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Carla Apr 2020
Loving one another is not an easy way to go, sometimes its hard to love because loving hurts us so. But He takes all the pain of suffering and all the tears we've cried, and creates a masterpiece for us to carry deep inside. God makes the shattered pieces of our broken hearts into, the stained glass windows in our soul that lets His light shine through.
Let your light shine!
Carla Apr 2020
I need to be washing the windows, there are dishes in the kitchen piled high. I should be doing some laundry, sorting the ***** and folding the dry.  But instead I am writing poetry, then I think "Oh ****", I need to clean out my closet and realize that I already am.
Home truly is where the heart is! But seriously i do neglect my housework when inspired to write lol
Carla Apr 2020
This burden is too great, I find betrayal such a heavy load. Tis not enough to say that I can pray it away, when the devil lives just down the road.
Out of sight does sometimes mean out of mind.
Carla Apr 2020
Be still, in a languid pause, to labor a quiet sigh. To gather peace of heart, as chaos passes by.  Be calm, in tranquil wait, allow faith a turn to guide. For in just a moment shall we be, safe on the other side.
Either way..its gonna be okay.
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