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Janet Doyle May 4
I wonder where that leads to,
And just what does my touch do,
The veil that I can’t see through,
I’ll move it right aside,

I’m only gonna try it,
If I break it I will buy it,
Don’t care you tell me nigh it,
Is impossible, you chide,

Maybe I can make it better,
I’m always a go getter,
I’ll just remove this fetter,
Such I can’t abide,

That bend is calling to me,
The beauty that I might see,
I’ve just one chance to be free,
My heart will be my guide,

I don’t have any real plan,
To live throughout my lifespan,
Just want to know that I can,
So confident my stride,
Janet Doyle Apr 19
My heart was heavy with sorrow,
The pain of today takes tomorrow,
But my eyes caught hold of a sight,
Of emeralds playing in light,
I saw, that it was green there,

The tumbling of sadness with hope,
Just what is the best way to cope?
With the good and the bad intertwining,
The cloudburst and said silver lining,
And for now, I am still here

So we pick up the pieces of life,
Find strength in the hardship and strife,
Focus on all the things that we love,
Find hope there within, sort of,
And live without fear,

We honor the life before death,
Grateful for the heartbeat and breath,
And wonder what life is about,
With so heavy a heart or without,
We return to good cheer,

Just like the cold winter turns spring,
Always new life it does bring,
This crucible that we call Earth,
With it’s crushing pain and great mirth,
And a green spring is near.

Janet Doyle Jul 16
I could say it’s the freedom,
With no one to tell me no,
And I love when I’m deciding,
Just where and when to go,

I might say it’s the quiet,
Of silence all around,
No voice to mar the beauty,
Of time without a sound,

I’ll add it’s the adventure,
When all I have is me,
There’s really nothing like it,
The wonders that I see,

But the time I spend alone,
Is when my soul can rest,
And really it’s the company,
It’s when I like me best.

Janet Doyle May 16
We dance around the fire,
Dodging to and fro,
I chase you then you chase me,
Round and round we go,
Janet Doyle Apr 30
if you take the time to think about it,
The pain of this world is crippling,
Empathy makes my insides,
Hurt so much,
It’s a needle hug, and a poison touch,
A hopelessness that is too,
much for tears,
Of horrid truths and dreaded fears,
Just a dull, painful dread,
For the living, for the dead,
I feel helpless, guilty and sad,
The struggle seems to be,
To see,
To create,
Good there within,
A battle we can never win,
For it does so little.
All we are, and all we feel,
This is the cost then, of free will,
Such a very precious gift,
but are we worth it?

Janet Doyle Jun 1
The first hag closed her only eye,
She murmured soft “I’ll tell you why,
Violence, it comes along with life,
As does sadness, death and strife,
An agent of change, to use so well,
It’s not who starts, but who will fail,”

The next hag shook her gray locks free,
She crooned, “dear one, can’t you see,
A natural order, again revealed,
If they won’t talk, they **** or be killed,
The sun will rise up, yellow or red,
And love remains, for living and dead,”

The third hag cackled, grinning wide,
She laughed, “there isn’t a right side,
Glory for some, a winner shall rise,
To give their own mix, of truth and lies,
Fear not the changes, face each day,
The soul continues, come what may,”

Janet Doyle Jun 20
A gossamer veil of evening,
Gently tossed upon the day,
As Luminescent moonbeams,
Coalesce to light the way,
For life is a real illusion,
As all the world is a play,
And forever is just a moment,
That will never go away.

Janet Doyle Jul 5
Friend Raven, where have you been?
“Over the trees and across the sky,
Through the forests, when shadows lie,
And to the heavens where angels fly,”

And my friend Raven, where do you go?
“Across a bridge of rainbow light,
Northwards in the coming night,
To aid the Old One through the fight.”

