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Frida Dec 2021
Love fast
cuz nothing lasts
after a few years
you'll see
everything you ve done
everything you've seen
will be just like a dream
Frida Dec 2021
I hide my sadness
I hide my fears
I hide my anxiety
I hide my tears

I hide my feelings
I hide, I lie
I hide the meaning
I hide, I lie

Except one time
I didn’t hide,
I didn’t lie,
There is just one exception to my crime
Frida Dec 2021
Don’t wanna a blurry memory
That would fade over time
Don’t wanna be a mystery
That you wouldn’t solve in your lifetime
I don’t wanna be this picture
That you would hide, bitter
Don’t wanna be this story
you would tell your grandkids
Crying over what you’ve missed
and why they should take some risks
I don’t wanna be this silence
After the “what if…” question
I don’t wanna be far through out the seasons
I don’t wanna be on the edge of your road for some reason
I don’t , really don’t…
Frida Dec 2021
His voice is a spell
The one that made me fell
From my cloud of wisdom
to the ground of his kingdom

where every thought is insane
every of his words consume my brain
His wishes are my command
And to these, there is no end

I know how it does sound
I can see my pride on the ground
But I can't care less
Less about what's going around

My selfishness has his name
Doesn’t matter if it sounds lame
Frida Nov 2020
I wish I had the words that would be meaningful
Without stumbling into every spelling
or grammar
Cause At the end, does it really matter?

Do you think we can pick the appropriate words?
To show and not tell whats we keep inside?

To depict every picture, every sound, that pops into my mind
Every time your laugh echoes into my head,
Or when I come across your amazing smile

I wish you understood how guilty you are
You ve built up a whole world without rising a finger
You  ve created new laws of survival and disorder

A world where everything revolves around you
Where the sun or the moon have no word to say
That nothing except you, define a day

Where mother nature is just a lame lie
A wild world where I wish you were all mine

Okay I have this tendency to go into cheesy stuff
I might be too old to bite into that crap
I might be too dumb to make it even right

Im not even using the proper language
I mean who Am I kidding? Is that even English?

At least Im trying, and Im trying very hard
To get to this  tight road straight toward yr  heart

And maybe, I said Maybe, if I m still writting
this poem, it might  somehow mean that Im not that old,

At least I m not too old to try out
Frida May 2020
I m lost without you
And if it sounds weird
Still its true

I m lost without you
As if I were deaf
Blind or dead

Im lost without you

The world is a confusing place
Where everything looks the same

Where all I can spell
Is your name

You are my only language
And my only country

You are this only known space
Im lost without you
But how about you?
Frida Feb 2020
Around B, everything seems easy
Nothing is disturbing
or confusing

I feel like home around B
As if the world belonged to me
As if I owned every country

Around B, Every moment becomes a memory
I feel like a King
when I'm just nothing

Around B, I feel like home
Peace and warm

Around B,
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