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Natalia Mar 31
Little girl,
Put me in a box.

Blue box,
Red box,
Green box.

In a box I have lived my whole life,
Four walls,
Keeping me hidden,

But no more.

You picked me up,
I’m no longer blue,
I’m not Red,
I’m not green.

Tell me, what box will you put me in,
Or will you,
Leave me floating in the darkness,
Where I neither fit nor don’t?

Tell me,
Little girl,
Where do I belong?
Natalia Jan 22
Like a Snow White, cold dream in my eyes were,
You are,
Probably always will be.

So pure and beautiful,
Maybe too perfect,
For me.

My broken pieces you coated with your white flings,
But just like snow,
When the wall was broken,
You were cold.

The beauty and softness seen through the eyes of a bystander,
Turned to disappointment,
Written in stone.

Hiding me under a blanket of softness,
Did not fix me,
It made me feel secure and protected,
For a while.

And as I stood there,
Letting you cover me with your small crystals,
I started to freeze.

I wanted you to warm me,
But the harder I tried to grasp onto you,
The further you disappeared.

Just like snow in my warm hands,
You melted away,
Until I was alone at night,
Under a streetlight,
Longing for your coldness.
Natalia Dec 1
I fall,
Yet I stand.

Yet so bright,

Yet so full.

Yet black.

What is grey?
Tell me.

I will be waiting in the middle,
If I ever find it,
Look for me there.
Natalia Jan 24
You lit the candle,
A fire called hope.

Melted frozen thoughts,
You set them free,

Their chains you broke,
You gave them their voice,

Their colors you admired.

Like the Caribbean ocean.

Like the blood dripping from a deep cut.

Representing greatness.

You admired their movement,

You stopped.

They were just colors,
Pretty for a while,
Boring after a longer.

You broke away from them.

You took a deep breath.

Without hesitation,
You let the darkness,
Out of your lungs,
Blow the candle out.

And then,
There was no more hope,
Just darkness.
Natalia Dec 1
Clenching onto what I have left of you,
Faded smiles and sparks in your eyes,
Forgetting what’s reality,
And what’s not.

Maybe that’s my intention,
To lose reality,
To be with you.

You make me go down the crazy road,
Am I yet insane?

A memory,
That soon will fade away,
And make me unstable,

I’ll risk it,
For another high,
For another taste,
Of what it was,
That made me love you.
Natalia Jan 22
I am an island,
In the middle of the ocean,
No land or horizon I see.

I am an island,
No man has ever taken a step on,
Never stolen,
Never given.

I am an island,
With only one tree seen from miles away.

I am the waves,
The ocean’s heart,
I push you gently away,
Lead you to a safe zone.

I am an island,
That has never seen,
Never heard,
Never felt,
The weight of your feet,
Walking on me.
Natalia Dec 1
If I love,
Is that a question?

A question,
So incomplete,
Has no answer.

If I love,
Then only him.

But how do I know I love,
If there is no comparison,
You ask.

I know love,
Cause when I lost him,
I lost me,
I believe,
Only love can hurt like this.
Natalia Mar 10

Between your toes,
Sand grains,
Squeezed in between three walls,
Of insecurity.

A soft spot.

Let yourself sink in,

Is the world diminishing?

Or is it you?

Let yourself sink in,
Feel the warmth,
Loosen your grip.

Loosen your grip,
On the branch of life.

Your knees are gone,
Out of sight.

You want to pull yourself up,
But there’s nothing to grab,
The branch of life is too high up.

It is too late.

The sun is gone,
No light seen for miles.

You are suffocating.

Just sink in.
In to the ground,
In to the dark,
In to the empty loneliness.
Natalia Jan 22
You admire it,
The beautiful garden,
The garden where no flower ever dies,
The garden where the sun never stops to shine.

You watch it,
The beautiful garden,
The garden with the grass greener than the color itself,
The garden with the colors of the rainbow.

You think about it,
The beautiful garden,
The garden that just seems too perfect to be true,
The garden where the shadows appear when you turn away,
The garden that dies every time you go to bed,
Just to be alive again in the morning.

You realize it,
The beautiful garden,
It is not beautiful,
It is not perfect,
It is sad,

So you leave it,
The destroyed garden,
Once you know the truth.

— The End —