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Janet Doyle Jul 14
Rapier flashes, sun on steel,
Deftly, the point scores the heart,
Blood stained lace, and a dandy’s cry,
Death is sculpted to a fine art,
As body falls in the crimson dirt,
A desperate soul must soon depart,
Long we danced, and long we fought,
In lonely glade, our paths do part,
I to the road, and you to the grave,
The full rising moon bids me to start,

Janet Doyle Jul 8
What is beautiful, defined?
To me it is the sunlight,
Landscapes and life that’s unconfined,

It’s standing for a cause that’s right,
Following a heart that’s true,
And never giving up the fight,

It’s the little acts of love we do,
The nurture of a mother,
And a life that is brand new,

It’s when we see beyond the “other,”
When “I’m sorry” is sincerely,
And we hold onto one another,

It’s remembering another dearly,
Kindness that was shown to me,
And tears of loss, that shine so clearly,

It’s all the wonders of life I see,
The moon, the stars, the rainbows,
The seedling and the ancient tree,

The word “ beautiful” you chose?
To tell me how you’re feeling,
And I think, should I suppose?

That you find me so appealing,
To compare me to compassion,
And to hope and love and healing,

That is just my real reaction,
Such a humbling thing to say,
It brings my thanks and my inaction,

And as for me, though come what may,
I hope my soul stays intertwined,
With what is beautiful today,

Janet Doyle Jul 5
Friend Raven, where have you been?
“Over the trees and across the sky,
Through the forests, when shadows lie,
And to the heavens where angels fly,”

And my friend Raven, where do you go?
“Across a bridge of rainbow light,
Northwards in the coming night,
To aid the Old One through the fight.”

“Raven tell me, what do you see?
“All there is, and The Spirit knows,
Life relinquished, life that grows,
What you wanted, what you chose,”

Raven, do you hear the cry?
“I hear the wail of the Phantom Queen,
The cry of battles, to be seen,
The song of steel and Banshee keen,”

Friend of mine, do you know the way?
“The way ahead is dark indeed,
Times of trouble, times of need,
You may still live, but you will bleed,”

Raven friend, I’m coming too.
“I leave the way, to follow clear,
Loud my song, with few who hear,
The end is nigh, the time is near,

Janet Doyle Jun 28
Just beyond my fingertips,
On the other side of time,
I wander far and further,
Searching for the perfect rhyme,

A wanderer still hoping,
A traveler from afar,
A lost observer watching,
For the distant shooting star,

Just over the horizon,
Further than the dragons fly,
On the farther side of nowhere,
There’s a castle in the sky,

And we can go together,
We can find our way there soon,
And we’ll be forever happy,
On the dark side of the moon.

Janet Doyle Jun 25
These new eyes, how strange to me,
The same places no more the same,
Looking back at who I used to be,
And the curious she who had my name,

My eyes now faded, the sun a glare,
In bitter disappointment, I turn away,
My painful heart, so worn with care,
With jaded soul, I’ll face the day,

Now I see paths I had missed before,
I’m feeling stronger, than I knew I could,
My sense of purpose, was never more,
And I understand now, what is good.

The circle completed, as life renews,
This time, as time and time again,
My life to live, my path to choose,
This peculiar me, that long I’ve been.

Janet Doyle Jun 22
The babbling brook
first made the suggestion,
And whispering wind
then added a thought,
Old crackling fire,
now he had a question,
And eye of the storm
winked sly at the plot,
The mouth of the river
grinned wide at the notion,
And rustling leaves,
seemed to like it a lot,
So echoing caverns
just set it in motion,
Though twinkling stars,
had signed “rather not,”

Janet Doyle Jun 20
A gossamer veil of evening,
Gently tossed upon the day,
As Luminescent moonbeams,
Coalesce to light the way,
For life is a real illusion,
As all the world is a play,
And forever is just a moment,
That will never go away.

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