2020
You are as rare
And as wonderful
As only You can be...

A gift from Gaia to
The world,
Tell me that you see!
The Wonderess Jul 2020
I shall no longer be
Diminished and disturbed
For The Devine is not blind,
What’s unsaid is indeed heard.

Perhaps justice will not
Be soon served,
But the day will come
When they get what they
The Wonderess Jul 2020
Like my past I have
Buried her,
She is decomposing
She is Dead,

I will no longer carry
Her corpse with me,
But renew my soul
By moving on ahead!
The Wonderess Jul 2020
We were soaring,
But the rain
Was pouring

Foolishly flying,
Whilst the sky
Was crying

Deaf to the thunder,
As she cursed
Our every blunder

We refused to heed,
though the
Lightening did plead

And past the shroud,
Of ominous
Black clouds

Impulsively persisted,
Despite how the
universe resisted

Both arrogant and reckless,
Mimicking the
Dear Icarus

A painful lesson,
Was to follow
Our transgression

We were caught in
A tumult and it was
Our own fault

But you left me there, Alone
To fight the storm
On my own...

Plummeting into the sea
My melted wings could
Not carry me

My heart drowned in
The cold, cold ocean
I paid the price of my
Blind love and
The Wonderess Jul 2020
She’ll make a masterpiece
Of paper-mâché
From the pieces of her
That he tore away...
The Wonderess Jul 2020
It is not my fault
That you sunk your teeth
So deep into the softest
Parts of me

It is not my fault that
I chose to stick around
For you to run me into
The ground

It is not my fault that
My barriers were low
And that I struggled
To establish my: No!

It’s not my fault that
You manipulated my mind
Into believing that everything
Was normal and fine

It is not my fault that
I refused to see
How you violated and
Took advantage of me...
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