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Chandra 713 Apr 6
I wrote a set of rules
which i named bull's rules.
The ones who followed were fools
For e.g The man had to jump
into a waterless pool.
I didnt follow the rules as
i was not a fool
But i made it more hard
by adding some more tools
For e.g the man had to
wear a blanket full of rotten wool.
A funny poem
Chandra 713 Apr 6
I looked through the open window
and i saw the fuull moon night
I looked at the moons light
I swear it was purely white
The wind came in through the open window
it touched my skin &i became quiet
And There was a silence everywhere......
I made it. If you like it please like it and follow me
Chandra 713 Feb 21
Today the day is bad & I am sad
My dad scolded &I have become mad
I heard someone had CAD & my little brother broke my I pad so the day is really bad............
Chandra 713 Jan 11
The body builder is on
his way to build his body anyway
He builds his body and says he is greatest
But when he tried to fight
with nature he was so small
by everyway
Nature is greatest can you name anyone who is similar to nature
Chandra 713 Jan 11
The bowl of love is running  so fast
I can't catch it as time is lightning fast
Love and time
Love will come to your life at the time you need it
Chandra 713 Jan 11
The first day when I saw her
I loved at first sight
Days and days passed
The relation grew as it rushed
But I clearly know that she loves me
And I also know she can't express it
This is the drawback of first sight
But when I proposed her
She said NO But then only her arrow
stroked my heart and
Broke it into 1000 peices
This is not my feeling as I havent proposed
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