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Raven Feb 2020
Nanny said
There is good in everything you see
Gotta recharge your batteries
All alone
But not on your own
God is with you
He sends Angels to heal you
Peace will come
When you love yourself
Just believe
Dont worry about anything else
Read a book
Write a poem
Whatever gets your mind to flow
Away from the noise
Of the world outside
Find the rhythm to your soul
Let it be
Just like nature and the trees
You will grow from a small seed
Just be good
Listen to your inner voice
No one is the same
And thats okay
Raven Feb 2020
When will I be okay
With who I am
I try so hard
To hide behind a smile
Its exhausting
I want a real life
Where I can just be
Not afraid
Of what others think of me
My racing heart
My anxious thoughts
Are slowly killing me
Though Ill never show
So you'll never know
Ill just keep being "me"
Raven Feb 2020
All I crave
Is a connection
I dont want a fancy house
Or a coorporate job
I want to be loved
In my own home
For who I am
Where I dont have to hide
Nothing to give
Just you by my side
Please, feed my soul
With your beautiful lips
I want to know
Am I enough,
Just being myself?
If you love me
Maybe I can love myself.
Raven Feb 2020
Sitting all alone
Is all I really want
To be at peace with myself
Is such a hard job
But I'm trying
Each and every day
To forget the negative
Find hope in the present day
Sometimes all I want is to be accepted
I got so use to being neglected
So I find peace
All alone
Im scared out of my mind
But I know I must go
And walk my own path
No one can do it for me
No matter how many times I ask
Am I doing okay?
How much time has passed
Since my last mistake?
Raven Feb 2020
Now that he's gone
I can start to move on
I finally realize
He was wrong all along
My flaws
My glasses
Are just a part of me
This place on earth
Is just temporary
I know God
Will never judge me
Raven Feb 2020
This social anxiety
Will be the death of me
Just leaving my home
Is a mission on its own
The thought of seeing
Some one I know
Is killing me inside
Its taking control
I hate myself
I dont know why
So please dont ask
When I cancel high and dry
I cant face the world
I can barely look in the mirror
Without wanting to change my appearance
Maybe its the words my ex husband said
Or the scars he left
around my neck
Maybe Im ashamed
Of how I let him treat me
But it was a long time ago
So please dont blame me
I did what he said I tried to be good
But I guess I just wasnt good enough for him
Raven Feb 2020
Sometimes its too much
Sometimes its not enough
You have to find balance
For your soul and heart
One is longing for answers
One is longing for peace
Its a battle inside your mind
That no one else see's
You love everyone
You accept there flaws
But something inside you
Thinks your no good at all
Its quiet unsettling
How you can smile at strangers
But hate the person looking in the mirror
I feel so alone in this world
I wish some one would see past my smile
I try to love myself
But something wont let me
I know I need help
But who would understand me?
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