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Apr 6 · 248
Chandra 713 Apr 6
I wrote a set of rules
which i named bull's rules.
The ones who followed were fools
For e.g The man had to jump
into a waterless pool.
I didnt follow the rules as
i was not a fool
But i made it more hard
by adding some more tools
For e.g the man had to
wear a blanket full of rotten wool.
A funny poem
Apr 6 · 37
Open Window
Chandra 713 Apr 6
I looked through the open window
and i saw the fuull moon night
I looked at the moons light
I swear it was purely white
The wind came in through the open window
it touched my skin &i became quiet
And There was a silence everywhere......
I made it. If you like it please like it and follow me
Feb 21 · 118
Chandra 713 Feb 21
Today the day is bad & I am sad
My dad scolded &I have become mad
I heard someone had CAD & my little brother broke my I pad so the day is really bad............
Jan 15 · 41
The window
Chandra 713 Jan 15
I asled the window
how it was made
The window replied that
it included many Steps
I asked the window how
many steps were there
The window replied that
"The woodcutter carefully cutted wood
Then the carpenter made it look good
After this the polisher
polished it as he should
Then the fitter fitted the window as he could"
These are the steps
which were there
including the process which better
Imaginary but  rhythimic
Jan 15 · 153
The exams
Chandra 713 Jan 15
The exams are near and
is ringing the door bell
Study study study or
else you will surely fail
All are studying hard
but the poet isn't
He seems that he will do
some black magic on the stage
Everyone is telling to study  but the
poet isn't listening to any buddy
He seems that he is really gonna do some black magic
But none knows the
real case that when
everyone sleeps the poet
studies hard to secure good
marks which would be best
You should study hard to pass. And Also study like that that no body sees you studying
Jan 11 · 28
Chandra 713 Jan 11
The body builder is on
his way to build his body anyway
He builds his body and says he is greatest
But when he tried to fight
with nature he was so small
by everyway
Nature is greatest can you name anyone who is similar to nature
Jan 11 · 37
Bowl of love
Chandra 713 Jan 11
The bowl of love is running  so fast
I can't catch it as time is lightning fast
Love and time
Love will come to your life at the time you need it
Chandra 713 Jan 11
The first day when I saw her
I loved at first sight
Days and days passed
The relation grew as it rushed
But I clearly know that she loves me
And I also know she can't express it
This is the drawback of first sight
But when I proposed her
She said NO But then only her arrow
stroked my heart and
Broke it into 1000 peices
This is not my feeling as I havent proposed
Jan 10 · 39
Rup are you seeing
Jan 10 · 37
She is like music
Chandra 713 Jan 10
She was like music &I longed to dance
Her heart was the beat&
I begged for the chance
Her words were the vocals &
I was put in a trance
Her smile was the melody &
And I fell in love at first glance
Jan 10 · 163
Irritating buddy
Chandra 713 Jan 10
This buddy is gonna disturb me
If I not tell yes to be
This buddy's name comes to my mind
I tell my partner that I am gonna
slap kick beat hard but I can't do as
I became shy in front of him
This is my lo**** felling towards me
Jan 10 · 31
The qualities
Chandra 713 Jan 10
This qualities remember me of him
His gentle laughter
His kind words
His Never hardening heart
His charming hug
His lovely kiss
His handsome outfit
His selfless love
This are the qualities of a good boy.Sorry guys my mother made me do this poem
Jan 10 · 26
The qualities
Chandra 713 Jan 10
This qualities remembers me of her
Her gentle laughter
Her soft touch
Her kind words
Her never hardening heart
Her charming hug
Her lovly kiss
Her fantastic look
Her selfless love
These are the qualities of a good girl
Jan 3 · 26
A buddy ice cream
Chandra 713 Jan 3
A Ice cream that leave behind my colonies is my best friend
It likes to eat chocolate and strawberries
Chocolate and  strawberries
are like by each other
Pista and chocolate live together
Where is mango and vanilla lived separated
When is tutti frutti mix others
Dec 2019 · 20
The only way
Chandra 713 Dec 2019
I tried to find many ways on earth
And I found many ways
I tried to chose one but
got confused so I chose
the way of poetry which
I thought was toughest.
My own feelings
Chandra 713 Dec 2019
This name remembers me of her
this name I am  gonna say you today
which I first found on a lonely bay
This name was carved on wood
which I thought to be good
Now this name remembers me of her
Who is miles away
This name I will never tell you if you are on a holiday
Here lonely bay means lonely core of heart
My own poem
Dec 2019 · 137
First Sight
Chandra 713 Dec 2019
The first day when I saw her
I loved her at first sight
Days days passed the relation
grew as it rushed
Now I love her ,she loves me
But she cannot Express this
Is only the drawback of first sight.
I loved her . My real name is Chandra after this the name of a girl is the real name of my first sight
Dec 2019 · 76
A true friend
Chandra 713 Dec 2019
A true friend cannot be lend
If lended it may get bended
So never lend if you dont
want your friend to get bend
Another of my poem
Dec 2019 · 190
A NAME of nowhere
Chandra 713 Dec 2019
I wrote a name on the wall but the rain washed it away
I wrote a name on the floor but the maid washed it away
I wrote a name on my book but the eraser erased it away
I wrote a name on my hand but the soap
washed it away
I wrote  a name on the core of my heart because I know it will never get washed away
It is my own poem. It is special for someone
Oct 2019 · 443
Gum fun chair
Chandra 713 Oct 2019
I said to the chair
can you please stop
chewing my  gum
but the chair said no no no
it's so much fun
Oct 2019 · 288
Chandra 713 Oct 2019
Hîpmőńčhäņ what a name for a man
Hipmonchan is a long eared man

