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Mark S Jul 2020

Why couldn't we have a fairy tale ending,
who made the sun bring the cold winter chill
Why are kind gestures an act of pretending,
how did our heartbeats become ever still

Where is the joy that we found ourselves sharing,
happiness falling on much darker days
Meadows of flowers now weeds never caring,
blue skies are hidden behind sorrowed haze

Dreams slowly scattered on desolate oceans,
washed up on shore as the sandcastles die
Tossed overboard with the weakest emotions,
salt coated tears the horizon does cry

Once perfect mornings now afternoon weary,
gazing on edges cut sharp by the storm
Forecasts are sent in a poem that’s dreary,
standing afraid as the thunderclouds form

Hiding our eyes behind last April’s fashion,
no cotton fabric for sale on the rack
Finding that drab is our lone source of passion,
marked down for clearance way out in the back

When did we give up on promises pending,
taking a place after push comes to shove
Why couldn't we have a fairy tale ending,
what ever happened to forever love

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