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Tired of feeling like nothingness
Tired of feeling sadness
Tired of feeling craziness
Tired of feeling not good enough
Tired  of feeling like cryingness
Tired of feeling  sleepless
Tired of feeling lieness
Tired of feeling like careless
Tired of feeling bitterness
Tired of feeling whyness
Tired of feeling go awayness
Tired of feeling home boundness
Tired of feeling numbness
Tired of feeling
You are the artwork
disguised in my poems.
As above, so it is below
Do you feel the vibrations?
Now, what is it that you know?
Is this your truth, obscured by sacred words
Spoken from the mouths of unwashed Beasts
Dressed up, disguised
As Monks, Poets, and Priests?

It's all very simple
Orderly and neat
The Universe is a closed system
You must look within
If it is Truth that you seek
You have always been
Therefore, you will always be
#thermodynamics #mandelbrot
You sea
And weeds
love is not
love is ***...!
love is not
love is money
love is not
love is a dream
love is not
love is states
love is not
love is sin
not jealous
not boastful
not proud
not rude
not demanding of its own way
not irritable
not keeping record of wrong
not rejoicing in injustice
dance little baby, dance up high,
never mind baby, mother is by;
crow and caper, caper and crow,
there little baby, there you go;
up to the ceiling down to the ground,
backwards and fowards,round and round
dance little baby and mother shall sing
with the merry coral ding ding ding
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