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Frida Feb 21
Around B, everything seems easy
Nothing is disturbing
or confusing

I feel like home around B
As if the world belonged to me
As if I owned every country

Around B, Every moment becomes a memory
I feel like a King
when I'm just nothing

Around B, I feel like home
Peace and warm

Around B,
Frida Feb 21
Hey B.
I want you so badly
Does that make me crazy?
I don't know

I can stay up all night
waiting for your sign
You don't know

I wanna get close to you
make my skin smell like you
You don't know

I shouldn't say all this
Keep some inside at least
I should know

And if I just know your name
I feel like we are the same
You should know

You already know?
Frida Feb 17
I wanna get you close to me
I wanna be your Annabel Lee
I wanna hear you say my name
I wanna see this burning flamme
I wanna be your every dream
I wanna you to be my king
I wanna have it all
Get to your mind and soul
Run my fingers on your skin
And taste your fever,
What do I mean ?;)
Frida Feb 17
Okay I m into you
I can't deny it anymore
Your silence is like a sword
Going straight through my chest
Devasting what has been left
I cant prétend furthermore
I have to confess
I m into you, nothing less.
Frida Feb 17
I told him : I am this fool
Who wants to be with you.
What do you think?
He remained silent,
Should I take a guess?
Do you wanna be with someone else?
He remained silent.
I can dye my hair to look better
I can starve myself to be thinner
He remained silent.
I can make money and pay off your debts
I can chase your enemies and send them some threats
He sighed and shoke his head.
What is it? Tell me? I said
" You're not a fool, you're a total mess."
Frida Feb 17
Can you here my beats
Or my sound?
Can you feel me all around?
You can turn off the music
Without getting rid of the lyrics
I m this voice stuck in your head
Messing up with what you said
I'm this consuming fire
Eating up your whole desire
don't  you know where you're going?
don't you know what you're missing?
Open up your eyes and hear me out
I 'm here, dude, there's no doubt!
Frida Feb 11
New Yorker
To you my love, where are you?
Your silence is blowing my mind
Am I deaf or was it a lie?

New Yorker
I loved you
From the summer up to the winter
From New York with all its lights
To Paris with its lonely nights

New Yorker
I miss you
It's winter where are you?

I miss your voice
And your laughter
New yorker
I love you

You probably won't remember
All the reasons
Or this hot fever
This summer, this year...

I bet you won't remember...
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