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Oct 2022 · 115
Autumn lives forever
Cesar Botetano Oct 2022
Autumn lives forever
in the old childhood memories
that crackle like dry leaves
on a campfire in the middle of nowhere

All the loves, joys and sorrows  
were engraved on our skin  
like the furrows opened under a splendid sun

How much love fits in a lonely tear ?
how much love fits in an infinite rose ?
Tell me if that is not enough to touch your heart
Cesar Botetano Sep 2022
Time dissolves like a cigarette in the middle of the night
a bird sings a sad melody somewhere in the forest
the friends who left never came back
the first autumn rains arrived
Sep 2022 · 73
Seven years old
Cesar Botetano Sep 2022
Thunders rumbles among a heavy rain
Under a leafy tree
Me and my 7 years looked astonished the sky
Sep 2022 · 267
The blue mountain
Cesar Botetano Sep 2022
summer has entered my window for the first time
children run and laugh in the garden
the mist surrounding the blue mountain is clear
a warm sun is gradually flooding my room
Jul 2022 · 112
The blaze of your beauty
Cesar Botetano Jul 2022
the blaze of your beauty
raindrops caught on a train window
sunrise on a lonely beach
the tick-tock of an old clock
the wind kissing your cheeks
the murmur of dawn that assaults your room
the blaze of your beauty
the crackling of a campfire in the middle of nowhere
the whisper of the wind among the foliage of the forest
a sparrow singing on the eaves of a house
a loaf of bread shared between two solitary beings
the moon reflected in an old pond
Jun 2022 · 110
How many more dawns
Cesar Botetano Jun 2022
I walk along the beach cover by dew and sadness
How many more dawns I have to wait for you?
May 2022 · 345
A long winter
Cesar Botetano May 2022
The kids play in the garden
As the daylight fades between toasts and small talk
I light a cigarette and look at the horizon
I have a feeling this is going to be a long winter.
Apr 2022 · 226
Like small rain
Cesar Botetano Apr 2022
subtle, like small rain
my heart goes after you
Mar 2022 · 241
A tiger
Cesar Botetano Mar 2022
I am not but a tiger that roars in the darkness
waiting for your luscious body to appear at dawn.

You only exist in a poem or in a dream
the harsh reality will not take away my dreams
Mar 2022 · 106
Short poems
Cesar Botetano Mar 2022
Your blazing beauty
over my burning heart

The tiktok of raindrops over the pond
beats of my old heart
as I walk with you by mi side

My dearest young girl
My new home
is halfway between your beauty and my loneliness
Mar 2022 · 148
A tiger
Cesar Botetano Mar 2022
A tiger drinking at dawn,
while the rain falls lightly on a field of tender grass
Mar 2022 · 102
My old Remington typewriter
Cesar Botetano Mar 2022
While I type on my old Remington typewriter
my latest poems
the dawn enters through the window like a shy maiden in love
Mar 2022 · 203
Cesar Botetano Mar 2022
We, from years ago are no longer the same
The years, like capricious winds made us lose our way to our own Ithaca
we finally end up on faraway and strange beaches.
Sometimes the memory of a distant love
comforts us in the midst of so much loneliness
Feb 2022 · 219
I vanish
Cesar Botetano Feb 2022
dancing in the pupils of a new day
smoothly I vanish
among  memories and impossible loves
Jan 2022 · 694
Autumn leaves
Cesar Botetano Jan 2022
the music of crisping autumn leaves under my feet
resembles the sound of the magic forest of my childhood that lives eternally inside me
Jan 2022 · 267
Like a panther
Cesar Botetano Jan 2022
Stop for a moment
Let the wind carry away your thoughts
open your senses and just feel
like a wild beast
like a panther
about to jump on life and its miracles
Dec 2021 · 328
Please do not take long
Cesar Botetano Dec 2021
The forest that once sheltered us still as lonely as ever
The trees recovered their music with the autumn breeze
I badly need you to survive the next winter
Please do not take long
Dec 2021 · 113
A sudden lightning
Cesar Botetano Dec 2021
her delicate feet leave an almost imperceptible trace
On the dewy grass.

A sudden lightning
Reveal a carpet of sepia colour leaves
On my way home.

discover your beautiful face among a sea of people
made my day
splendid beauty in a gray sea
Nov 2021 · 442
A lonely seagull
Cesar Botetano Nov 2021
under the autumn rain
the flight of a lonely seagull
draw the sky