“Raven tell me, what do you see?
“All there is, and The Spirit knows,
Life relinquished, life that grows,
What you wanted, what you chose,”

Raven, do you hear the cry?
“I hear the wail of the Phantom Queen,
The cry of battles, to be seen,
The song of steel and Banshee keen,”

Friend of mine, do you know the way?
“The way ahead is dark indeed,
Times of trouble, times of need,
You may still live, but you will bleed,”

Raven friend, I’m coming too.
“I leave the way, to follow clear,
Loud my song, with few who hear,
The end is nigh, the time is near,

Janet Doyle Mar 19
I’m restless, it’s that time of the year,
Life is muted, dull is here,
I say once more that spring is near,
It must be on the way.
To the river and around the bend,
Up the mountain, only to descend,
It does me no good, this cold must end,
It isn’t meant to stay.
Everywhere is muddy brown,
And drab colors from sky to ground,
Signs of life are scarcely found,
The very light is gray.
And how I yearn to once more be free,
To shed these clothes, and just be me,
To go into the world carefree,
And feel a sunny day.
But it doesn’t come so still I wait,
We northern folk, it is our fate,
This cabin fever, when spring is late,
Or winter wants to stay.

Janet Doyle Apr 22
The crying of the giants,
Screaming through the veil,
The moaning of old spirits,
Writhing in their hell,
A call goes out for freedom,
Amidst the rebel yell,
It tells me change is coming,
I hear it in the gale,
The winds of change surround us,
Mark the tolling of the bell,
And better days are coming,
Now listen to my tale,
Though the sun is shining brightly,
It’s warmth is no avail,
The gusts so cold around me,
Mayhap it is my knell,
As much as it does call me,
The lure of each new trail,
Warmer days are coming,
I’ll stay home, just as well.

Janet Doyle Sep 5
The cold it creeps into you,
And it will slow you down,
It numbs your heart,
And withers your soul,
And turns your mind around,

Chilled fingers twining inward,
Creates ice along your spine,
It blinds your eyes,
And freezes your ears,
Til the cold is all you can find,

And a life of unending winter,
Growing frost bitten and old,
Or time and again,
You can step in the flame,
And never let yourself get cold.  

Janet Doyle Jun 14
As hearts and minds forget they’re free,
The red sun sets, will tomorrow be?
Confused and cruel hypocrisy?
Accepting this new way,

A starless night, so full of hate,
Choosing wrong, just to call it fate,
To harm is not to liberate,
So far, we’ve gone astray,

A future we won’t recognize,
With it’s conformity and lies,
The day will dawn, in different eyes,
That quickly look away,

Janet Doyle May 14
Blustering, gusty, winds that blow,
Twisting trees sway to and fro,
Shadows dappled, clouds are low,
The brook it babbles, let it flow,
Sunlight peeks out, all aglow,
I’m heading home but walking slow.

Janet Doyle Sep 9
The sun is shining brightly,
and I feel the urge to go,
But there’s something in the shadows,
that I just have to know,
This pull of dual worlds splitting,
that the brightness seeks to clean,
But I know the pain of darkness,
for my heart lies in between,
And I am being called to,
God’s good ray of light,
Even as my soul is seeking,
for the comfort of the night,

Janet Doyle Mar 10
So turbulent and changing,
A maelstrom of the soul,
Some violent crash of whimsy,
Where colliding feelings rule,
Where all is bright and happy,
Then booming, thunders roll,
Or the slightest wave of fancy,
Now all is dark and cruel,
Where smiles are pure as sunshine,
And eyes are black as coal,
With riptides rushing towards,
An ever changing goal.

Janet Doyle May 7
To describe it, I begin,
Claustrophobic, all closed in,
Slowly smothered, looking out,
Nervous, frustrated, tied about,
My throat restricting, makeshift noose,
Safety is it? Your excuse?
Discomfort growing, concentrate,
Get it done with, far to late,
Senses subdued, my hazy mind,
I try escaping but I find,
My hands are useless, far to weak,
To bring the justice that I seek,
My heated breath to agitate,
The ties that bind me, cut and grate,
Lashing outward, what’s the use,
These poor *******, same excuse,
Trapped and bound my very soul,
Tyranny demands a toll,
Hide me under, suffocate,
Constrict, confine me, blackest fate,
Oppressive rulings to conform,
Slavery becomes the norm,
Stifled air and muffled voice,
I tell you this is not my choice,
Forbidden faces, jaws set tight,
Eyes are narrow, hands can fight
Janet Doyle Mar 14
Friday will foretell the end,
13 omens will they send,
Tears will flow as though they’re bled,
As horror fills your heart with dread,
The veil of worlds to further rend,
Into the depths all will descend,
Hell behind and worse ahead,
A pity that you aren’t just dead,
A masquerade you must attend,
You cannot scream, so just pretend,
Across the land false hope was spread,
The fate of all, you’ve been misled,
And at long last, you comprehend.

