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325 · Nov 2019
TearDrop Girl Nov 2019
You are poison.
You are venom.
You are the villain in my tale.
You are the bully in my life.
You are the nightmare keeping me awake.
You are the monster under my bed.
You are the wolf chasing me in my dreams.
You are all of these things.
And God gave you life and brought you to me.
213 · Nov 2019
TearDrop Girl Nov 2019
Always the good girl
Never questioning decisions
"The Obedient Little Girl"
See me now
Screaming, Yelling, Hitting
You say the little girl is "lost"
Can't argue with that
But you're no better
Before you would care 'bout
What happened to me
Now that girl disappeared
You won't find her
'Cause she is
208 · Dec 2019
TearDrop Girl Dec 2019
The pretty perfect girl
Appealing to see
Funny personality
A+ Grades to boot
Smiling from eye to eye
Stands out in every crowd
If she is the light
I am the shadow
Follows, the silent
Avoids, the cowardly
Invisible, the lonely
Forget, the bland
Quiet, the ignored
If there is a light
A shadow will follow
Someone show me the
Light, please.
207 · Nov 2019
TearDrop Girl Nov 2019
Soar the sky
Fly up high
See the sun
Blanket the earth
In forever warmth
The little sparrow
Is in a nest
On a mighty branch
So many things
Can happen before
The sparrow is free
The sky is sinking
The sun is sleeping
The cold is seeping
The branch is breaking
The sparrow is falling
And it can never fly
152 · Nov 2019
TearDrop Girl Nov 2019
The roads are all blocked
Every inch is covered
The light stays red
The doors can't even open
Sirens are getting closer
Radio gives me static
I am trapped in a
Tiny metal box
For hours on end
And days to come
My thinking stops
Cause my brain had a
Traffic jam
123 · Nov 2019
Clown Face
TearDrop Girl Nov 2019
Why are you staring at me?
With that clown face
Sometimes you are smiling
Mostly you are frowning
Why do you ask me
To let you sit beside me?
I won't bite, scratch
Or claw at you
Why do you pester me?
Buzzing around me like
A flying daisy
Do I seem all that
Lonely to you
I guess you are right
But even a speck of light
Won't matter in a sea
Of black tears
81 · 3d
What is freedom?
Freedom is when your burdens disappears
When the heavens greet you down on Earth
When you look at the sky you see only one thing
Freedom is the limitless opportunities you see in life
When your life is finally in your hands
77 · Dec 2019
TearDrop Girl Dec 2019
Icicles come shooting
Up out of the snow
As daggers of crystal
Pierce my skin
I cower in the corner
With the cold crawling
Hail bounces off
The heat is retreating
The sun had given up
The day is getting old
And my will is getting weaker
The frost has reach me
It is eating up my legs and hands
At last it has come
My heart is a frozen ice cube
I now am imbedded
In a glasier cage
72 · Dec 2019
Ninety-five Cents
TearDrop Girl Dec 2019
Somehow feelings have become cheap
Go to the grocery store
Aisle number six
Sadness is half off
Happiness is two-for-one
Hatred is ninety-five cents
And love became priceless
Genuine feelings are scarce
Eyedrops are used as tears
Scripts are used for dates
The human population of beating hearts
Are now extinct
The earth is home
To bags of flesh
And stone hearts
65 · Dec 2019
TearDrop Girl Dec 2019
D emons dancing down underneath
E vil words slipping out its mouth
M onsters await at every corner
O minous feelings crawl into my brain
N either dead or alive, I float in between
"Stay dead" they said, but I was gone by then
63 · Nov 2019
TearDrop Girl Nov 2019
Trapped in a loop
With no way out
Iron cuffs on my wrists
Hands bound by chains
Keeping me from leaving
The nightmare on repeat
The same scene plays
The same script said
Day after day
Night after night
It frightened me how
I couldn't escape
The same fate
Year after year
60 · Nov 2019
TearDrop Girl Nov 2019
It is like a drug
To help you forget the worries haunting you
It is like chocolate
That adds flavor to this bland world
It is an addiction
And I Love Every Bit Of It
I am on it
It heals my mind
From the physiologic scars
Keeping me from the world
Don't disturb me
Can't you see
51 · Nov 2019
TearDrop Girl Nov 2019
Mornings symbolize
A new beginning
A new chance to make amends
Another day
A new adventure
But that is only when you see the sun
No windows
Closed doors
Lights off
The nightmare that repeats itself
This is the morning
That I wake to see.
