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Amber Silas Apr 6
Too thristy to sip
Too tired to sleep
You know well that feeling
When your physical is finite
But the soul's in too deep
Carpe Noctem
Amber Silas Apr 3
There he was
in all his loner glory
as we drove down through the mountains
South towards L.A.

The heron isn't solid and stable
like these ancient arching stones
He, of course, reminded me of you
Full on airy dreams, other places to be

And just like you
He'd soon spread those
fine feathered wings
and be gone on his way
Peace to you, lost one
Mar 21 · 208
Mountain & Sky
Amber Silas Mar 21
A small girl with braids steals snapshots out a squoval window
Every soul, each object in the long cabin
is overcast with a sheen of sleepy,
jet fueled jet lag
But daylight, pure and natural
shines through on the small wanderer, basting her in possibility

The plane interior is pale, cool gray
with sky blue accents
Matching this, the child-woman wears comfy, muted 3 day sweats {luggage lost}
and the snow capped Rockies she gazes upon tie it all together:
Silvers, grays, whites, and
A Touch of the Blues

She'll get somewhere soon
but for now she'll just
Mar 15 · 68
Dear Orion
Amber Silas Mar 15
Fievel goes West
Picture me
A wee mouse
lofting my parcels
in a handkerchief
tied to a walking stick
Bringing so little
and gaining so much
I can't wait to lay
eyes on my anchor
of stars
Across these states
In a new place
so novel, so far
Mar 7 · 1.1k
Heartbeats in Lime
Amber Silas Mar 7
Explosion in funky beats
Dreams in the key of acid
The Ascension of Coltrane himself
Nothing more Nothing less
Bliss in raging fevers
The exact color of exquisite
Heartbeats in lime and bubbles
with a dash of salt
Help you remember how it feels
to feel
Mar 7 · 72
Amber Silas Mar 7
It's finally beautiful outside
Evening fell gently
In love again

Playing with fire outside
Making a meal
The Lumineers crooning
in the background
makes me feel romantic
Something in the way
the coals smolder

Stars are out
Hopes are high
In love again
and it's lovely

i miss you
i miss you
i miss you
Amber Silas Mar 4

Why do we write?

Because every poem we create
is another drop in the antidote
to man's affliction with war
And from the grey aftermath
of bombed cities
there sprung art, wisdom, & love

Keep writing, friends.
Let's counteract this particular poison.
Mar 4 · 70
A Threat Anfractuous
Amber Silas Mar 4
Someone sinister has stolen her son
Her hopes, blood, and dreams
She's come fully undone

In the velvet of black
Coil and curl
He slithers
Driven only by greed

Plots and paths can be anfractuous
They twist and turn but do not break

Please be strong, darling
Like the dragon hoarding treasure,
he's only a snake

Heed the winding path
Evade viper attack
Let your heart bring him back

She's now wound full circle
On this circuitous route
Despite all his hissing,
that Cobra's fresh out of clout

He thought money'd buy a child
ripped from their home
He thought he had won
An anfractuous peril,
An innocent son

Yet there's a light
in the labyrinth
An ace in the hole
The love of truth
and the truth of love
would be all that they'd need

Shiny serpent of glitters,
die alone with your gold
A life is a life
To be neither bought nor sold
Anfractous: definition is wound throughout the poem.

a dear friend in need,
and against
the incompetence
of certain family custody courts.
Feb 21 · 56
The sighs have it
Amber Silas Feb 21
So much comfort
in the giving and the taking

Dolce   Sweetly

My music man
Quiet now, and still
I turn to you, resting

Watch me initiate
Feel my touch take you over
Smooth and connected
Tender love and powerful electricity
The fire in my eyes
holds you captive
You won't know what hit you

Did you know I dabble in witchcraft
All the power of a woman
My long hair brushes your belly
Candied kisses, sweet with soul
You can't play me
like you strum your strings
when your hands are pinned above your head

I'm only Goddess; Wild, Free, Animal, Determined
Tempo meets Vibrato
I know you appreciate
when I take what is mine

Suddenly sprinting,
time on the line
As fast as possible, Prestissimo
It ends together, us,
for the first time


I don't ask much
A blank sheet of body
on which to compose

You pay me back
in small sighs
and stolen moans
To make music together ❤
Feb 16 · 770
Beauty is Haunted
Amber Silas Feb 16
Papa passed away in June
By January the farm was gone
Somber soundtrack of a weekend
in Athens
Blowing through my brain
Unannounced, Uninvited
Blazing bright blue
Like your pleading eyes
On your deathbed
Like the sky,
Above the farm
Over the tallest evergreens
Playing melodies of grief
Nov 2019 · 85
Amber Silas Nov 2019
He called me love.
But I don't think of him
I don't think about the smile in his eyes
or the way our thoughts used to play
without moving our mouths
I don't think about us tongue-tied and shy
or how hard we tried.

Because thinking about him makes the muscles in my face hurt from tension. Less emotion and memory and more physical pain
A blatant, stubborn refusal
to let myself go back to that place...

He called me Love
and I think we had a love affair
but I was only
halfway there

Now he's nothing
the echo of a ghost
on quiet, rainy, nights
like this

— The End —