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Baylee Childers Sep 2019
When I try to say the words I tell myself to say when you're around they never come out the same way they did as they were in my head
When you're around it's like a mess of thoughts collide in my head all at once
Even when I'm just thinking about you I dont really know what to say, but dont take this in a bad way, all I can think about is the way you smell and the way you kiss
I try to see what you see but I just cant seem to find the way, and your eyes tell me nothing all I can read is a sadden expression

I feel like I am swimming in an abyss

Maybe it's from the fact that you cant see me how you thought you'd be able to when this all began or maybe it's from something else I cant tell everything has just been turned upside down and I dont know where to go from here
I cant see where this story of ours began or where it will eventually end.
Baylee Childers Jun 2019
You look at me with eyes as deep as the sea, I can see it in your eyes the cheerfulness is covered by a sharpness that can cut you like a knife. You are so close, yet you feel too far away out of touch. You are sad I can see it in your eyes, I should walk away so I dont have to deal with all of this *******, that would be wise. I dont know why but I feel stuck in this place with you here by my side, I hope this feeling never dies. As we walk around, hand in hand, I become stuck as you keep walking leaving me behind, you look back and I can see it in your eyes. You never cared for me as you turn around and continue on your way I sink in this place where I am meant to stay. Till I am found again, maybe, someday..
Baylee Childers Mar 2019
I feel as though I am losing everyone I thought I could trust
This feeling in my body makes my lungs feel as though they could bust
This heavy breathing and tight feeling in my chest is this lust
Or hate... I have to know the difference one day I must
It feels as though I am swimming underwater this light feeling covering my entire body if I stay too long I might just rust
I am so uncomfortable in my own skin I can feel insects crawling under my skin
My hands are cold to the touch as they are trembling as I reach out my hand
I swear this is not where I wanted to be this was not planned
But I’ll lay back with my trembling hands gripping the sand as I listen to the birds screaming at each other and the waves crashing in
Oh how calamity is so beautiful in the end
Baylee Childers Jan 2019
I don’t even know why I bother talking to you when you don’t want to talk to me
It’s apparent you don’t want to be bothered with me so I’ll leave you with one little note.
I don’t know what desired you to show an interest, then change your mind as if you were waiting for the proper time to gloat.
I figured it was time to walk away, so I’ll thank you for your time and that was all that she wrote.
Baylee Childers Jan 2019
If I told you I loved you would it change our fate? would you not talk to me everyday? Or would you shun me away? Or maybe, just maybe you would love me too. like poppy fields it would run for miles on end every single day but a fire would set ablaze and it would go away. Because nothing will last forever darling, not love anyway. There is soon to come better days so don’t say goodbye at the end of the day because maybe there is a chance to redeem what we’ve lost today.
Baylee Childers Jan 2019
In this room she stayed Day and night
With nobody to confide in she filled with spite
For all the things she did wrong, all the things people had ever said or done to her circled her mind and stayed, so she would write
Write down her feelings with this paper and pen till she could breath again and saw the light of another day...
Baylee Childers Jan 2019
He’s sitting there, with that perfect smile
..And perfect hair..
I catch him staring a few times, I won’t lie I stole a glare.
But just like every time the child’s play is gone and I’m hit with cold air.
For now, just like before it’s as if Im not even there...
I knew it was just a matter of time because nothing that perfect could ever want me and if they did well that is rare.
Or maybe I have a flair for the dramatic and he still stares.
No one will ever know the end for the pair.
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