49 · Jan 5
I screamed, I shouted
Gave half of my voice to let it all out
My mouth a chasm and words poured out
But like a balloon that ran out of air
My words made no difference
To the person that should care
Her mind of steel could not understand
That those words were right and true

A new year has come and will leave too
But problems from 2019 will come for me soon
I spoke my mind for the first time
And all I got was stares like I was a mime
I cannot stop, I am not free yet
And continue writing my sorrows
In cheap, bitter poetry
47 · Nov 2019
TearDrop Girl Nov 2019
Death asked be
"Why don't you join me in Hell?
It is a place similar to this.
Come on, I'll give you a VIP treatment."
My answer was very simple
"No thank you,
I thought about it and
All the ways I could join you,
But no.
The Hell I live in
Is a lot easier to get to.
What can I say?
I am Lazy."
45 · Dec 2019
Would I...
TearDrop Girl Dec 2019
Would I slap them if I could...
Would I choke them if I could...
I would try to knock some sense while I do...

Would I speak, honey lies, if I could...
Would I tape their mouths if I could...
I would sent them far away if I could...

They have tortured my mind
Made me wish I were blind
What they would do
So that I cry, tears of mentality
44 · Nov 2019
TearDrop Girl Nov 2019
Laugh, Joy, Happy, Enjoy, Fun
Emotions a child should show
I am a child in mind and heart
Who wishes these emotions
Could be hers
Why can't I stay a child?
I am still young
Shouldn't I be treated as such?
Why should I act like an adult?
Why should I answer questions
You're suppose to answer?
Why come to me?
I still watch cartoons
I still love fairy tales
So why am I suppose to be your
I have things to tell as well
So why don't you listen?
Is it because I am a child
You think it won't affect me?
It does
I know everything
Is that your reason?
It is a stupid one
I am a child
And I should be treated as such.
44 · Dec 2019
TearDrop Girl Dec 2019
Your mom says that I'll ruin
The nice suit you wear
Your dad wishes to wipe
The troublesome stain on his son
They look at me with sneers
I am all but a thorn
In their world of glass roses
So they ignore the poor soul
That holds her heart on her shoulder
They neglected me and now
I will show my claws and fangs
"Those who have nothing, fear nothing."
42 · Nov 2019
TearDrop Girl Nov 2019
Hot and Cold
Soft and Hard
Small and Tall
Light and Dark
White and Black
Good and Bad
If I am good
Then why are bad things
Happening to me?
Does it mean good things
Will happen soon?
Of course not
That is a myth.
It is not real.
I have seen it.
What life does to you.
I must be weird.
Always smiling.
No matter how much it hurts.
42 · Jan 1
When I am Savage:
Things break, gifts from you
Memories fade, the happy moments with you
Seclude myself, reality's forgotten rope made by you
Emotions rise, anger locked away broke its chain for you
Red lights, I grow crimson when I see you

What I Salvage:
My heart, filled with what is dear
The smiles, exchanged in happiness
The days, relaxing on Cloud 9
The jokes, roaring like a fool
The time, given to me by you
42 · Nov 2019
TearDrop Girl Nov 2019
Happy and smiling
The skin on my face
Shows that I am joyful
But only on the surface
I walk through the door
And shed the day old skin
Like the snake I am within
I can finally be myself
So I drown out the noise
Around me with songs
Of heavy metal
And disappear to a world of dark
41 · Nov 2019
TearDrop Girl Nov 2019
Cry, cry, cry, cry
Crying like a baby
You cry, she cries, he cries
Why can’t I cry
I want to cry
I want to feel human
I want to smile
I want to live
Why can’t I cry
It’s sad, lonely, despair, dark, empty
Cry, cry, I want to cry with you.
