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allanbrunmier Apr 2021
randomness is key
else universe is a clock
chance disrupts balance
allanbrunmier Apr 2021
life outweighs my years
it resides inside like sap
memories drying
allanbrunmier Feb 2021
she sees and watches
reflecting my history
stretching her vision
allanbrunmier Feb 2021
if could capture the setting sun
stop the day from being done
send it back where it begun
I could relive this time of fun
allanbrunmier Feb 2021
the sun arose late
admiring its reflection
in the lunar night
allanbrunmier Feb 2021
As I looked at you today,
I realize that I do not see you as a whole.
It’s as if I’m studying a mosaic.

Although I love you totally,
I really study you in segments
which I color-in with memories and perceptions.

Do I require the multitudinous eye of an insect
to fully capture your image?
Must I always encapsulate you in past and present feelings?

Then it dawned that this is the way
In which I see all of reality.
In this universe of mysteries, I’m always filling in.

We swim in a murky sea of ignorance
Where nothing is crystal clear.
We must always daub vision with our imagination.

We always combine our senses to augment
the imperfect images we see,
otherwise, all are smeared and tapered at the edges.

We've learned to live with this partial blindness,
like crawling creatures of the inky deep.
allanbrunmier Nov 2020
is your ***** in heat?
you talking to me *******?
no, ma’am, to your dog
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