Janet Doyle May 23
The day is over
Night is arriving to soon
To last forever

Janet Doyle Apr 28
Life got you feeling hopeless?
So anxious and depressed?
Are you legs a little shaky?
A dropping in your chest?
You don’t have to stop forever,
Just take a little rest,
Remember why you started,
And at your own behest,
Take just the next step forward,
Don’t have to do the rest,
It’s just the task before you,
This isn’t a contest,
And bit by bit you get there,
Creating your own quest,
Feel the fear and all it offers,
Now lay it there to rest,
Pride and confidence will follow,
You’ll know you did your best,
Sometimes it may take longer,
Than what you first had guessed,
Don’t let it make you hopeless,
To this I can attest!
You’ll be thankful for the lessons,
Feeling joy and blessed,
When you see how far you’ve gotten,
I know you’ll be impressed.

Janet Doyle Aug 9
Just a tweak of perspective,
I somehow have to find,
And maybe looking upside down,
Will help untangle or unwind,
For a solution must be somewhere,
And if I delve into my mind,
If I sift through all the clutter,
And remove what makes me blind,
There! There before me,
Or maybe it’s behind,
Is the path that I’m not seeing,
A way eluding, undefined,
But once I can just glimpse it,
Then, then I’ll be inclined,
To follow it to hell and back,
Through pain and lessons, intertwined.

Janet Doyle Jun 15
Shadows cast by a late afternoon sun,
Are lounging about on the ground,
As my mind wanders upon the horizon,
Where magic and hope can be found,
And all of life’s wonders abound.

This time of day only happens now,
It is gone before winter’s first sign,
A time too precious to long allow,
As the stretching long shadows entwine,
In these perfect hours of sunshine,

A bit of childhood that gave me peace,
And still gives peace today,
A time that makes life’s hurt release,
And our worries to just go away,
How I wish that it would only stay.
Janet Doyle Jun 28
Just beyond my fingertips,
On the other side of time,
I wander far and further,
Searching for the perfect rhyme,

A wanderer still hoping,
A traveler from afar,
A lost observer watching,
For the distant shooting star,

Just over the horizon,
Further than the dragons fly,
On the farther side of nowhere,
There’s a castle in the sky,

And we can go together,
We can find our way there soon,
And we’ll be forever happy,
On the dark side of the moon.

Janet Doyle Apr 14
For all the world is there before us, to make of it what we will.
We only have to shape our vision to match that which we feel.
And when we finally get it right, that’s when we start to heal.
It’s through the learning of these things, we find our own free will.

Janet Doyle Apr 18
And adventure awaits!
The vines entwine my spirit,
The mountains call my name,
And oh how I can hear it!
The sunlight leads the way,
I’m off to find tomorrow,
With the glory of today!

Janet Doyle Jul 31
Time and again was history lost,
For a tyrant will reign at any cost,
Our books destroyed,
and minds subdued,
Or heroes slandered,
and spirits abused,
But hope, like life will find a way,
A light will shine, there’ll be a new day,
And hidden, kept hidden,
safely away,
Once thought destroyed,
forever to stay,
The wisdom that our ancestors knew,
They kept it for us, and never withdrew,
But waited, they waited,
through the long night,
To be revealed,
when the timing was right.
Fear not the darkness, just use it well,
And when the sun rises, there’ll be a new tale.

Janet Doyle Mar 8
In the Forest, the day was fair,
A jingling sound was in the air,
I heard a tinkling, sweet and clear,
Soft at first, then louder grew,
Of trooping fairies, could it be?
Of elves or sprites or even sidhe
Oh what wonder might I see?
Something magic I just knew,

Bells upon an elven horse,
The wild hunt, I’d crossed it’s course,
Arawn’s hounds, I mustn’t force,
What else could it be?
Then a rustle, around a log,
Comes a friendly little dog,
A jingling going with his jog,
He comes right up to me.

Hello there friend, of course, I say,
Why are you here? You’ve lost your way?
Are you well? Where do you stay?
Of course, there’s no reply
A hiker follows after then,
In the forest, with his friend,
Moving swiftly through the glen,
To find his dog and I.