37 · Nov 2019
Together but alone
TearDrop Girl Nov 2019
We are together but alone
We are from two different worlds
Your is made of paper and ink
Bound together by a cover
Where anything is possible
As long as you make it
Mine is selfish, cruel
Where all dreams can easily shatter
As soon as they were made.
People appear nice
Smiling up at you
But you don't no what they
Think, Feel, Do
If only I can do the impossible
If only I can jump across these pages
And see the world you live in
Where I might be happier
But I can't
So I hold on to the moments that make me
Without You.
37 · Dec 2019
Raised Me This Way
TearDrop Girl Dec 2019
From the beginning your virtues were wrong
Love and caring were far from your mind
You had more important things then me
In your life when it went wrong
So you left me alone in a wretched state 'till dawn
The one relief was a screen at age five
That took up my time and your space in my mind
Nine years later, still long way from calling you home
That problem grew bigger that I had to intervene
Now I am stuck until you leave me alone
My little relief grew vast and fast
But I will never forgive that treacherous past
35 · Nov 2019
Hang Me
TearDrop Girl Nov 2019
Hang myself
Not for the crimes that
I committed
Hang myself
Not for the deeds
Left untold
Hang myself
Not for the acts
That scarred my body
I hang myself
For the thoughts of
Death ease me
From the never-ending
35 · Dec 2019
TearDrop Girl Dec 2019
They said the earth was round
And bad girls drown
That as darkness spreads
All roads end
They kept us naive
The people are deceived
These tiny little lies
Those hidden spies
Crawl into our ear
And spread to those near
35 · Dec 2019
TearDrop Girl Dec 2019
Cry out a sea of tears
Swallow me whole
'Till I disappear
Lies weigh me down
I can't breathe anymore
My lungs gave out as
Waves of sorrow
Keep dragging me deeper
Monsters lurk
Hidden in the ocean's depths
Came to eat me whole
I no longer have to worry
Death took me before
My body a meal
The remains nevermore
34 · Dec 2019
Skin and Bones
TearDrop Girl Dec 2019
Muscle, blood, veins, joints
Baggy jeans, messy hair
You see what you want
I am more then your unwanted toy
Passion, sorrow, happiness, guilt
I breathe, sing, and cry
You make choices for me
While I sit in front of you
Throw every freedom I have
When I am with you
Every second is a test for me
Every minute is a victory for you
But your eyes deceive reality
What is sitting on the chair
Is just a doll with skin and bones
34 · Dec 2019
TearDrop Girl Dec 2019
I never ask
I am glad to give
"Pushover Girl"
You reach, hands out
As I place your desires in them
Never to see them again
You have everything you wanted
What more is there to ask?
