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Oct 2020
You get upset, when I tell you I don't want kids.
You get upset when I tell you I'm planning for surgery.
You get upset when I plan to donate eggs to less fortunate parents.
Why do you get upset?
Its MY life that's changing, not yours.
Its My body, not yours.
Its MY choice, not yours.
So why do you feel the need to **** into my choices, when you don't know what I'm going through?
Just because I am a woman, does NOT mean it is my duty to bear children into this world, just because you say so.
Those who believe that a woman is for breeding and bearing children, I salute you with the *******.
Those who think I will be expected to have a job ONTOP of raising a child and picking up after a man, I salute the ******* to you.
I will not be a trophy wife.
I will not be a mother.
Because its MY life, MY body, MY choice. Not yours.
And if you think you have a say in what I can and can't do with my body?
Kindly *******, and get out of my life.
Its MY life, MY body, MY choice, not yours.
And I won't listen to you if you think otherwise.
Super royally tired of people telling me "Oh you'll change your mind, especially when you get pregnant." Like hell I will on both accounts!!
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