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Raven Feb 2020
Walk on your own
The rest will follow
Not people
Just peace
Feel your soul
Listen to the calmness
Like the flow of a river
The beam of the sun
You are right where you need to be
Dont rush
Be one with nature
Slow and free
Dont be discouraged
When life takes a turn
Theres no need to fear
Even in nature
Nothing blooms all year
Raven Feb 2020
When the leaves start falling
The air starts to change
Good things are coming
So don't shy away
Its a beautiful shedding
To start fresh and new
So drop the baggage
Follow through
The leaves will grow back
Stronger than ever
So don't hold on
Nothing lasts forever.
Raven Feb 2020
Autumn is coming
The heat is gone
You can bundle up
Start to move on
Embrace the change
Don't be scared
It's part of God's Beauty
That's why we are here
To learn and accept
Every person a teacher
Change is inevitable
It's time to forgive
Raven Feb 2020
Nothing gold can stay
But that's okay
For we would never feel
The Autumn breeze
Chilly mornings
Colorful leaves
Change is coming
But that's okay
Embrace it
A fresh start
Is on Its way
Raven Feb 2020
Every one has a purpose
Every one needs love
So use your gift
To heal the hurt
Your faith is stronger
Than the devil's words
It may hurt now
But trust God's love
There is so much hate
In this beautiful world
We need to love our self
And share God's words.
Raven Feb 2020
Love yourself
Enough to care
Love yourself
Enough to dare
To leave if you need
To take what you want
To set yourself free
From other peoples needs
Do what you love
Love what you do
Never let a fool
Take anything from you
Not your happiness
Your life
Your dreams
Or your smile
Your breath is too precious
To be wicked and vile
Your an angel on earth
That needs to be heard.
Raven Feb 2020
My beautiful, Nanny
So calm and steady
So patient and wise
Your beautiful words
Play through my mind
"Just breathe"
You taught me
"Say your prayers"
"Always be kind"
Your eyes so sweet
Your voice so gentle
Your aurora so bright
Your always shining.
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