I duck-tape your mouth
And walk away
For there is one thing left
Worn and withered
From distrustful men
My heart now locked safe
Will never be opened again
I will be selfish and say
33 · Nov 2019
TearDrop Girl Nov 2019
It does not have to be long
You don't have to tell a tale
Say anything you want
May it be cruel words coming
Or lies just spoken
I want to hear your voice
I want you to talk to me
Stare holes into your eyes
Speak nonsense if you wish
Just don't be quite
I like it when we talk
Hearing your sweet words
That were never spoken to me
It makes me feel closer
Like friends even though
we have nothing in
33 · Nov 2019
TearDrop Girl Nov 2019
A single mirror
A cloth-covered spring
Is what I sleep on
Four walls form
A box around me
Clothes appear every day
In the same spot
No need for shoes
In this empty cage
I eat
I breathe
I sleep
That is my schedule
And I repeat it
365 Days
Haven't seen a living thing
Since my capture
No newspaper or TV
What happens outside
Stays outside
I need no company
To keep me entertained
This is my
32 · Nov 2019
TearDrop Girl Nov 2019
I tell lies to those around me
I confess
I am not ashamed
Of the lies I told
I tell lies to
My mom
My dad
My teachers
My friends
All for a good reason
I lie
To protect myself
And those I care for
32 · Nov 2019
Rabbit Hole
TearDrop Girl Nov 2019
Alice went down the
Rabbit Hole
Time flew all around her
As she fell farther away
From the place called "Home"
At the end she saw
A magical world
And met beings
Both odd and abnormal
She faced the wacky
Queen of Hearts
And Alice escapes the mysterious
She wakes up on her sister's lap
At the end of the journey
Now the lesson learned here is
"If you ever dream of something
Like this, you are most likely
32 · Dec 2019
Weeping Willow
TearDrop Girl Dec 2019
Dear Lily, do you remember
Of the days of laughter and joy
When swings used to give us wings
And the meadows a lush jungle.
How is your brother doing these days?
Is he still writing songs of love
That he would sing for us
On the sunniest of days?
We should meet again someday
At the sad, old weeping tree.
It was always weeping in misery
And I was always crying for hope to settle
Until dawn rose over the golden hills.
It and I are quite similar in the way
That it never stopped weeping
And I never stopped crying.

A last goodbye from your dear friend.
31 · Nov 2019
TearDrop Girl Nov 2019
I will be waiting for you
May it be a hundred years or two
On the corner of 25th Avenue
Where the little girl in blue is
Waiting for you

I will be waiting for you
On the clear ocean blue
In a great big balloon
Looking, far as the eye can see
Your little bumblebee
Waiting for thee

She will be waiting for him
Through hail, wind, and snow
Your little girl shivering from
Head to toe

Thou you have no plan
On letting her know
That you will not be coming
Through hail, wind, and snow
31 · Nov 2019
That Room
TearDrop Girl Nov 2019
The walls are white
There is a chair in
The middle of the room
I come in
Eyes puffy and red
Strapped in a tight jacket
A man comes in
Through the only door
In the room
He brings a chair over and sits
I can't lookup
One drop
Three drops
How is it raining in the room?
He asked me
I hate that word
He repeats the word
Over, Over, and Over
I stare at him for hours
He hears something from me
I laughed right at his ***** face
He didn't look surprised
I felt sleepy at last
And he left me
Alone in
That Room
31 · Dec 2019
TearDrop Girl Dec 2019
I live in a world
With grass lush green
Where the sun never sets
And butterflies sing lullabies
I live in a world
With cotton candy clouds
Where fairytales come true
And the prince marries the princess
I live in my own world
Of make-believe
Where I can smile, wet tears
Where I can run, blood boils
And children cry, dreams die
31 · 3d
The night sky has hidden gems
That dance in the eternal darkness
A thousand miles away
You lay down and reach for those gems
But your hand can only stretch so far
Only then do humans realize that those gems
Are not meager decorations
But levels of ambition only few grasp
29 · Nov 2019
TearDrop Girl Nov 2019
"You should speak louder."
Have you ever been told these words?
I always try to speak
But no one can hear me.
I am used to it.
Have you ever tried to speak your mind?
Your opinion might not be liked.
That is why I don't speak too much.
Just smile.
It is easier.
