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Jan 22
Like a Snow White, cold dream in my eyes were,
You are,
Probably always will be.

So pure and beautiful,
Maybe too perfect,
For me.

My broken pieces you coated with your white flings,
But just like snow,
When the wall was broken,
You were cold.

The beauty and softness seen through the eyes of a bystander,
Turned to disappointment,
Written in stone.

Hiding me under a blanket of softness,
Did not fix me,
It made me feel secure and protected,
For a while.

And as I stood there,
Letting you cover me with your small crystals,
I started to freeze.

I wanted you to warm me,
But the harder I tried to grasp onto you,
The further you disappeared.

Just like snow in my warm hands,
You melted away,
Until I was alone at night,
Under a streetlight,
Longing for your coldness.
Written by
Natalia  19/F
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