Something magic indeed I found,
In that happy little hound,
Accompanied by a whimsy sound,
The forest to run through,
No elven lord, or fairy queen,
Just a friendly stranger seen,
With a puppy in between,
And that is magic too

Janet Doyle Jun 22
The babbling brook
first made the suggestion,
And whispering wind
then added a thought,
Old crackling fire,
now he had a question,
And eye of the storm
winked sly at the plot,
The mouth of the river
grinned wide at the notion,
And rustling leaves,
seemed to like it a lot,
So echoing caverns
just set it in motion,
Though twinkling stars,
had signed “rather not,”

Janet Doyle Jun 19
Thorn in my hand from adventure gone ill,
My body to wound, my spirit to fill,
I thought I removed you, but no, not quite,
Small under my skin, just out of sight,
A little reminder, when brushed against,
Of days of splendor when freedom was sensed,
The skin has grown over, the wound to renew,
The repercussions so many, the feelings so few,
At last I release you, now we part ways,
No doubt I’ll meet more of you, on some other days.

Janet Doyle Mar 21
I think of all the blessings,
That God has thus bestowed,
The greatest one of all must be,
That of the unknown,

He then chose to show it,
To our most curious mind,
And surely he was grinning,
When he saw that it was fine,

He first made the horizon,
To pull us from the heart,
And bends in paths and rivers,
To show us where to start,

He filled Great Earth with wonder,
More than ever can be told,
And each piece with such detail,
That it never can get old,

Our souls delight to wander,
To study and learn as well,
Always there is more to know,
And always a new trail,

But he had one more whimsy,
That some paths lead within,
And where we think we finish,
Is just where we begin,

So here we are still going,
And growing all the while,
I think he is still watching,
With an old mischievous smile.

Janet Doyle May 15
I should be getting old,
My youth long in the past,
Instead I’m getting bold,
Breaking the used cast,
Creating my own mold,
Seeing the contrast,
Of what I have been told,
And questions I have asked,
My working hands they hold,
Treasures rare and vast,
My troubles turn to gold,
Life’s fortune I’ve amassed,
Young beauty gladly sold,
For freedom bought at last.

Janet Doyle Aug 3
I want to climb mountains!
To experience everything this great world has to offer!
I want my legs to quake with exhaustion,
My body to become the stuff of steel!
Sweat to fall from me like a waterfall in springtime,
And my lungs to gasp for breath as a drowning man’s last hope.
I want towering pinnacles that plummet into the blackest depths,
Mountain tops where only me and the eagles dare go,
And the ancient valleys that the river has carved throughout all eternity,
I want freezing rain that turns to blizzards,
And the sweltering heat of hell itself,
Because this is life my friends!
This is why we were born.

JDoyle (this isn’t really poetry, but it’s heartfelt)
Janet Doyle May 21
Mother births us, wishes well,
Father carries us through hell,
Sets us down to hear a tale,
Of what is best to do,

Mother rations, not to much,
Father gives a guiding touch,
Sparingly, he’ll use a crutch,
You must rely on you,

Mother kisses us goodnight,
Father sets the dark alight,
Let’s us know that all is right,
And it begins anew.

Janet Doyle Aug 26
I’m taking this emotion,
And putting it right here,
Be it feelings or a notion,
It’s better over there,
Less inside to cause commotion,
Less pain and thoughts and care,
My mind in constant motion,
So much to see and hear,
To save from an explosion,
And lead me through despair,
My voice my own promotion,
My heart ripped out to share,
My mindfulness devotion,
My soul much more aware.

Janet Doyle Jul 26
The sun came up this morning, in a sky of pink, yellow and red,
I pulled my blankets up to my chin and snuggled all warm in my bed,
The sky of sapphire brightened, on a warm and glorious day,
I lay in a soft pile of comfort and I dreamed all the morning away,
When noon arrived in it’s vibrance, with sounds of the world outside,
I shut my eyes up tight to the light, and found I could sleep if I tried,
Now the day it so does linger, with such beauty and splendor to see,
I wake and I stretch and I smile at today, and thank it for letting me be.

Janet Doyle Jul 20
Turn the world around,
And make it new for me,
Sing without a sound,
And tell me what could be,
For all is lost and found,
And promises I see,
Your eyes that so confound,
Though still I will agree,
For wonders yet abound,
You set my spirit free.

