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  Jul 2021 mar
Turn my life upside down
Like the new girl in town
Entrap me with your seduction
I got an appetite for destruction
There's millions like me out there
Just begging for someone to care
About their petty lives
Play with their knives
Find a couple new flaws
Cry rivers for an applause
Toss in a couple of flames
Change some last names
Turn each other a little less sane
Maybe even a touch of pain.
  Jul 2021 mar
His deep blue eyes
Darker than any brown I'd ever seen.
His warm embrace
Better than any place I've ever been.
This heart used to be mine
Been a while since it listened to me.
It's been running to him
While I keep wondering what could be.
His presence so magical
The reason behind my breakdown.
A peak of god's creations
His looks almost make me blackout.
I've wandered all my life
He's the only one I belong to.
I keep dreaming of you
I wanna be the one he runs to.
  Apr 2020 mar
Nik Bland
And I will give this parting word
Knowing you’ll never hear it
But love, as they say, is a verb
So my action’s to lift your spirit
To know that breath escapes my lungs
To do what I must to meet you lips
The twisting of unspeaking tongues
The grazing of unworthy fingertips

Parting is an ever aware
And unwelcome party guest
A weight that drives and despairs
Bringing tension to my chest
Though I would press ten times such costs
To say these vocalize such words
Of love, of want, and of inevitable loss
Of things ceasing to be heard

— The End —