29 · Nov 2019
TearDrop Girl Nov 2019
Its pounding like a drum
Its squeezing my thoughts
There's a crimson battle waging
All while I am screaming
I have a ****** headache every time
I look into those heartless eyes
Staring while I am kneeling
The curses you speak
The threats of violence spoken
Have given me a ****** headache
For someone of unimportance
You put a lot of effort just to
Make me beg and plea
After all the trauma and agony
I have finally been set free
For I have done the forbidden
Deed that will land be in hell
29 · Nov 2019
TearDrop Girl Nov 2019
The strings pull
My hand raises
My legs move
Someone is controlling
The Puppet Master
Behind the scenes
The show we put on
The Devil in the audience
Enjoying the discomfort
In our movements
Everyone laughs
At the dances that were done
But we are all puppets
In the show God created
29 · Nov 2019
TearDrop Girl Nov 2019
When I walk I wear a smile
When I talk I wear a smile
When I lie I wear a smile
Saying, “I am ok. Everything is fine. I am happy.”
When I look at you I wear a mask
It is unchanging
It is unbreakable
But it is old
And it is cracking
Into a trillion pieces
How long will this mask last
How long until it breaks
And everyone sees the pitiful girl underneath.
29 · Dec 2019
TearDrop Girl Dec 2019
They say I have horns
And that I hide a tail
That my teeth are sharp
And can bite though flesh
There are many rumors
Surrounding me
That I eat ears for lunch
And hearts for dinner
That I cheat on every test
And get first on every exam
The losers whisper in the corner
Just because they can't do better
The rumors are chained to me
They are the first thing people hear
And the first thing they think
When they see me
I am more then these rumors
But my words get turned
And form into arrows pointed at me
28 · Nov 2019
TearDrop Girl Nov 2019
You see me swaying around
Unable to stay steady or straight
But I make it to my house
Up in the mountains where
The grass grows wilder and greener
I put the bottle down hard
And sing my sorrows to the moon
The world is holding its breath
A few moments of silence
The woods are listening quietly
As animals gather around the
Sad drunk singing her sorrows
28 · Nov 2019
Black Hole
TearDrop Girl Nov 2019
I live my days
Carrying a heavy burden
Knowing that my heart is
A black hole
I feel nothing everyday
Walk though the halls
Among people like a ghost
Where feeling and emotions
There is a black hole
Eyes glued to the tiled floor
No point in looking at your face
Whether you smile, cry, or frown
My mouth is a straight-line
I look anywhere but you
'Cause my I have a black hole
Living inside me
28 · Nov 2019
TearDrop Girl Nov 2019
People look at me weird.
Is it the way I
Walk, Talk, Breathe
Or the way I stare off into space?
Is it because I am broken?
Can they see the flaws I
Hide from them?
I don't go out much.
Is that a flaw.
We don't have much in common,
But I just smile and nod.
Is that also a flaw.
I look at you and I smile.
Is that a flaw, too.
I can say for certain
That one flaw people have
Is the ability to no know
That the person who
Smiles the most
Is also the one
Crying the hardest.
27 · Nov 2019
Your Way
TearDrop Girl Nov 2019
There is no other way
But your way in this house
It can't be my way
It can only be your way
But I don't like your way
Don't move that
Don't use it like that
You will forget where you put things
And I will never find it again
Just let be
Just ignore it
Like you ignore me
Everything cannot always be
Your Way
26 · Nov 2019
TearDrop Girl Nov 2019
Friends are like gold
But don't sell them
They are hard to find
They have gone though a lot
To become gold
And I treasure them close to my heart
They remind me that I can be loved
They are there when I need them
But because they're gold
I have to be cautious
So I don't ruin them
With my true self.
26 · 3d
The hours spent to make things right
Your passion lit by your work
Endless pain to achieve your goal
I once took your place
And with all my might lived in your shoes
At the end of the day things were fine
But thing that separates us
Is the effort of your soul to do the same
EveryDay of your life- Thank you
25 · Nov 2019
TearDrop Girl Nov 2019
Roses are bleeding
Violets are falling stars
No hope is waiting
behind bars of your own mind
The pictures are moving
Shadows are dancing
The room is spinning
Logic thrown out the window
My hands are made of ice
Monsters are lurking
Brain is melting
No where to run
My sanity be no more
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