A blade of grass
Descends slowly
And it gets caught in your hair.
Cesar Botetano Nov 2021
The dark wet road reflects the neon lights
Very fast I drive towards the splendorous Dawn
While a poem is emerging from the air
Nov 2021 · 188
Like a moonbean
Cesar Botetano Nov 2021
Like a moonbeam
I caress your bare skin
One april night
Nov 2021 · 618
Rain day
Cesar Botetano Nov 2021
blurry images through the windshield
uselessly I tried to recognize myself in your gaze
the rain dances with the wind
Oct 2021 · 279
Your beauty
Cesar Botetano Oct 2021
your beauty
has been been the cornerstone
of my poetry all these years of solitude and despair
at the end
your beauty will vanish
like a beautiful misty morning
dissolved by the sun appearing on the horizon
Cesar Botetano Oct 2021
vast sea in front of my eyes
map granted by my Lord
"Fair Winds and Following Seas."
Oct 2021 · 80
The years
Cesar Botetano Oct 2021
As the years pass by
Her life
My life
Become a poem
Oct 2021 · 66
At Dawn
Cesar Botetano Oct 2021
At Dawn
wild horses cross like an exhalation the plains
Scent of tender grass
Oct 2021 · 115
At dawn
Cesar Botetano Oct 2021
At dawn
A young deer quench its thirst
In a little stream bathed by the sun
Oct 2021 · 195
Your beauty
Cesar Botetano Oct 2021
like a a piece of heaven captured in a dewdrop
so my heart was trapped by your beauty
Sep 2021 · 93
I invented you
Cesar Botetano Sep 2021
It is true that I invented you
One day when my loneliness hit me harder than usual
Your skin, your lips and your kisses
You will live longer than me in these verses

I climb up the narrow staircase of the old house
A little tired
A little defeated
Before me an infinite sea of great eucalyptus trees
makes me smile again

What's beyond a cherry blossom
A waning moon
And an ungrateful love?
Sep 2021 · 91
let's make a pact
Cesar Botetano Sep 2021
let's make a pact dear girl friend
I give you autumn and its sepia-colored leaves
and you give me a dewy trail
and everything else we share in equal parts
Aug 2021 · 282
The old days
Cesar Botetano Aug 2021
the old days are gone
together with friends and loves
they live now in your wrinkles and your dreams
but sometimes, not very often
that sleeping tiger that still lives inside you
roar in the wind
Aug 2021 · 83
Urubamba valley
Cesar Botetano Aug 2021
in the Urubamba valley
where the mountains rise to the sky
and the clouds look like cotton candy
where the gods speak with thunder and lightning
where the rock, the cloud and your body become one
and the pure air renews and transforms you
a song and a poem
Aug 2021 · 184
The tiger
Cesar Botetano Aug 2021
The tiger of my dreams resembles that other tiger that drinks on the banks of the immense Ganges
sometimes I wonder which one of them should I take care of more
Aug 2021 · 90
read me please
Cesar Botetano Aug 2021
read me please
as the woods read the sing of the birds
like the golden sunsets read the footsteps on the sand
direct from my heart to your heart
Aug 2021 · 72
my distant childhood
Cesar Botetano Aug 2021
Between the murmur of eucalyptus and the smell of yellow broom
my steps lead me to my distant childhood
away from the noise of the big city
everything is getting sweeter and kinder
and on my face the smile of a child is drawn
Aug 2021 · 200
Your name
Cesar Botetano Aug 2021
At twilight
the rumor of the waves
whisper your name
softly very softly
Aug 2021 · 418
At the end of the day
Cesar Botetano Aug 2021
A pile of books
an unfinished poem
a farewell letter of an everlasting love
they are my only company at the end of the day
Aug 2021 · 238
Under the blue sky
Cesar Botetano Aug 2021
Please dear girl
Rest me on your soft lap
Under the blue sky
Listening the far away murmur of the sea
Aug 2021 · 79
thunders and lightnings
Cesar Botetano Aug 2021
Savage roses along the path
mesmerized by the echoes of thunders and lightnings
I look for you days and nights
'til the end of my days
Aug 2021 · 344
The perfect love
Cesar Botetano Aug 2021
I am wondering about the perfect love
which is the voice of my silence
the soft wind of my wings
and the blue sky of my sea
Aug 2021 · 86
The little girl
Cesar Botetano Aug 2021
sitting at the top of the staircase
the little girl shares a secret with the moon
about a lovely kid that captured her dreams
Aug 2021 · 305
Old Melquiades
Cesar Botetano Aug 2021
Melquiades is getting old
but this bright morning
he feels rejuvenated
a beautiful girl offered him her best smile
Aug 2021 · 168
Cesar Botetano Aug 2021
Suddenly all the memories were here
Magically revealed
By the pale beauty of her face
Jul 2021 · 224
a roll of the dice
Cesar Botetano Jul 2021
gray and foggy noons
but suddenly
by the south part of the city
it insinuates a rainbow
sadness and hope
just like life itself
a roll of the dice
Jul 2021 · 297
under my skin
Cesar Botetano Jul 2021
Smootly flows
my wild nature
made of wind and fire
under my skin
Cesar Botetano Jul 2021
she steals her mystery from the mist
and from the rain its freshness
my love follows each of her steps
Jul 2021 · 163
Cesar Botetano Jul 2021
young people with golden skin on distant beaches dance
with the music of the palm trees under the summer moon
while other people shiver under a heavy rain in crowded streets
Cesar Botetano Jul 2021
The wind speaks better than us
Inhabitants of a gigantic Babel
Rain comforts better than any government directive
And the golden rays of the sun are warmer than the best political speech
Jun 2021 · 102
This midday
Cesar Botetano Jun 2021
This midday
On the path,
Only the rumor of my  footsteps
On the dry leaves.
And far away,
The song of a nightingale
Among the trees.
This midday,
When an abyss separates  
My love and her silence
Cesar Botetano Jun 2021
many times I wrote your name in the air
in the sand, in the rain, in the evenings
in the end everything was useless
I never saw you again
so as not to forget you
I have your name tattooed on my skin
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