Janet Doyle Mar 29
I think of your promises never made,
All of your words not spoken, never true,
Though what you didn’t say is what betrayed,
I’m longing for the life I never knew,

I know that I will not have another,
That from this day forward alone I’ll stay,
My heart and mind, dream of nothing other,
And I’ll be waiting for you come what may,

I remember what you hadn’t told me,
Together all the plans we never had,
But lies you didn’t speak I chose to see,
I’ve only me to blame for feeling bad,

Though time and time again they make me weep,
You’re promises never made I’ll always keep.

Janet Doyle Aug 17
The clash of steel in lightning’s flash,
Canons louder than a thunder crash,
Blood with rain as waves they splash,
This night as dark as death,

Tattered flags, whipping to and fro,
Vengeance! give them what we owe,
The captain, he begins to slow,
As one we catch our breath,

No quarter asked and none I’ll give,
Another night I may not live,
Dear Father, all my sins forgive,
As my blade finds one more heart,

A musket shot lights up the dark,
I use the flare to find my mark,
I hear the captain, orders bark,
We must cut the ships apart,

The ocean’s roar and my wild flight,
My own dear ship within my sight,
Across the deep, and foam of white,
One more to come aboard,

Listing, plundered, and broken hull,
Lifeless captain, with a shattered skull,
I guess it’s not my time to fall,
Instead let’s split the hoard.

Janet Doyle Mar 31
As I walk along today you quietly accept me here,
You listen to my ramblings and always let me near,
You never turn away from me, I know that I belong,
You always have a lesson for me, and you make me strong.

I’m humbled by your acceptance of me, because you are so old,
So beautiful and inspiring, so gentle yet so bold,
You’re powerful beyond all measure, our very lives controlled,
And yet you’re always right there for me, you always take the time,
And never turn away from me, my problems, quests and rhyme,

But I’m thankful just to be here with you, and share your quiet mood,
To see the sunlight softly dappled in this solitude,
To know the wonders that you offer, always something more,
Places of ease, but also challenge, so much to explore,

You’re magnificent to see and giant in your nature too,
Yet all the little things that matter are never ignored by you,
I bow my head and forever ponder,
The beauty in all you do,
You simply show yourself to me, and allow me free to roam,
And each and every time I’m here, I know that I’ve come home,

Janet Doyle May 8
How can any of us really say,
who has run the harder course,
who has climbed the greater hurdles,
Who has faced the stronger force,

Life is hard

I cannot say to you,
That my heart hurts more than yours,
That the claws have ripped me deeper,
That the fist hit me more sure,

Pain is pain

And if we faced it bravely,
Or could only sit and cry,
Does it now make any difference,
In the worth of you or I?

Don’t pass it on

I think that we should keep it,
And let it make us kind,
Let it temper us with the compassion,
We can have, but couldn’t find.

Janet Doyle Mar 1
Fear, I see you,
My old friend,
And forward do you urge me,
And sadness,
You’ve come again,
To help me more to see,
Pain, I know you,
Long we’ve walked together,
And much I owe to thee,
You hardship,
Are always near,
Let’s move along, shall we?
Regret, let’s talk,
With so much to hold dear,
Why question what could be?
Yet it is you, restless,
That sets my soul to wander,
And leads me to be free.

Janet Doyle Sep 8
I think that it’s the questions,
Some innocently ask,
That cause me such turmoil,
I falter at the task,
The problem is the answer,
Is often rather dark,
So then I try to lighten,
Though tend to miss the mark,
Too vaguely do I tell it,
And it never really sets,
But the closer I get to truthful,
The more uncomfortable it gets,
I struggle with a balance,
To tell the truth and lie,
Cause no one likes the answers,
That cause beliefs to go awry,
It’s compartmentalized compassion,
Just for situations, pre-explained,
Have replaced real human empathy,
For the many types of pain,
And I think it’s true of many,
What you see isn’t what you get,
And that really is a topic,
Society chooses to forget.

Janet Doyle Apr 27
I’m going to write my own ending,
I’ll decide it along the way,
I’ve never been one for pretending,
That part of me may have to stay,
Behind, because life is impending,
And all that I’m going to say,
Is tomorrow I will be attending,
On the terms that I hold to today.

