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Jun 7 · 190
Pluto Jun 7
She arrived right on
time, now she is forever
in my twisted mind.

Her razor love sliced  
me deep, a never ending
river of blood seeps.

My heart and spirit’s
been torn, she killed me so that
I may be reborn.
Jun 3 · 164
Pluto Jun 3
Scars on
my soul
and body,
I leave
my skin.
pain imparting,
are the
souls of
In the
empty night
I’m flying,
I pass this
gift unto
my kin.
I feel
like dying,
light infused
with dark
May 31 · 180
Oink Oink
Pluto May 31
by copper,
Armed with
blazing lead,
Looming over
soaked in
****** red.
May 26 · 119
sick of this
Pluto May 26
I’ve racked up far too many almost lovers.
May 25 · 193
Pluto May 25
Sparrows flee ruby
apple laden boughs for the
warmth of the spring air.
May 21 · 115
Pluto May 21
I don’t know where I’m going,
but I know I want to take you with me.
May 17 · 589
Pluto May 17
Her love was like a beautiful whirlwind, obliterating men and uprooting oaks.

She was an irresistible constrictor
that shattered my bones and left me helpless.

Her spirit was potent like the poison of a viper, infecting my soul and leaving me to rot.
May 11 · 162
Pluto May 11
Love’s pain is rapturous.
May 10 · 54
Pluto May 10
Sinner, you can’t atone
Something keeps on telling me
My pain is unknown

We didn’t want to break each others hearts, so we just left it alone

My destiny is solitary
This path of pain is voluntary

I hurt those I love, so I stay in blackness
I hope this madness cures my sadness
May 5 · 148
Ice Dancer
Pluto May 5
Running past
city lights
A silent cry
it’s your design
Winter’s grasp
a heart confined
The lonely pain
that haunts
my mind
****** tears fall
from my eyes
Melting dense
walls of ice
Around my heart
it’s yours tonight
under moonlight
May 2 · 189
Pluto May 2
Her ecstatic radiance
Rivaled the sun’s brilliance
And could set the world ablaze

Her eyes gleamed with intense heat
Desire’s fires reddened my pale flesh
As I dodged embers of dragon’s breath
Apr 29 · 121
if i was dead
Pluto Apr 29
Do I ever cross your mind?
If you heard that I was dead,
Would you think of me?
Would you think of what you could’ve done differently?
If I was dead, if I was dead, if I was dead

Do I ever cross your mind?
If you heard that I was dead,
Would you cry?
Did you know that I loved you?
If I was dead, would you forget me?
If I was dead, if I was dead, if I was dead
Apr 25 · 535
Nature Boy
Pluto Apr 25
I’ve lost my mind a thousand times,
I don’t know why

My spirit you’ll find
In the pines, in the pines,
Where the sun never shines

Where wolves devour my corpse
And bend knee to the source

Where my will is dissolved into ethereal vapor
While the wraiths sing and dance in mysterious caper
Apr 22 · 169
Pluto Apr 22
Resurrect me with your love.

Exhume my cold flesh and I’ll exercise your demons.

Reignite my passion with your breath and I’ll give you meaning.
Apr 20 · 137
Pluto Apr 20
A victim of Cupid’s arrows
Give my body to the sparrows
I let the crows and maggots feast
Consuming phantom memories
Apr 19 · 407
Pluto Apr 19
Her love turns to poison when it’s kept inside.
Apr 18 · 113
Pluto Apr 18
Don’t disturb me.
You don’t deserve me.
Pluto Apr 17
Strangers in a passion dance,
Addicted to the feeling
The drugs put me in a trance,
Incapable of healing
Apr 17 · 109
Pluto Apr 17
Don’t tempt me with love because the temptation fools me, makes me think for a second that I can be healed
Until reality sets in and I’m tortured again
The purity of my love doesn’t matter
Because my soul is corrupt
The strength of my love doesn’t matter
Because I am too weak to express it
Pitifully, my love is expressed in solitude through my tears and this dark poetry
Apr 16 · 77
Pluto Apr 16
The crimson sky reflects off my eyes like the blazing fire that used to fill my heart.
Apr 15 · 98
Pluto Apr 15
Your soul is mine to reap.
Apr 13 · 133
Pluto Apr 13
I have a knife in my back, an arrow through my heart, and a bullet in my brain.
Apr 13 · 98
Pluto Apr 13
I can see passion in the way you ignore me.
Apr 9 · 467
An Ode to Despair
Pluto Apr 9
The sorrow we display reflects the sympathy we have, and reflects the shattered vision of a world we will yet have. Our despair is the inverted image of our nobility.
Pluto Apr 5
Emptiness reflects off the mirror
An eternal truth rests in my empty bed
Propaganda flashes on the tv screen
The unclean window shares my view
And the drain knows my dreams
Apr 2 · 120
Pluto Apr 2
Her purity is beyond my ken
Afflicted are the hearts of men
Truth and blood mix in my pen
Please, don’t let me fall again
Mar 31 · 516
Pluto Mar 31
Rain falls like tears on my window pane
Images of us together fill my brain
I awaken from this dream in solitude
From my twisted face, anguish exudes
Mar 29 · 63
The Hermit
Pluto Mar 29
The illusion of reality is melting away,
The people are apathetic
The colors are fading
The song is falling out of tune

