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You live
Far away
Where dreams and memories dwell
At dawn I look for you there.

This bright morning in May
I wear your love
Like a beautiful carnation on the lapel of my jacket

Your hips
Bamboo Stems
Moving to the beat of the wind
In the mist of the woods
Voices are sometimes heard
In some ancient cities
Spirits wander with messages that we cannot understand
We know that there are great and hidden things that have not yet been revealed.
Maybe because we are not prepared to hear them
But they are and exist
The issue is
Will they want to warn us of something terrible that is coming?
If the way up
It's the same on the way down
Opposites touch
If we start to die from when we are born
And dawn and dusk for an instant look so alike
Opposites touch
If many things are two sides of the same coin
Separated by a thin line
Opposites touch
So agony is a way to be reborn
And the poetry of surviving in the midst of death
It's time now
To write
Everything you dreamed of

your beauty is so great
that not even the rain dared to touch you

willows on the path
moved softly by the wind
One April morning rains heavily outside
my footsteps sound very muffled in the church
while the candles shine among the incense aroma

the silver-blue moon
glows in the quiet waters of Yangtze river
I have a thought for you

A gorgeous girl
Flourishes like a delicate rose
Among the streets of fast walking indifferent people

mystery things along the Inca route
walking down by a path near the river
slippery rocks in the mist
suddenly foam rises like the breath of a giant
and far away thunders roars
the Gods have spoken

These days
The claws of death lives crouched between us
but HOPE finally prevail
Loneliness walks the streets
Enters a movie theater
Sits on a park bench
Drinks a coffee
Sleeps with you
suddenly one day
you discover yourself in his gaze
let me wake you up
as tenderly
as a warm sunbeam
entering through your window
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