Janet Doyle Feb 29
It’s ripples that I’m making,
And chances that I’m taking,
To keep my soul from aching,
And not be torn askew,

It’s adventure I’ll be facing
And freedom that I’m chasing,
To keep me from misplacing,
My heartbeats, all to few,

It’s all to make me wonder,
And break the lies asunder,
To keep from going under,
And to myself be true.

Janet Doyle May 10
I took the time to go and see,
A snowflake falling on a tree,
White against the springtime green,
And such a strange delight to me,

In May, it is not often seen,
Snowstorms, rain and hail between,
And frigid winds that howl and blow,
When I expected days, serene,

A new spring woods covered in snow,
Out my door I just had to go,
Nature, as you know, is free,
And what comes next, we never know.

Janet Doyle Jun 25
These new eyes, how strange to me,
The same places no more the same,
Looking back at who I used to be,
And the curious she who had my name,

My eyes now faded, the sun a glare,
In bitter disappointment, I turn away,
My painful heart, so worn with care,
With jaded soul, I’ll face the day,

Now I see paths I had missed before,
I’m feeling stronger, than I knew I could,
My sense of purpose, was never more,
And I understand now, what is good.

The circle completed, as life renews,
This time, as time and time again,
My life to live, my path to choose,
This peculiar me, that long I’ve been.

Janet Doyle Aug 28
Freedom, the long forgotten dream,          
Do you remember?
Shining in the morning, just a distant gleam,
What was it that you wanted,
And are you as you seem?

Is it you that lost it, careless in your ways,
Or was it everyone
A sacrifice freely given, to make for better days,
Was it worth it?
And are we better off now, here in this modern haze?

What is the price of freedom, dream though it may be?
Security and comfort,
That is the question isn’t it? so now we start to see,
Subtly it happens,
We lose our dreams of freedom, and join society.

But is that the way it is, or just what we’ve been told?
Who made those rules,
Do we have to sell our freedom, for another person’s gold?
Society gives no security,  and it’s gilt is chipped and old.

But the world is much the same, as when we turned our eyes,
There are still the forests, rivers, deserts, seas, and skies,
That freedoms just forgotten, and maybe plagued with lies.

Don’t we all still see it, in the morning light?
Don’t we all still feel it, as evening turns to night?
Don’t let freedom be forgotten, it’s not to sell for comfort,
It is our human right.

J. Doyle
Janet Doyle Jul 14
Rapier flashes, sun on steel,
Deftly, the point scores the heart,
Blood stained lace, and a dandy’s cry,
Death is sculpted to a fine art,
As body falls in the crimson dirt,
A desperate soul must soon depart,
Long we danced, and long we fought,
In lonely glade, our paths do part,
I to the road, and you to the grave,
The full rising moon bids me to start,

Janet Doyle May 28
The gentle wind disrupts the grass,
Swaying flowers, let it pass,
Wind whispers through the trees,
Teasing summer, with a breeze,
Telling us, life doesn’t last,
Live it now! And rushes past,
The wind roars to bring the storm,
Then it changes, cool and warm,
Spring’s wind will be gone soon,
Round the world and to the moon,
Find yourself, within the song,
Spread your wings and go along,

Janet Doyle May 17
How often now, does emptiness
consume me,
Traded here and there for stoic pain,
Desperation rising up, as hope
eludes me,
As the tears of sorrow fall like rain,
Mockery that irritates and just
disgusts me,
Always someone bleating the refrain,
I’m trapped amongst a people that
confound me,
Not enough to hear myself complain,
My uselessness demeans and so
frustrates me,
My hands worthy of so much disdain,

Janet Doyle May 20
Time continues just the same,
As always it has done,
A different person, a different name,
Under the same sun,
Countries rise and then they fall,
The Earth allies to none,
But gives its bounty to them all,
Nurturing each one,
All will heed our mothers call,
When it’s our time we’ll know,
If we cannot stand, suffice to crawl,
To life or death we go,
The moon remains as it’s been set,
Changing life just so,
Though each of us, one chance we get,
The same as long ago,
As the ocean changes where it’s wet,
And mountains rise anew,
To some a gift, to some a threat,
The many come from the few,
As it has been, before we came,
And what it will still do,
It’s not supposed to stay the same,
But life, it will continue,

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