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Sep 2020
Round and round
Up and down
Side to side
And upside ******* down

Strapped too tight
With the bar locked firm
Stuck on a roller coaster
Full of too much emotion

A firecracker waiting to blow
Trapped in the circus of my mind
No exit to leave
Desperately trying to escape

But I'm stuck fast
To this **** carousel horse
Some parts are fun and happy and light
Others are a ******* nightmare

Happy balloon animals
Carried by evil demented clowns
Beautiful sights, pretty lights
Enticing you to a sickening hellish ride

Beautiful masked dancers flit about
Hiding demonic faces underneath
Voices laced with sweet honey
Hide the lies of insanity

Can't get out of here
Trapped by my own fault
In this psychotic world of light and dark
Le Cirque de Mon Esprit
Le Cirque de Mon Esprit means The Circus of My Mind.
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