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allanbrunmier Dec 2021
life seems tasteless
as yesterday’s donut
all greetings are heartless
devoid of empathy

hard to find meaning in a universe of stones
there’s no pulse on the moon
why chase answers in physics or math
if all is relative, where’s the truth

is the life of a beetle
less important than mine
at what level is self
from the viewpoint of quarks

and yet deep within
I have a desire to understand
I yearn for sensitivity
And requited love
allanbrunmier Dec 2021
fly below tree tops, lest hawks espy
but learn to soar before you die
allanbrunmier Dec 2021
must you bring a ***** to term
before the butterfly, save the worm

who says save the fetus
the puritanical male elitist

returning to back-alley surgeries
forces craven perjuries

who should call this shot
the one who's pregnant or not
allanbrunmier Dec 2021
Isn’t it the ultimate irony that as the universe is expanding,
I am shrinking?
Am I devolving into my own black hole?
My memories of past friends and loved ones are sadly fading.
I am constantly relearning old facts to refresh my perception of the world.
My present is consuming my past with inexorable appetite
Why plan for the future when I’m doing all I can to cling to the present?
Is my sense of self imploding?
Am I becoming Ozymandias without a reputation to boast?
Don’t pity me because all of you will suffer the same fate.
Know only that I feel for you and mourn your loss.
allanbrunmier Dec 2021
wintry fingers probe
numbing low meadow grasslands
creatures huddle close
allanbrunmier Nov 2021
Time falls with the indifference of rain
Pelting my consciousness with scattered memories
Dampening enthusiasm for tomorrow

Without permission, it links my past to the present
Making me an unwilling chronicler
Providing transient purpose and meaning to an uncaring universe
allanbrunmier May 2021
bursts of fluttering
sparrows perk the morning sky
great start summer day
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