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Daana Oct 2020
You get upset, when I tell you I don't want kids.
You get upset when I tell you I'm planning for surgery.
You get upset when I plan to donate eggs to less fortunate parents.
Why do you get upset?
Its MY life that's changing, not yours.
Its My body, not yours.
Its MY choice, not yours.
So why do you feel the need to **** into my choices, when you don't know what I'm going through?
Just because I am a woman, does NOT mean it is my duty to bear children into this world, just because you say so.
Those who believe that a woman is for breeding and bearing children, I salute you with the *******.
Those who think I will be expected to have a job ONTOP of raising a child and picking up after a man, I salute the ******* to you.
I will not be a trophy wife.
I will not be a mother.
Because its MY life, MY body, MY choice. Not yours.
And if you think you have a say in what I can and can't do with my body?
Kindly *******, and get out of my life.
Its MY life, MY body, MY choice, not yours.
And I won't listen to you if you think otherwise.
Super royally tired of people telling me "Oh you'll change your mind, especially when you get pregnant." Like hell I will on both accounts!!
Sep 2020 · 21
Le Cirque de Mon Esprit
Daana Sep 2020
Round and round
Up and down
Side to side
And upside ******* down

Strapped too tight
With the bar locked firm
Stuck on a roller coaster
Full of too much emotion

A firecracker waiting to blow
Trapped in the circus of my mind
No exit to leave
Desperately trying to escape

But I'm stuck fast
To this **** carousel horse
Some parts are fun and happy and light
Others are a ******* nightmare

Happy balloon animals
Carried by evil demented clowns
Beautiful sights, pretty lights
Enticing you to a sickening hellish ride

Beautiful masked dancers flit about
Hiding demonic faces underneath
Voices laced with sweet honey
Hide the lies of insanity

Can't get out of here
Trapped by my own fault
In this psychotic world of light and dark
Le Cirque de Mon Esprit
Le Cirque de Mon Esprit means The Circus of My Mind.
Aug 2020 · 32
Daana Aug 2020
Time and time and time again
I try to tell you what's on my mind
But you shut down, you run away
Time and time and time again
I try to tell you the way I feel
But you freak out, tell me I'm overreacting
Time and time and time again,
I try to explain the way I see things
But you say I'm too sensitive and emotional
Time and time and time again
I try to show you how hard I'm trying,
But you say I'm not doing good at all
Time and time and time again
I try to tell you what we need to fix
But you say I need to calm down.
Time and time and time again...
Well this time I'm done.
I'm done trying at all.
Time and time and time again
I tell you this relationship is a two way street
But you don't even seem to be trying.
Time and time and time again,
I try to tell myself that things will change
But you don't show any sign of that.
Time and time and time again...
This time I'm ******* done.
There will be no next chance.
There will be no next time.
This time...I'm just ******* done with you.
Jun 2020 · 24
When in Truth
Daana Jun 2020
I have to move on with my life
When in Truth I want to turn back time
I have to push you away
When in Truth, I want to be in your arms
I want to be able to forget
When in Truth, you're always on my mind
I moved away for a better life
When in truth, I wish you came with me
I wish you didn't ask me to marry you
When in Truth...
Even though I couldn't, I wanted to say yes
I lay in bed with another
When in Truth...
I don't think I love him as much as I had loved you
Inspired by the song Trying Not To Love You, by Nickelback
Jun 2020 · 21
Daana Jun 2020
Why do I still think of you
When I told myself it was over?
Why do I still miss you,
despite being in the arms of another?
Why do you still call
When I told you it wasn't meant to be
Why does my heart still ache
Even though I love someone else?
Is it because my heart still wants you
Though my mind is set on another?
Or is it just my body missing yours,
Wanting those nights between us once more?
Why do I still love you...
Even though I know I shouldnt?
Jun 2020 · 35
Beautiful to Me
Daana Jun 2020
Hiding away in long sleeves and jeans,
Trying not to show it hurts
And slowly sinking deeper into cold darkness.
I wish I could find you.
I'd unwrap each bandage,
I'd kiss each and every scar.
I'd hold you close and whisper
"Scars or not, you are beautiful to me."
It doesn't matter what gender you are,
Or who or what you identity as,
Or how old you are,
Even though you are facing dark times,
wherever you are
I just want you to know
I don't care if you have scars
You are all Beautiful to me
Jun 2020 · 28
I wish
Daana Jun 2020
I told you time and time again,
That I have to move on with life
It hurts like hell that I have to do this
But we both know it wasnt meant to be
We never were
But I wish we could be
It was never us
But I wish it could have
And though I love you
Though I wish I didnt
I have to keep moving forward
Though I wish I could stay
I wish you would move on
I wish you would forget about me
I wish we never said the word love
Because now the memory of you
Haunts my heart and mind.
Those nights forbidden
I wish never happened
Because now I wish for more
Though you and I
Were never supposed to be
But ****** all, I wish we were
Mar 2019 · 37
Screw you too!
Daana Mar 2019
So we were once friends
I knew you longer then her
But she comes along
She acts possessive as she should
But then she threatens me
And you don't seem to care
So naturally I retaliate,
Suddenly Im the bad guy.
You say "you don't know her"
Well she doesn't know me.
You choose her over me,
Someone who's known you
For so much longer.
You call me a btch,
And then block me on everything
Some friend you are,
Well ***** you too f
Mar 2019 · 47
Hello, Rage
Daana Mar 2019
Hands clenched tightly,
Heart poundly loudly,
All senses heightened.
I see her there,
She's ready to blow,
All the anger that has built up,
Has turned into this.
She's become the manifestation
Of anger turned to rage.
She wants to be let loose,
To destroy all in her path.
The more she's repressed,
The stronger she becomes,
The louder her howling rings.
Suddenly, I blink,
And find myself in front of the mirror.
I look deep at my reflection,
To see her burning fiery eyes
Have replaced my blue gray ones.
Frowning I whisper softly,
"Not yet, Rage. Not yet."
And in my mind, I hear her reply.
"No...not yet...but soon."
And the dark promise that is made
Taste like blood, smoke,
And the ozone before a violent storm.
Dec 2018 · 60
You dont Know
Daana Dec 2018
You say you know me,
You don't know a **** thing.
You say you can tell what I'm feeling
Yet you often guess wrong.
You say that I often lie
Wrong, I don't tell the full truth
You think you know me as your daughter
But to me its like you are a stranger.
You say I can come to you with anything
Without saying a word of judgment
Yet the times I have tried, you were oh so quick to judge
You say you listen to the full story
That you hear my silent screams
But your smiles of plated gold
Are nothing more than honeyed lies.
Tears of sorrow are in truth tears of rage
But its not like I can tell you
You won't listen anyway.
You always turn it around so that youre the victim.
I do things to make you proud,
I share things with you that I think are important
But you brush them off, saying they're stupid.
And now you wonder why I don't tell you anymore
You wonder why I don't come to you anymore
Why I don't share the important things
Or tell you what I'm truly thinking and feeling.
You think you know me Mother...
But you truly don't know a **** thing.
Dec 2018 · 535
Let me go
Daana Dec 2018
Mother I know you love me dearly
Mother I know you want me safe
But please mother, its been past time
You need to let me go.
All my life you've sheltered me
All my life you've protected me
But please Mother,
You need to let me go.
I want to spread my wings and fly
I want to see whats out there in life
I cannot do that if you smother me
I cannot do that if you keep holding on
Mother I love you dearly,
But you need to let me go.

— The End —