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Ralph Akintan Nov 2019
Kutupa kutupa
Eshin dodo
Kutupa kutupa
Eshin dodo

Gaiting out of the prescient of
      the stable with pride.
Galloping for space on the polo course.
Hooves trotting on the footmark
      of strength.
Now cantering for span with the
      shield of victory.
White tail of strength flapping
      the cognomen of success.

Kutupa kutupa
Eshin dodo
Kutupa kutupa
Eshin dodo

Immaculate white mane arrays
      against the ants of winds,
Absorbing the residuum of the
      hardened breeze with relish.
Whitening coloured cresty neck,
White head, brown eyes,
White legs, blackened hooves,
Colourless long shaft holding the
      ***** of procreation.
Swinging like pendulum of nature.

Kutupa kutupa
Eshin dodo
Kutupa kutupa
Eshin dodo.

Submissive strength clocked under
      the apron of the stableman.
Cantering with honour.
Galloping  in royalty.
Head collar rope ordering the
      pace of strength.
Hostler tightly chained on the
      tray of stableman.

Kutupa kutupa
Eshin dodo
Kutupa kutupa
Eshin dodo.
Ralph Akintan Nov 2019
Darkness of lies overpowered
Vicious rumours in the lighthouse
      of deceit.
Hanging pipers tune unheard.
Bearing the carriage of voiceless
Perforating the calabash of necked

You lied lied lied

Shouting from house roof.
Voices unheard beneath.
Lies dancing unabated.
You lighted the touch of wary lies.
Assemblage of co-travellers
Massed on the lawn of deceit.

You lied lied lied.
Ralph Akintan Nov 2019
Slumbering all night
On the cradle of comfort.
Mixing the oil of night
With the wax of sleep.
Conjuring the day to night.

Protruding womb of the day
Howling for the birth of light
Unfolding the mantle of darkness

Awake from timing slumbering.
Awake from caging nightmare,
Awake from the deadening
Awake now Ma'am Jonah.

Conquering gnome of darkness
Standing beneath the shades of
      the iroko tree.
Poachers of darkness hunting
      for the river's manna.
Mauraders of darkness peeping
      through the lintel of trials.

Awake from sluggish slumbering
Awake afresh into the newness of
Awake Ma'am Jonah.
Ralph Akintan Nov 2019
Torrents like sayings.
Cliffs of abuses raining floods
      of wasted wards.
Saliva of uncouth bluffs
      unstoppably raining.
Dripping parrotic halitosis of abuses

'....wash your mouth'........

Rustic unwashed mouth spitting
Countless dews of gashing abuses
Lock up the tunnel of wastages
From the unrestrained drains.
Unchained gutter gutted the aroma
      of peace,
Like a rushing fire of hell.
Muted silent covering podium of still
And gangling abuses
Scaffolds of alignment.
Ralph Akintan Nov 2019
Clucking sounds of clicking glasses of
      red wine cups.
Toast to the celebrator.
Journey of a half a decennary
Donning the toga of feast.
Pipers honing the trumpet of joy
From the bagpipe of celebration,
Announcing the dawn of a new epoch.

Spiral sounds of joyride of joy
Spittering new life.
Blissfulness chanting countless joy.

Count your blessings.
Winds of veneration blowing life.
Winds of honour fanning life.

We chant
Blessings of life.
We chorus
Blessings of longevity.
Count more years.
Yearn for more decennium,
On the walkways to greater strata
Ralph Akintan Sep 2019
I have been to the sea,
But caught no fish.
I hunted in the forest,
But caught no bull.
I searched the oasis
I went to the north
I traversed the south
I peregrinated the east
I travelled to the west
But found no maiden

September first spoke to me
And l found my own
I heard her voice
I saw her picture
You are my maiden.
Ralph Akintan Sep 2019
We counted the days.
We monitored the events.
Days piling over days.
Events spiraling over events.
Consuming the woefulness of
Erasing the trial of years.

Twelve days returning from
      the field of corns.
Twelve days sojourning in the
      orchid  gold.

We counted the days
We monitored the events

Bitter water turning salty
Drought yielding bumper harvest.
We shall count more blissfull days
We shall monitor more eventfull event
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