Soon all will see the world as it truly is,
Through the eyes of the hermit
Through the hunger of the destitute
Through the songs of the widowed

They’ll finally see the world as I see it,
Stripped of emotion
Painted with faded colors
As the birds sing sad songs
Mar 29 · 124
Gemini Woman
Pluto Mar 29
Her eyes said yes and no
Her skin said black and white
That night I let her go,
My heart was wrought with blight
Mar 23 · 62
Medicine Man
Pluto Mar 23
I feel love
I see doves
From above
Kingdom reign

She shows love
I play tough
She shows up
In my brain

Watch her run
I’m no fun
She said “hon,
Your insane”

In the club
Drugs on us
I’m the plug
Heal your pain
Mar 22 · 87
March Sadness
Pluto Mar 22
My heart is frozen cold
She fell from the skies above
Darkness enters my soul
And chases away our love
Mar 18 · 1.1k
Pluto Mar 18
My soul knew yours before we met.
Mar 16 · 112
Fallen Angel
Pluto Mar 16
I lost myself inside, now only faith is guiding me
God’s on my side even though the devil’s inside of me
Mar 16 · 70
Eyes of the Siren
Pluto Mar 16
Eyes that see ghosts unseen
Follow me around the scene

Paranoia seeps in, and with god I plea
How does she see me?

I have the eyes that see, but go unseen
No one pays attention to me
In the siren’s gaze, I am intrigued

Crippling is the burden I carry
Her heavy stares make me wary

Her electric eyes say both yes and no
When she flies away, I won’t let her go
Mar 15 · 170
American Branding
Pluto Mar 15
Rebrand love as promiscuity
Rebrand fantasy as reality
Rebrand slavery as liberty
Rebrand greed as morality
Mar 13 · 204
Red Death
Pluto Mar 13
Lord death has arrived!
Hide in your castle, Prospero!
The devil’s in disguise,
Hasn’t been seen in a week or so
Mar 11 · 390
Pluto Mar 11
When I met her I was ready to die
Ready to go quietly into the night
Without a trace, suicide in haste
But I held on just to see her face
Mar 10 · 105
Five of Cups
Pluto Mar 10
Karmic expenses
Endless depression
Clouding my senses
Hiding possessions
Drug consequences
Hear my confessions
Mar 9 · 96
Cosmic Love
Pluto Mar 9
We’re playing with souls like sacred toys,
Knowing not what we do
The stars see the Earth as confused noise,
I can’t stop thinking of you
Mar 7 · 89
Pluto Mar 7
I can see her running
She’s running and gunning
Is blood what she’s coming for?
She told me “love is war”
Mar 4 · 92
Pluto Mar 4
God put me on this path,
Just so I can die

I am on this path,
Just so I can write

These lyrics, sick spirits,
Are toying with my psyche,

My heart has been cursed by Aphrodite
Fool me and crucify me, like a pisces
Mar 4 · 92
The Fool
Pluto Mar 4
I was protecting her from my demons.
Mar 3 · 218
Knight of Cups
Pluto Mar 3
I’m intrigued by the unseen,
Our love song is tragic
She doesn’t want me,
Still she attracts me like magic
Mar 2 · 44
Scars on my Heart
Pluto Mar 2
I can’t let my heart run away again
But it always feels so good
My love is diseased, watch her condemn
I really think that she should
Try to make it right, make amends
But I know she never would
This is why every night I ascend
Into the dark sky welcoming the end
Mar 1 · 108
Pluto Mar 1
The demiurge feeds on my primal urge
Half of the darkness in me, I purge
To my spirit, my mind is a scourge
From this corrupt world, I diverge

Nothing makes me speak,
Unless I’m moved by the unseen
Thus spake Zarathustra,
I have angels under me
The New World will be built from my philosophy
Mar 1 · 182
Golden Boy
Pluto Mar 1
I don’t feel golden,
For my crown is heavy like lead
Some days I don’t get out of bed
And I have this voice in my head

The voice tells me to push forward
To always push forward,
For there is a destiny waiting for me
I can see it unfolding finally

Through years of pain
I called up to the voice
My tortured shouts were in vain
Because all that fell upon me was rain

That rain has since ended
The light that I’ve befriended
Has turned my dark soul to gold.
Feb 29 · 95
Pluto Feb 29
Her love wasn’t pure,
My pain still endures
Feb 29 · 121
Pluto Feb 29
She opened up my heart,
My pain turned into art
Feb 28 · 48
American Degenerate
Pluto Feb 28
I don’t understand what the spirits are telling me
I have no interest in what these snakes are selling me
I’m sipping poison and getting lost in the melody
The psychos in charge want to give me a felony
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