Hipmonchan looks like a clown but makes the famous icecream of the town.

Hipmonchan also sings very well but every day he fetches water from the nearby well.

Hipmonchan is a detective man his plans are effective as any other detective man .

Hipmonchan gifts a crown on Christmas to every house of his town

Hipmonchan is a well known man
he is perfect as compared to any other man

Hîpmőńčhäņ what a name for a man .
This is the poem on the famous HÎPMŐŃČHÄŅ. Made my me
Oct 2019 · 63
Chandra 713 Oct 2019
Tick tock tick tock
Life is counting on your internal clock

Memories that feel as if they occurred yesterday
Turn to flashes of movements that seem to fade away.

People you once knew
Walk by without a clue

The times you once shared
exists as if you were never there

Years fly...friends die...
and you never know when you will say your last goodbye.

Oh how I wish I could turn back time
Spend it with loved ones and cherish what once was mine

Or to go back even more
Being a kid in a candy store.

How  I missed the way I feel
on Christmas day when Santa was real

But back to reality  back to day
Family is scarce and memories continue to fade away

Tick.. tock.. tick.. tock..
I wish I could control the clock.
It tells about a man who lost his friends  and his memories fade away .
He tells that he wishes if he could control time
Oct 2019 · 46
Global Warming
Chandra 713 Oct 2019
Global warming,what a warning,
Earth is burning,full of rage,
Icecaps melting,islands drowning,
Pollution increasing,oxygen decreasing
Diseases are occurring, people are dying
Earth is crying 'Save me! save!'
But nobody is saying save
the earth our only home
Let's take a last try,and save the earth from saying bye bye.
We should save our earth from global Warming
Oct 2019 · 55
I am Unique
Chandra 713 Oct 2019
I come with no wrapping
or pretty pink bows.
I am who I am, from my head to my toes.
I tend to get loud when speaking my mind.
Even a little crazy some of time.
I am not a size 6 and dont care to be.
You can be you I can be me.
I try to stay stronger when
pain knocks me down.
And the times that I cry are
when no one's around.
To error is human or so that's what they say.
Well tell me who is perfect anyway .
Oct 2019 · 408
What is 'LIFE'
Chandra 713 Oct 2019
Life is a gift accept it,
Life is a adventure dare it,
Life is a mystery unfold it,
Life is a game play it,
Life is a beautiful praise it ,
Life is struggle face it,
Life is a puzzle solve it,
Life is a song sing it,
Life is a medal wear it,
life is a book read it
life is a call receive it
life is a mission fulfill it
It tells us about the life of human beings.
Oct 2019 · 40
The Funny Man
Chandra 713 Oct 2019
There was a man in the town,
who was as funny as a living crown,
he was as fat as a whale could be
while on the other hand he was more taller than a tower ought to be,
he looks like a fat tower
but has much of cats power.
This is a  short imaginary limericks

— The End —