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Raven Mar 2020
This body is not mine to keep
This place on earth
Is just temporary
For rent
Is all it is
This soul lives on
Thousands of years old
New faces and buildings
Will come and go
Our Mother Earth
Keeps on growing
Raven Mar 2020
Just breathe
This too shall pass
Dont stress too much
These dark clouds will pass
Be thankful for today
For it is all we have
Yesterday is gone
Tomorrow is so far away
Not knowing what we will face
Soak in the sun
Smell the rain
Dont let these moments
Slip away
Tomorrow could be great
Tomorrow could bring pain
For we will never know
Until we see the light of day
Dont think too much
Just keep floating
Day by day
Its all okay
Raven Mar 2020
Words are candy
Sweet as pie
Just keep reading
Fill my mind
All the Flavors
Every kind
Horror is hot
Love is spicy
Funny ones are enticing
Sci-Fi is so exciting
All the genres
Keep me craving
More and More
My mind is flowing
Full of knowledge
My brain keeps racing
Imagination never fading
Raven Mar 2020
Lock me away
With a book
And a light
I'll be fine
Out of sight
Out of mind
Raven Mar 2020
These small minded people
Make me so sad
They only see appearance's
Not the soul that I am
They look with their eyes
Not their hearts
They don't see my aurora
Just my face
And my scars
But I'll keep shining
Either way
Because I won't let them
Determine my fate
Raven Feb 2020
I'm twenty five now
My eyes are wide
It took this long
To feel alive
So don't tell me I'm getting old
I'm just now living
The beginning was hell
I'm finally finding myself
They say it's only down hill from here
But that's fine with me
The adventure alone is worth the thrill
Slides are fun
fast and wild
No more treaching up a hill
Sounds good to me
So I'll keep sliding
No telling where this hill will find me
Always moving
Never whining
About a number
Or a line
On my face
Though time will change
I'll keep sliding
Fast and free
Down hill sounds fun to me
Raven Feb 2020
Right now everything is fine
The birds are singing
The wind is blowing
Right now my mind is caving
The walls are crumbling
The light is fading
How can everything be so perfect
When my mind is dark
It's so disturbing
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