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Cesar Botetano Oct 2022
Autumn lives forever
in the old childhood memories
that crackle like dry leaves
on a campfire in the middle of nowhere

All the loves, joys and sorrows  
were engraved on our skin  
like the furrows opened under a splendid sun

How much love fits in a lonely tear ?
how much love fits in an infinite rose ?
Tell me if that is not enough to touch your heart
Cesar Botetano Sep 2022
Time dissolves like a cigarette in the middle of the night
a bird sings a sad melody somewhere in the forest
the friends who left never came back
the first autumn rains arrived
Cesar Botetano Sep 2022
Thunders rumbles among a heavy rain
Under a leafy tree
Me and my 7 years looked astonished the sky
Cesar Botetano Sep 2022
summer has entered my window for the first time
children run and laugh in the garden
the mist surrounding the blue mountain is clear
a warm sun is gradually flooding my room
Cesar Botetano Jul 2022
the blaze of your beauty
raindrops caught on a train window
sunrise on a lonely beach
the tick-tock of an old clock
the wind kissing your cheeks
the murmur of dawn that assaults your room
the blaze of your beauty
the crackling of a campfire in the middle of nowhere
the whisper of the wind among the foliage of the forest
a sparrow singing on the eaves of a house
a loaf of bread shared between two solitary beings
the moon reflected in an old pond
Cesar Botetano Jun 2022
I walk along the beach cover by dew and sadness
How many more dawns I have to wait for you?
Cesar Botetano May 2022
The kids play in the garden
As the daylight fades between toasts and small talk
I light a cigarette and look at the horizon
I have a feeling this is going to be a long winter.
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