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Dakota Oct 2021
Blue is the flavor of bland warm berries
Made into delicious fresh pies
Of nights spent stargazing upside down in driveways
It's the flavor of moments mostly forgotten
At playgrounds and corner stores

Blue tastes like secrets
Hidden sips and soft hands
Like salty air and crunchy marshmallows
It tastes like hot chocolate
On a long bus ride home

Blue has always been the sweetest colour
Almost all the best flavors and memories are Blue

Well, that was the case
Until I met you
You've coloured my world yellow
And it too is beautiful like blue
Dakota Oct 2021
Eyes darting in and out of focus
Heart pounding over the sound of my thoughts
Lungs screaming to take deeper breaths
Ears ache as her voice drones on
Mind filling with more and more fog
Heat takes over, breathing more difficult
Fearful that sirens will soon be in the distance
The cold returns, as does breath
Shivers scale the spine and fall again
Fog continues rolling in
Clear thoughts not a possibility
Dakota May 2021
I feel like writing poetry,
but I don't know where to begin.
So I'll let myself ramble,
and see which thoughts win.

I'm thinking lots about "love",
and what that word means to me.
I'm thinking lots about Him,
and the other He.

And thinking of Them.
Is their "love" still there?
I don't know,
but I'm glad they don't have to go anywhere.

I'm thinking about homes,
and how lucky I am.
The others aren't so lucky,
so I try to lend a hand.
Dakota May 2021
An organized chaos
I tell myself quietly
Looking at my room
The disaster I hide beneath
Dakota May 2021
The voice that speaks is no longer the one inside my head.
Instead, it's the way I'd dreamed it'd be:
Soft and low,
Gravelly but controlled.
The voice inside my head is no longer the one heard.
When I speak there's confidence,
Something previously unobtainable.
When I think about what I sound like,
The voice in my head still squeaks.
When I hear my voice in recordings,
It's startling to hear it so low.
It creates a strange disconnect from the me I've known and the me now.
Dakota May 2021
Stary eyes and soft smiles
Stutters and rambly conversations
Reading to each other and learning languages
Loving competition ending in kisses
"old man games" and throwing knives
Secret playlists and secret poems

These are the things that make us, us
I want that list to keep growing and changing as we do

I love you, my Starboy,
ate a estrela mais distante da galaxia e de volta
Dakota May 2021
Floating in darkness
No one to speak to
I am

Among nothing but space
Nowhere to go
I am

The void swallows my thoughts
Space consumes me
I am

Lost in empty space, I am alone
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